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Rating: 2.6 choppas out of 5 choppas

Plies' sophomore effort, while not horrible, is overall disappointing. While there are decent tracks throughout the album, there is no growth from his first album, which was somewhat novel in its brash bravado and anger. Definition of Real lacks the frank offensiveness that separates Plies from other rappers. Lyrically, not too much innovation or skill is expected out of Plies and true to expectations, he does not deliver any. Plies does not try to do too much with his lyrics, which prevents him from coming out looking like too much of an idiot. His straight forward approach is appealing for goons.
His flow and delivery on the album is quite good, but is not very unique. It cannot alone carry the album. In terms of content, Plies dropped the ball and missed the boat. He seems shy to preach to the goons and often turns to the ladies with vulgar bravado. Plies would be better off focusing on reaching all his goons and dawgs in prison (and all the suburban food court gangstaz who aspire to be goons.) However, he clearly did not get this memo. This leaves the album with a few good songs for what they are and a bunch of half assed collaborations with today's hot r and b artists. Plies refuses to allow other rappers to guest on his album, which hurts its ability to reach multiple segments of the rap listening population.
Highlights of the album include "Rich Folk" a lament about wanting to live like rich folks. Plies does demonstrate some depth when he raps about his seed's college plans: "Want my son to be the first one with a will/ Send him to college and pay it off fo fo year/ Let the streets be mad and tell him he ain't real." In addition, "Who Hotter Than Me," one of the album's single, works quite well because of Plies' simple bravado. He boasts with the best of them when the subject is realness and such, the supposed subject of the album. He raps: "Plies real, you preachin to the choiiiiiiir." This line, because of his simplicity works.
Definition of Real suffers because it does not do as promised. It doesn't define real as intended. Rather it flirts with real but does not seal the deal and take real home from the bar. Plies would be better off being as "real" as possible and let everything else fall into place. He softens up too much for the ladies on this effort.


Last 2 Walk by 3 6 Mafia

1. Intro

-Pretty cool intro reppin they hood and shit and lol at the cd skipping at the end. They got me there.

2. I Told Em'

- Nice chorus and all. It's an okay track though. Like I said the chorus gets catchy by the 3rd time and the beat is aight. It's a banger.

3. Trap Boom Feat. Project Pat

-Not a very good track. It's lyrically fair I suppose but it's just a lame track. It seems like it's missing something big.

4. Playstation

- Pretty dope track all in all. "Play wit your playstation dont play wit me booy" lol thats dope. I like the song and it's catchy mainly because of that line. Nice chorus and it' just a fun track. I dig what they saying and all.

5. I Got

- Rather boring track. Kind of catchy chorus but not a good track. The lyricism is almost not there

6. I'd Rather Feat. DJ Unk

-A good single. Catchy and it's a banger. The lyrics were kind of cheesy

7. That's Right feat. Akon

-Akons voice was nice and smooth on this I liked it. The song wa smore like a lullaby than a rap song. Got real boring and all of a sudden it's over. *Shakes Head*

8. Cornerman

- The beat wasn't very good or creative but the track is okay. Has decent lyrics but its rather monotone.
9. Weed, Blow, Pills
-Decent song. It sounds cool when it gets slower and the voice changes. The scratching in the back is nice. Nice song about drugs.
10. DSX Talk
- *SHAKES HEAD* It's an advertisement
11. Hoodstar ft. Lyfe Jennings
- Cool track it had a nice beat and decent lyricism. Had a nice sound all around it was slower which was a nice change of pace.
12. Get Ya Rob ft. Project Pat
- This track is aight another scratch track that sounded cool. Lyrically it isn't that good of a song but it is decent.
13. On Some Chrome feat. UGK
- A str8 up banger. It is a cool sounding track. Nice Pimp C verse, R.I.P. A nice track all in all. It sounded nice and it's hood as hell. The overstressing words in the chorus sounded really nice. Ya digg?
14. Rollin Feat. Lil Wyte
- Nice beat to flow to which would explain why all the flow on this is fire. They on them X pills. Good track though.
15. Click Bang
-Nice track. It was real hard, heavy and in your face. Just dissing those who hat and those who punked out.
16. My Own Way Feat. Good CHarlotte
-.......Good Charlotte?......Really?.....Are you serious? Fuckin nasaly bastards. How gay is that. They sounded alright on the track but it loses credibiltity for just that so fuck this track but u can still listen to it u may like it.
17. Dirty Bitch Feat. Project Pat
- Meh just an average song at best. Can be skipped.
18. First 48
- Not a very good track. Just stupid average lyricism.
19. Outro
-It's not really the outro? WTF! lame
20. Lolli Lolli [Pop That Body] Intro
21. Lolli Lolli [Pop That Body]
-I like this track. It's a good single def worth a listen.
22. My Own Way [Remix]
-Fuck it again

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Evolution Fight by CYNE

If you don't already know, here is a bit about CYNE

CYNE ("Cultivating Your New Experience") is an American indie hip-hop group
originating from Gainesville, Florida. Characterized with a warm and soulful
sound influenced by left-field hip-hop, rock, trip-hop and jazz, the group is
known for lyrics that range from party boasting to meditations on the philosophy
of Rousseau. The group consists of emcees Akin and Cise Star, and producers
Enoch and Speck, and are currently signed to City Centre Offices.
CYNE has
collaborated with artists from around the world, including Nujabes, whose solo
projects have featured Cise Star and Akin, and Four Tet, who produced several
remixes for and toured with them in 2005.
CYNE's 2005 release Evolution
Fight was named Album of the Week at Stylus Magazine for the week of August 29 –
September 3, 2005. In 2007, Cyne releases Grey Matter EP on their website to be
downloaded, free of charge

Plight About Now

Nice opener. Both emcees drop 16 bars that if you are not already familiar with CYNE give you an insight into what they are all about, both have liquidy smooth flows, (Akin sounding slightly more gravelly than Cise Star) and are evidently dope lyricists. The beat is a typical "intro beat", simple yet dope and complimentary to the emcees. It is evident from the intro that both Cise Star and Akin have skills on the mic and that they have good chemistry. You are left expecting a conscious, hard-hitting LP that could end up being slightly boring and repetitive or could turn out to be a breath of fresh air in what I would call a polluted Hip Hop Nation.


Ridiculous beat, flawless. Probably one of my favorite beats ever. Akin and Cise Star's smooth flows and liquidy lyrics suit it perfectly and both emcee and track compliment each other nicely. They spit more conscious lyrics commenting on how dumb society has become and how the "Evolution Fight" is difficult amongst such idiocy. Its one of those tracks I could have on repeat forever! Every verse is incredible

"Buildings fall, for race war we brawl
like a new civil war f*ck Bush and Gore
I got one shot, to make it to the top
Like a runaway slave you better call the cop
I must be tragic, tortured by cultural fabrics
and real to the listener this shit must be magic"

Could go on about this track for ages but I'll let y'all listen and form your own opinions.

Evolution Fight

Another great beat. One of the best tracks on the album. Akin and Cise talk about trying to succeed in the "Evolution Fight" and how hard it is to do so whilst keeping it real and not betraying your morals. Akin raps "This beat must be heaven sent" Word! A bit of autobiographal stuff.

"Aids in Africa the children are dieing,
Billion dollar budget, conquer Mars who's flying?"

Great track


The dopeness continues. Great "organic" beat with super smooth liquidy bass line. Again conscious lyrics about life and how certain people are let down by government prejudice and how badly America is run.


Another nice beat with a repetitive vocal sample. fuck knows what the title means, I think Rousseau was a philosopher or something not sure if this has a relevance to the track. Not feeling the chorus or Cise Star's flow on the 3rd verse he switches it up to some weird Eminem on Superman from The Eminem Show type business and it doesn't sound great in my opinion, but lyrically its still tight and Akin's opening verse is dope. More government hating.

Fuck America

Wasn't feeling this track at first, the emcees switch up their flows again and I prefer it when they are just flowing hard on a beat. The beat itself isn't great but after a few listens it grew on me. They use a prostitute as a metaphor to describe America. Describing how she is glamorized and dressed up to look great; silicon tits, contacts, nail polish but underneath what a mess she (America) is "took me to the car made me feel like a star, but I paid for some head and you gave me a hand job" is a metaphor for the false promises offered by society! Nice double meaning of f*ck America and good story telling. Definite grower (no homo) 4/5


As the title suggests this track is about growing up and again how hard it is in today’s society. Cise and Akin rap about turning to alcohol during hard times, growing up without a father and other hardships they faced. Deep without sounding cliché and gimmicky and real nice beat.


Beautiful beat laced with a nice Piano loop. Love this beat. Only one verse long, Cise Star's flow on this one is on point! displaying his dope mic skills and great lyrically ability. He raps a bit about the crew and it’s generally just a self-promoting dope verse yet still conscious and interesting. "Diamond on the wrist watch, nah that's not hip hop" Word! Would get full marks if it was slightly longer and didn't have some random Mr.T skit at the end


Different from anything on the album. Almost the kind of beat you'd expect on a Gym Class Hero's track but I like it! real catchy. An Automaton is a robot or a self-operating machine, the term is often used to describe a brainless follower (yes wiki) and that is what the track is about. I think that is why they have chosen this beat and some of the repetitive chorus' used throughout the track "cause clever ringtones define me, clever ringtones define me" clearly an ironic stab at modern popular culture. They joke about power lunches, excessive mobile phone use, lack of individuality and star bucks breaks which all in their opinion are trends far to often seen in society. Don't think they'd like a 9-5 in the city. Nice track and a change from a majority of the album so far.

Arrow of God

Automation ends with "Snap out of it" and instantly rolls in the Arrow of God beat. Almost as if they have snapped out of the commercial sounding Automaton track back into what they recognize as real this beat is much more typical of Cyne and another one of my favorites on the album. Akin and Cise Star talk about their religious beliefs and thoughts on the afterlife and the greater being. Incredible lyrics, very deep and I agree with alot of what they say.

Running Water

Another near flawless beat. Another challenger for the dopest track on the album! Cise drops a short verse about the hardships of life real dope meaningful stuff then Akin raps what in my opinion is probably the best verse on the album he tells a story of a youth wasting life and the hardships faced growing up, his lyricism is ridiculous. All round near perfect track

Up Above

Anyone familiar with Immortal Technique's Revolutionary Vol. 2 will instantly recognize this one, the beats exactly the same as "One (Remix)" apart from the drums, I prefer the beat on the tech LP. This is a solo track by Cise Star talking about his mother who passed away. Typical dope emotional track about a lost one. Nice track, lyrically tight but the beat for me is one of the weakest on the album but still.......


Darkest beat on the album, nice drums. Another one i didn't feel so much at first but grew alot on me. The lyricism is incredible. Cise and Akin talk about dreams and subconscious thought. Not sure if there is a meaning to this one that goes over my head but whatever its dope as hell. "A bitch made approachin the mic with a switch blade, This day and age I rage against the skits made" Evidently, there are no skits on the LP at all, apart from the short Mr T thing at the end of "Rappin".


Can the final cut live up to the 13 previous dope tracks? hell yeah. Love this beat, liquidy smooth again with a haunting female vocal looped throughout almost like that in the intro to "Triumph" by Wu-Tang Clan, Cise and Akin flow effortlessly over it both displaying mic skills that should make them far more recognized than they are. Akin raps "my styles kind of different, it's not quite commercial yet beyond the ground vision" and that’s pretty much a fair summary of Cyne's style. On this track they talk about fake emcees and their own skills and why they do what they do. Dope ending to an outstanding album.

Summary of Beats

Enoch and Speck are real talented producers and lace the whole album with dope beats. They display great versatility behind the boards making all kinds of tracks. Most of the beats are smooth, jazzy, natural sounding but they show they are capable of making equally good commercial sounding tracks and hard hitting grimy hip-hop. As well as the 14 track's beats there are a few 30 second or so samples or other beats at the end of some tracks and they are all dope too. All in all consistently great production throughout.

Summary of the Emcees

Although not overly outstanding and in your face Cise and Akin hold down the whole LP. Not a single bad verse, not a single featuring MC, not a single moment where I wished there were other emcees gracing the dope beats provided by Enoch and Speck. Their chemistry is tight and they compliment each other perfectly they both write intelligently and come across as passionate and motivated to make good music. Oh and they both have sick flows. A producers dream.


From start to finish Evolution Fight is a great album, not a single skipable track it holds my attention from beginning to end, which albums rarely do. I recommend any hip hop fan should own this, I think some of the messages will go over the heads of some people and therefore they may interpret it as boring and samey but it definitely isn't. I'm not the type of person to throw out the "classic" label easily and I'm not doing so here but its damn close. Take away a few tracks and make a few tracks a bit longer then we might be talking a classic. I've listened to Evolution Fight on and off since I got it and I will continue to. Don't sleep

Grade = A

Few Sample Tracks
The whole album can be heard on youtube

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Gemstones - The Testimony of Gemstones

1) Free Chilly

Real dope beat (same as Lupe’s one on The Cool). Really feeling this track, not only is he talking about his friend who got arrested (sentenced to 44 years), he completely calls himself out. “Lying in my lyrics, to be accepted by the critics/All the hot punchlines about crack I didn’t distribute” (he makes it rhyme somehow lol). Also a real nice beat, a little sad and reflective, but very dope intro.

2) Fly Away

Beats sound familiar, can’t tell what it is, got a nice foreign feel to it. What’s sorta cool about Gem is that he can sing as well as rap (no Tyrese). Liking the song, he hits his notes well and though the chorus is mad cliché (“spread my wings so I could fly away”), the verses are legit and the sound songs quite good.

3) Where’s The Love

Hov’s “Heart Of The City” beat, which I’ve always found pretty dope. Gem talking about haters on this one, it’s pretty good. Nothing amazing though, nothing to get the “haters” to stop talking. “Lupe’s a skateboarder, you ain’t feeling The Cool/You bought Chingy over Food & Liquor, whoop-e-dee-do.” Yeah, not gonna shut anyone up with that haha.

4) Hater’s Love featuring Shayla G

Essentially the third & fourth verses to the track before, though with the beat flipped to Rich Boy’s “And I Love You,” pretty much explaining that haters love when you’re down and hate when you’re on top. Shayla G’s verse isn’t anything special, was feeling Gem’s though, “Hate you because your ring finger got a band/But soon as they find out she been sleeping with your man [Sample: I Love You]”

5) Still Untamed

The “Umma Do Me” beat, which although not used as much as “A Millie,” has been done to death. Gem feels like if he speaks loudly he’ll be dope. Unfortunately, it’s not working. Just nothing special on the lyrics, and the song’s so short that lines like “I’m so crazy with the flow I need therapy!” are more noticeable as weak.

6) Skit

Gem basically goes through tracks he did (all shit from Lupe’s albums). The “history of Gemstones.” Its sorta interesting to listen to, but nothing special or anything.

7) We On (Featuring Lupe Fiasco & Pooh Bear)

The first single from Gem. Liking the track, actually. Its got a real summer feel to it, a nice chill song. The chorus is pretty good, though they repeat “We On” a ton. Lupe and Gem pretty much trade bars, and I’m liking it. Nice beat to this one, also. Real “I Made It” feel, a nice chill track (though not the most lyrical)

8) Skeletons (Featuring Sarah Green)

Loving this song. Got the piano loop from “Dance With The Devil” by Immortal Technique. Real dope concept, basically Gem is going through his listeners lives and talking about various problems they may be facing. Sarah Green is legit on this track, and Gem’s flow and lyrics are real nice: “You sold your soul for a buck/You hate the man in the mirror, you see him and wanna duck/Would pop a pill and kill him, but you really ain’t got the nuts/So you pray to God to forgive and deliver him cause it’s rough”

9) Superstar

Lupe’s beat, same chorus. Its OK, he’s doing his whole “if I talk loud I’m dope” thing, but this one’s pretty good. Real nice flow, and pretty good lyrics. He also addresses his name change from Gemini to Gemstones: “I had to switch it up, so I could let my wings spread/It’s the Testimony of Gemstones, Gemini is dead”

10) Low Key (Featuring Sarah Green)

Like the song, the flow and his delivery makes the reminiscing idea seem legit, as at the end of every rhyme it sounds like he’s sighing or exhaling. The beat’s got a nice piano part, but the problem with the track is that lyrically it doesn’t match the delivery and the beat. He starts off talking about the struggle, but then switches to bragging and talking about how he’s living the life. The lyrics are good, don’t get me wrong, just don’t really match the song’s components.

11) Bury Me A Gem

He gets on one of my favorite tracks from Young Jeezy’s The Inspiration, “Bury Me A G,” which boasts a nice sample and beat. Wasn’t feeling the whole pausing to catch his breath thing in the middle, seemed really stupid and gimmicky. Liking the reminiscing on his life before the rapping shit (though he’s mentioned that he’s pissed the bed in a few tracks now, lol). He gets really into it, aggressive spitting near the end, was feeling the passion and energy from it.

12) My First 16

Snoop’s “Imagine” beat is the next track, and apparently (never explicitly said, but implied by the title and the sound of paper rustling at the beginning), this song has Gem reading the first verse he made (its not actually 16, but who’s counting? Haha). Not sure if this is it though as the lyrics don’t seem like something he’d write when he was just beginning. Basically a story/diss of a rapper he came up with who forgot him. Shit’s nice, the beat’s good (gets a little amped up in some parts, its nice), and the lyrics are on point, nice storytelling.

13) Never Give Up (featuring Tugun Cannon)

Nothing special on the beat (sounds familiar, can’t tell what it is though), Gem spits really aggressive, its basically a track about his beginning with rap and shit, and his come up. The chorus is inspirational…sorta. Not liking the chorus really, he grunts at the beginning and sounds constipated, and it’s really cliché. Liking the lyrics though, Tugun Cannon also spits nice. The last minute or so is pretty much shoutouts and him talking, but its overall a decent track.

14) Skit

A Bunch of newsclips and other shit about a lot of shootings and deaths in Gem’s hometown of Chicago. Leading into the next track.

15) Everything’s OK (Featuring Bishop G)

I think this is a new beat, got a sample on the chorus (but IDK, sounds familiar). Liking the sadness on the track and the deepness of the lyrics. You can tell both MCs are truly impacted by the violence. Liking the chorus about how even though everything’s horrible, the “bitter comes with the sweet” and life goes on and there’s always good with the bad. Nice song.

16) I Love Her

Now I KNOW that I’ve heard this beat before, but once again I can’t put my finger on it haha. Nice love track, he got the enamorated emotion down pat for both verses, the first being from a student’s point of view, the second one being from someone in an office. Nice lyricism and flow too, “How do I say that you’re so fine?/The reason I come to work everyday on time.” The chorus is sorta lame, but he delivers it nicely, so its all good.

17) Good Morning

Kanye West’s “Good Morning” beat. The chorus is sort of annoying, but it’s decent as far as the lyrics go. The flow is sort of strange, hard to explain, but he really stresses the end and changes the way he’s rapping a bit. It gets sort of annoying though, but the lyrics are on point. Really split on this track, but I guess it’s decent.

18) Time

Another familiar beat smh. Liking the sample. The lyrics are clever, he’s addressing time, talking about it as if it’s a friend or lover on the first verse, the second talking about what’d be different if he controlled time. Really nice, insightful and just good. Talks about shit that’s happened in his life, but rather than listing, he adds cleverness to it.

19) A Song To You

Nice piano and strings on this song. The song’s about old friends who’ve passed away, and I’m really feeling the lyrics: “If I received a penny everytime I think about you/I’d have a fortune Bill Gates’ money couldn’t amount to.” Again insightful, not sad or anything, just paying homage to and addressing his fallen friends.

20) When I Get On

Rich Boy’s “Let’s Get That Paper” beat. This song is…meh. Talking about his dreams and shit, about giving back to poor people and stuff. Not feeling the flow, he’s getting excited and yelling and stuff. Nice chorus though, and I like the abrupt end to the song (and mixtape): “If I didn’t, then it wouldn’t be love.”

Basically, Gemstones really shined when talking about personal things, people he’s lost, memories and things that he would like to take back, other people’s skeletons, his own personal shortcomings, etc. But when he tries to spit really exuberantly, yelling non-stop and getting overhyped, he falls a bit short, for the most part. Some stuff he shines, but his flow sounds a bit off and his lyrics just aren’t at the same level as his personal shit.

Grade: B/B+

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Chamillionaire & Stat Quo - Big Business (2005)

2-Disc, but the second disc is just chopped & screwed, so its not reviewed.

1) Supposed To Represent (Chamillionaire)
Nice Biggie sample on this – “Lyrically I’m supposed to represent” – and Chamillionaire, without Stat on this track does a nice job. The beat’s a bit simple, but it’s ok. Pretty nice punchlines and flow on this one à “I’m known to make niggas watch they mouth like a dentist is/Tell ‘em this, we menaces like that Dennis kid”

2) Like Dat (Stat Quo)
Stat’s first single from his (infinitely) delayed album, Statlanta. Nothing special, but it’s a nice beat and a nice club track which is what it’s meant to be. Liking the swagger on this one – “Yeah you got bread but you ain’t stacking like this/I go to the bank they know me by my first name, bitch”

3) Talkin’ That Talk (Chamillionaire & David Banner)
Pretty lame chorus, Chamillionaire is stuck somewhere between singing and rapping. The chorus is also sorta weird, some annoying whistling half of the time, but its decent. Liking the lyrics though. Nothing amazing, just a pretty good track. David Banner does a nice job on this, though he sorta overhypes it with his scream-like delivery. Both Chamillionaire verses are nice though

4) I Wish U Would (Nitro)
Nice beat and chorus, got me bobbing my head. Nothing amazing on the lyrics, nice for the most part though. Don’t really know much about Nitro but he held his own on this song, flowed decently and nothing was awful about it.

5) Hot Sauce (Stat Quo)
Wasn’t feeling the chorus, and absolutely nothing special about the instrumental except for an annoying beep. Decent lyrics though. “Y’all so suspect/I school hoes like Georgia Tech/Need wipes, shorty gotta connect.”

6) Trouble (Chamillionaire)
Another wack sing-songy hook. Another really average, boring beat. Another group of nice lyrics from Chamillionaire: “The rap game lately has been like a big opera/But I’m pimping the fat lady, I decide when it stops-a”

7) I Need Mine (Stat Quo)
Liking this track, good beat, the ending chorus is nothing special but its still pretty good. Liking the lyrics, “Fallen off, you definitely got your folk bent/Notice when I strut I walk with a slight limp”

8) Used To Love Rap (Chamillionaire)

Liking the sing-songy hook actually, the background yelling in the beat is sorta annoying but it’s a nice track. Instead of using the overdone concept of the rap game as a girl, he is directly “talking” to the game. Loving the beat dropping when the second chorus kicks in. “And it’s crazy, cause you’re my baby, but lately, you got my deep/In the beef, and the word’s I write in the sheet are out in the street.” Dope!

9) What It Is (Stat Quo)

A “remix” to “Some Cut” by Trillville. Never liked the squeaking on the beat, but its still a pretty nice track. The lyrics aren’t that special – “Sumo spit, that mean’s I’m big” – but it’s not really the type of track you expect insightful lyrics or anything. Nice track, pretty much the same as the original, but its pretty good.

10) Shake It How You Make It (Stat Quo & Chamillionaire)

Finally a track with them together! Actually feeling Stat on this one, “Oh no, Stat’s slipping cause Stat don’t trick/Nah, Stat’s pimping, cause Stat stack chips.” Beat’s sorta weird but its nice, and Cham spits nice on it too. Definitely got me bobbing my head, the chorus is mad simplistic but its decent as well, nice little party track.

11) Gangsta Shit (Buddy Bole, Donny Arcade & Nitro)

Liking the beat, hating the fact I can’t figure out what the original song is lol. Real old school, smooth feel to it. The chorus is nothing special, but its ok. Another head-bumping track, and all three MCs spit nice on this one. Plus, unlike a lot of other “gangsta rappers,” they have a lot of references to people and talk about their old apartments and shit to make it seem legit.

12) The Dean Meets The Mechanic (Stat Quo & Buddy Bole)

The breathing on the beat is mad annoying, though the beat itself is dope. The lyrics aren’t amazing, but I actually am feeling em a lot. Nothing too quotable, but got a nice flow that compliments the beat. Seriously though, that breathing? STOP!

13) City Behind Us (Rasaq)

Someone who knows Chamillionaire raps on the “Where You At” beat. Insert random “I used to sell drug” lyrics, add a little bit of flow and you get the track. Nothing sucks per say, but nothing is amazing either. Liking some lines, “You the best? Well this dude is next/Slide over nigga, move to the left.” (Though that’s really not true…)

14) Loyalty (Rasaq, 50-50 Twin & Chamillionaire)

Liking the R&B hook a lot, the beat is pretty good, and the lyrics are on point. The subject matter = unoriginal, but still I’m liking all three MC’s verses. Cham’s verse is short but its pretty damn dope.

15) In These Streets (Stat Quo, Chamillionaire, BG & Soulja Slim)

First off, R.I.P. to Soulja Slim, the game and the world misses you. This track is the best track on the mixtape (maybe tied with the last track though). Loving the piano part and the chorus is dope as well. I also love pretty much all the verses. Cham’s flow is ridiculous: “Bang 'til your brain did spew it/ Houston is full of sewage/ It's true, it ain't nothing to it/ they'll do it, act like you knew it/See I ain't really gotta prove it/ look around and it show/Cause most of these niggas we used to know ain't even around here no mo.'” Next is B.G., and he has some dope lines also, like “Where I'm from we play it raw, we cutthroat and bout our business/Some call it New Orleans but I nicknamed it Chopper City/It's the home of the Hornets, and the home of the Saints/But don't get that name twisted, we'll toss you off in a lake.” Then Stat spits, “Track bang (track bang), pimp hoe like good game/A goddamn shame, that boy there got good aim” to kick off an impressive lyrical verse. Finally, it ends with Soulja Slim, who spits another very dope verse, ending perfectly with, “I say fuck the Feds, and I’ll say it again/From the streets to the pens, I play the game to win”

16) Hold Up (Bun B, Stat Quo & Chamillionaire)

Bun B of course spits fire. Rockish feel to this track, the chorus isn’t amazing but I like it. The occasional talking in the background is sorta annoying though. Another head bumping track though, and Stat spits some nice shit. Cham ends the song strongly also, a bunch of random threats and punchlines that come across dope.

17) Known In The Streets (Stat Quo)

Nah, not really feeling this one. The beat is really weird, sounds a bit sloppy, something felt off. Nothing special on the chorus, and the lyrics are really generic. “I hustle fast, y’all hustle slow,” nothing of any value on this track.

18) Cleveland’s Back (Off Da Chain) (Buddy Bole & Donny Arcade)

No, it’s not, unless we’re talking sports. Apparently they think that spitting fast = spitting dope, it really isn’t. I mean, I guess its ok, but there’s nothing creative or original bout it at all. The beat’s nice though. It’s a pretty good track to just bump cause it sounds pretty dope beat-wise and the lyrics don’t ruin it, but as far as listening to the words, nothing special.

19) Spit It Like A Pro (Rasaq)

Rasaq gets on Jay-Z’s “My First Song” and fares much better. Some lines are weak, and he tries to make up for that by drifting off with a high voice, the dopeness of the track fades off after a while, but it starts off nice. Also liking his flow.

20) In The Ghetto (Stat Quo)

LMAO @ the chorus, sounds cheesy as fuck, some choir or something singing “In the Ghettoooooooo.” Nice lyrics though, liking the reminiscing on the verses, though again, nothing too original.

21) Plottin’ and Schemin’ (Stat Quo & Chamillionaire)

Sorta rambling on Stat’s lyrics, and the beat’s nothing special, though something that you can nod your head to. Cham spits even more fire on this track, for real, compared to his recent shit it feels like he fell off.

22) Welcome To The Ghetto (Buddy Bole, Donny Arcade, Chamillionaire & Nitro)

Beat sounds pretty sad, but the lyrics aren’t. Still a nice reminiscing track, better than I thought it’d be after seeing the title. All four lyricists did a nice job on this one, in fact I don’t think Cham was even the best.

23) How We Do (Stat Quo)

Stat on the Game’s beat. I almost forgot he’s signed to shady. Nothing special, once again. I like Stat for the most part, but he disappointed me with his lack of originality. His flow’s real nice though, for real, dude can spit. Not like half of these southern artists who can’t do shit. It’s a pretty good track, probably on the same level of Game’s, maybe even a bit better.

24) I’m Sprung (T-Pain & Stat Quo)

This isn’t anything special. Just a short Stat Quo verse and the original T-Pain track. Stat does aight on the verse, but like I said, its short and its really nothing special or creative or even interesting.

25) Untitled Hidden Track

After the I’m Sprung track, on the same file, a rapper spits “Back Then” beat, not even sure who’s rapping to be honest, lol. Whoever it is, this track is so fucking dope, definitely the second best track, maybe even tied with In These Streets for the best. Liking the chorus, “boys be steady doing it, knocking off the unit” (Big Moe sample! R.I.P.). Real dope, really nice flow, great lyrics and punchlines…very dope way to end this mixtape. I need to figure out who this is, lol.

Grade: Somewhere between B/B+, definitely worth a listen if you like either artist



1. Intro {YoungBloodz}
2.. Shakem' Off
-Decent track. Semi-catchy but not good lyricism.
3.. Pop, Pop, Pop
-Good song. Pretty okay lyricism but a nice track.
4.. 85/Billy Dee {Interlude}
-Decent interlude. Had a nice melodic sound.
5. U-Way {How We Do It}
-Nice track. catchy and fun. Still liked lyricism
6.Hot Heat
- Okay track overly repetitive though. Just a fair track at best. and that's being generous.
7. 6 To 14 In 12
- God track. Nice lyrics and it had a nice flow. Song was real hot!!!
8. Down Heya [In The South]
-Real nice fast paced beat and shit. The song is fast and furious while it stays in your face. Pretty nice track though.
9. Thangs Movin' Slow
-Kind of a boring track but worth a listen at the very least. Slow moving [No Pun] but decent lyricism.
10. It's The Money/Fake ID
-Real hot interlude. I liked it a lot. Not really an interlude tho lol. The beat was nice and the lyricism was great,
11. Booty Club Playa
-Okay lyricism and a nice drum beat. Other than that the song is just average.
12. 87 Fleetwood
-Decent song at best. The beat is average, the lyrics are average the chorus is catchy though.
13. Get It How We Get It/Splack
- Boring track the whole way through. I lost interest from the gates. Yea you should spin it but its a snore fest.
14. Just A Dream
- Good track pretty ok lyricism and all with a fair beat. Still lacked many things.
15. U-Way {How We Do It} [Remix]
-Pretty dope other than having Lil Wayne on it lol

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


1. Intro

2. PIMP LYRICS & DOLLAR SIGNS [feat. Scoot Dogg]
-Pretty nice track. Scoots verse was hot. Seans was average at best thats all. Good banger tho.

3. Hit Da Corner
-Funky beat and Seans first verse had a nice flow to it. Dope track all in all. It's got a nice sound and hot flow to it. Lyricism wasn't bad.

4. All It Takes
-Boring track he just said pussy and talked about fucking the whole time. Which is cool but it seems like he was trying to shock. Just a fair track.

5. Somethin 2 Ride 2 {feat. Baby Lee]
-Decent lyricism. The chorus was catchy but other than that it isn't that great of a track.

6. All In A Niggas Look {feat. Prime Suspects}
-Aight track nothing special. The Prime Suspects verse wasn't very good it was pretty lame. Just an average track.

7. Lyrical trip
-Good flowing and fair lyricism made this song worth a spin. Had a Scarface type flow to it. Sometimes I think this guy is from Texas because of his style.

8. Another Jack
-The chorus is cool but other than that its a pretty blah song. The beat is ok

-Good beat. Sean T's verses were on motha fuckin point. The beat complimented his flow greatly. The chorus worked well for him

10. Ghetto Situations
- Kind of a boring track but its a decent track. Definitely worth a spin.

11. Street Life
-Boring song the beat was average kind of repetitive. You can skip or u can listen doesn't matter.

12. Against The Grain
- GOod flow and decent lyrics. Pretty hot track. once again reminding me of Scarface. Talking about the struggles and shit. Hot chorus and the track is definitely worth an intent listen.

13. If You Only Knew {feat. Mac & AK}
-The lyricism on this one is decent. Not a good track but its worth a listen I suppose. Gets boring.

14. If It Ain't Gee
-Good song. Decent lyricism and flow. Nice storytelling.

15. Way 2 Much On It
-Not really that good. Just a blah track.

16. Somethin 2 Ride 2 [Radio]
-Same as b4.



T.O.S. by G-Unit

1. Straight Outta Southside

-Pretty nice track sounds like Fuck Tha Police sort of.[Not beat wise] Cool track though lacking lyricism. Just average.

2. Piano Man

- Decent track. Catchy and decent lyricism. Still lacks something on it that I can't point out.

3. Close To Me

-It's an okay track. 50's verse was nice and Banks's was decent. Just an average track still like all the others before it. Sort of a catchy track it's worth a listen still.

4. Rider Pt. 2

-It took a few spins but I finally ended up liking this track. The music vid is kind of homo but whatever. Very catchy track taht you can just bump for the fuck of it. Didn't really like the synth tho.

5. Casualties Of War
-Pretty hot track. Shits a banger for real. Nice track sounding pretty gangster and shit. Real hot track!!!!!!

6. You So Tough
-A diss at T.I.. Good track though for real. Listen to dis track. Banks killed this track for real.

7. No Days Off
-This song had a good sound.50's verse was nice as hell sounded real raw and shit. Just a hot track

8. T.O.S.
- Real nice beat I liked it. lol shit cussed like nothing else at the beginning. Nice track though and the beat like I said was dope like a fast paced Still D.R.E. beat. Good track

9. I Like The Way She Do It
-Dope beat but just an average single at best. The lyrics were okay despite the fact 50 called himself retarded. I know he didn't mean it but whatever it was just a decent track.

10. Kitty Kat
-WTF? At first it was a decent track but then it became gay as hell. Skip

11. The Party Ain't Over
-Just a blah track. Everything about it is average this is a skip.

12. Let It Go
-Interesting Sound To it. ANother average track *SHAKES HEAD*

13. Get Down
-I fell asleep during this. It was just extremely boring and the beat was overly repetitive. I got depressed while listening to this.

14. I Don't Wanna Talk About It
-A good track. 50 had a nice flow on ths song it was hot as hell.

15. Ready Or Not
-Banks's verse was decent nothing special he was just to monotone of course. A blah track. Yayos or Locs verse was nice lol I couldnt notice whos it was. Decent track

16. Money Make The World Go Round
-Dope ass track. The chorus was nice and the song was well made. Maybe the best track on the album.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Public Warning by Lady Sovereign

1. 9 To 5
-Decent lyricism compared to the rest of the album. The beat is perfect for the track tho. She's just talking about how hard she has to work for her record contract but it's kind of a boring song. CHeesy as well.

2. Gatheration
-Kind of a catchy song and the bass is bumping like a mo'fucka. Still just a fair track at best.

3. Random
- A lot of forced rhymes and cheesy lines. Like I feel for her realness on her tracks but she's just not a god rapper. Sorry Lady S-O-V but you should work harder.

4. Public Warning
- Horrible track. Doesn't keep your interest. beat sounds like some techno shit and the track is to loud with no lyricism.

5. Love Me Or Hate Me
-Dope beat. Good track as far as substance. She just saying fuck haters and shit. Pretty fair lyricism. "Love Me or hate me ya digg" Still shes kind of nasty if I may say so she says some un attractive shit.

6.My England
- She's just talking about how England isn't as perfect as it seems. Once again another British rapper defending her hood. Just a decent track.

7. Tango
-Fuckin dope ass beat. But a pretty lame track. SKIP!

8. A Little Bit Of Shhhhh
-She sounds like she on crack speaking all fast and shit. Skip This lame track to.

9. Hoodie
-Wow this gay and cheesy. SKIP THIS LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDED ON IT!!!

10. Those Were The Days
-Dope track. Talking baout her life growing up. U could get in touch with her. Nice track Sov.

11.Blah Blah
-WTF is this a filler track or some shit? Skip this if your smart!!

12. Fiddle With The Volume
-Nice beat but other than that a very blah track. I feel asleep during it.

13. Love Me Or Hate Me [Remix]
-Missy's verse was hot. Still a good track like before



The Incredible Hulk

The story to this movie is basically just like you would expect it to be. Bruce Banners experiment goes wrong, he becomes Hulk. "Hulk get mad, Hulk smash everything." That was basically the plot. I didn't like the way it started. I think the story could've been told better than it was. Like it just threw you in to the mix without really establishing the characters bond. [Bruce Banner and Elizabeth Ross] Yes you know they love each other but it doesn't establish their relationship and it doesn't establish Bruce Banners personality before becoming the Hulk. Which I guess I was fine with, but I would've liked to see better storytelling before the experiment took place.

Actually, the movie sort of bored me for awhile despite the action in it. The fights had really no variety. Hulk just fought the army as they tried to capture him to do experiments. The final fight delivered though. It was a kick ass hardcore street fight between two monstrous beings. Stuff gets blown up and bodies get broken. In one part of the fight Hulk uses 2 pieces of a police car as gloves and completely beats down his enemy to the point where his head looks flattened. The final fight delivered luckily for this movie.

The acting was rather good although, I'm not surprised. Edward Norton of course is a good actor so I expected it and unlike other critiques I think he gave the right personality to The Hulk. Liv Tyler whom is a very pretty girl acted rather well too. All the acting was good. I mean I wont say it was great acting but it was perfectly fine for a superhero movie.

Uhhhhhhhh don't do experiments for the government? Nah but I'd say the moral to this hero's story is don't judge a book by its cover or we all have evil and anger within us we just have to control it.

Overall this movie was pretty average. A few flaws here and there held this back from being better. Still a cool movie, far better than the god awful "THE HULK". It was average though I must say. I have new found respect for The Hulk after this. [By The Way At The End They Set Up The 2011 Movie "The Avengers"]



Monday, June 23, 2008


1. Ashy To Classy
-lol cool intro. Pretty nice just talking about gettin pussy from erry1.

2. Can't Stop Us
-Nice chorus just decent lyricism. The measles line was aight. Not a great song.

3. Project Dreamz
-This song makes Field Mob sound retarded. They stress the end of like half thewords in the track. I like when they say, "You Been Broke Put Your Hands Up". Other than that this track is just average.

4. Dead In Your Chevy
-A boring song for the most part. Just not a real good track. I expected more on this track.

5.Da' Durty
-Nice track it's got a real nice southern sound to it. Real durty like the track says. I can dig it. Lyricism was only average though.

6. My Main 'Roni
- Nice intro to the track. IDK why it just seemed like it was heartfelt and it was nice. The lyricism was nice on this track. Dope track.

7. Cheatin On Me
-Just an average song nothing special everything was average.

8. Waiting [Spoken Interlude]
-Yea whatever it's an interlude.

9. Channel 613, Pt. 1
-This song was dope as hell. It was hot as hell. Lyricism was crazy especially when he's talking about Shaggy and Scooby. Mad nice track. Probably the best track on this album.

10. Dimez {Jazzy B's}
-Another nice track. Lyricism is on point. Fly beat with the snare and shit. Dudes were ripping this track for real. Check this.

11. Crutch
- Another dope track. The chorus was kind of lame but lyrically it was nice. Talking about their lives growing up. Real nice flow as well. Good track.

12. Shake Sumpthin
-On some Bob Marley shit lol. Where was all this decent to good lyricism earlier. Basically they talkin bout fuckin again lol. Just a decent track.

13. Hey Shawty
-Good beginning to this track. The starting sound was real smooth and nice. A change of pace to the past few tracks. First line was nice. Real good lyrics and all together a good track. "Swisha in my hand to roll up/Yea bitch u lookin fine as a mutha fuck/"


Alright, Still by Lily Allen

-It took a few spins but I finally liked it. Kind of catchy. I like her attitude.

2. Knock Em Out
-Talking about being up in the club and shit but the piano playing was nice. Just a blah track though. The britishness got annoying.

3. LDN
-Nice track. Talking about how London isn't as proper and nice as people say. That it is actually bad and does have bad parts like anywhere else. Good lyrics.

4. Everythings Just Wonderful
-Real hot track. Really catchy chorus and nice instrumentals. Nice song all around. Great lyrics and the song stays catchy.

5. Not Big
-ANother nice track. She says some fucked up shit like making her cum. Which is why I like her. She ethering her old boyfriend. I like her down to earth ness. Good ska instrumentals.

6. Friday Night
-Cool sound with the "OOOoooOOOOoooOOOs" at the beginning kind of spooky. Even though that's not the song. Good track proving Lily is a really good song writer. She can write a chorus real well. Catchy song. GOod song.

7. Shame For You
- Real nice old school type beat and shit. She was real smooth on this track. I like it it has a cool sound. She says her brothers gon kick someones ass. She ordering hits now.

8. Littlest Things
-Best track on here. Its slow but really heart felt. You can tell sh emeant everything on this and it made me feel in tune with the writer [Lily Allen]. She sounds good and it was a nice change of pace for her. I could even connect with it somehow. I can listen to it 100 times straight and not get tired.

9. Take What You Take
- Just an average track at best. It has an okay sound and the lyrics are good but it's missing something.

10. Friend of Mine
-A cool Bob Marley style beat to it. Just an average track though.

11. Alfie
-Nice track. Cheesy? Yes. But still extremely catchy and it has a nice bouncy catchy tune to it. Almost comedic the music video goe sperfect with it. Just a funny song that is well written and everything on it fits so well 2gether like a puzzle.

12. Nan, You're A Window Shopper
- Funny. Yes it sounds just like Window Shopper thanks o 50 Cent. But nothing great to it.

13. Smile [Mark Ronson Version Revisited]
-Nothing more to say its just as before to me. I'd love to fuck LilY Allen



Dignity by Hilary Duff

1. Stranger
- A decent track rather catchy I'll admit. She sounds decent on this. Pretty well written track but not the best.

2. Dignity
-A diss at Nicole Richie who she has beef with. Doesn't sound to good but the song is mad catchy. She still sounds like a little kid though when she be saying, "Pick It Up, pick it up" Jealousy? Yes. WHo cares she's hot ya digg? Still pretty cheesy.

3. With Love
-Very catchy song and well written to boot. So I'm writing this review with love as she says.

4. Danger
-DANGER! DANGER! DANGER! This song is cheesy. Really awkward rhymes and all out cheesy ness kind of ruins this song.

5. Gypsy Woman
-Uhhhhh-yea-yea -yea I'm feelin this beat up in here ya digg? Its funky as hell. Sh etakin another shot at Nicole Richie. Voice wasn't to bad on this. Hilary str8 ethering on this album.

6. Never Stop
- It's a nice little jingle. Hilary sounds more grown up on this despite the song reminding me of a childs show theme song. Decent track. Nice sound and fast paced.

7. No Work, All Play
-Is this a subliminal hit at Nicole Richie? Maybe so this is big time beef. She talking about getting high. [Kind of] It's sexy ya digg? Nice track she gets in touch with herself.

8. Between You And Me
- Catchy little song. Simple rhymes yet an elegant interesting sound and Hilary says "Damn" in this song. It turns me on doesit turn u on? She sounds good on this track as well.

-Funky ass beat like some old school Mario shit meets Rick Rock. E-40 would rip this beat. She droppin it mad funky. She saying that dudes needa stay off her nuts in this track and quit stalking her. Mad funky song. Bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum

10. Happy
-Cool sound at the beginning. Nice instrumentals. She sounds mature and the sound all together is nice for real. She sings well and the song was well written. She breaks it down and takes shots at her ex-boyfriend. She does her thing well in this track.

11. Burned
-YEEEEEEEEEA hot beat again and even some scratching in this mo'fo ya digg? She sings pretty well she stay working on her MC career it seems. NExt Nas? She stay ethering Nicole Richie and Joel Madden.

12. Outside of You
-Good drums at the beginning. A nice melodic sound to it but all in all just a fair track.

13. I Wish
-Nice sounds at the start. Other than that it isn't very good song. Just blah. Not well written.

14. Play WIth Fire
-Nice track its hot.[No Pun] She droppin it hot as hell. [No Pun] She still ethering thats all I can say.



E.S.G. vs Slim Thug

1.) Intro (E.S.G.)
The beat is dope, it's the one in the next track. E.S.G. exposing Slim Thug as a backstabbing bitch, basically running down everything that happened to get us up to speed.

2.) Alphabet Murderer (Slim Thug Diss) (E.S.G.)
Nice beat, good chorus, and E.S.G. straight ripping Slim a new one. Running through the alphabet as he lays into Slim it's quite the track, probably the best diss on this album.

3.) Like a Boss (Blend) (Slim Thug)
Beats alright, nothing special, and it's just his "Like A Boss" track in some gay ass blend. Chorus is annoying, his flow is annoying, just a shitty track.

4.) 60 Bars (E.S.G.)
It's over 2Pac's "Ambitions Az A Ridah" beat so it's hot. Dope lyrics, flow, rhymes, it's a hot track.

5.) Freestyle (Lil Flip and E.S.G. Diss) (Slim Thug)
DJ shout outs run rampant at the beginning, a bad start. It's a chopped and screwed track. There's maybe like four lines that are actual "disses" the rest is vague and random. Not a good track.

6.) Freestyle (Squad Up Diss) (Slim Thug)
Again, gay ass DJ shit. Another screwed track, a better diss then the last track. It's alright but Slim isn't very lyrical, and he's a weak disser.

7.) Freestyle (E.S.G.)
Missy Elliot beat, I don't know what song because I don't listen to here. Anyways it's a smooth, mellow track. It's not terrible but seems out of place on this album.

8.) Freestyle (No Problems Beat) (Slim Thug and Judge Dredd)
Dredd completely outshines Slim, not like that's hard. Both are incredibly bland and run of the mill, nothing ground breaking. Average track.

9.) Fuck With Me (E.S.G. Featuring Carmen Sandiego and Brandon)
The beats pretty plain, and it starts out really slow and draggy but picks up and become pretty dope, all three of them rip it. The chorus is annoying but it's alright.

10.) Freestyle (Juicy Beat) (Slim Thug and Killa Kyleon)
I don't like the beat, never have, but they're both terrible on it. Bad beat+bad verses=bad song.

11.) Freestyle (Lalala Beat) (Slim Thug and Killa Kyleon)
Ugh the beat is annoying as hell and Kyleon completely disappoints. Slim is a little better but his verse is ass too. Another skipper.

12.) Freestyle (Like a Boss Beat) (E.S.G. Featuring Carmen Sandiego and Brandon)
This one is pretty blah. The last verse has a dope flow but other then that there was nothing standout on it.

13.) Freestyle (Frontin' Beat) (Slim Thug and Killa Kyleon)
Slims verse is alright it's a decent story. Kyleon on the other hand can't ride a beat for the life of him and it drowns his monotone voice out completely.

14.) Get Ya Grind On (Drop it Like it's Hot Beat) (E.S.G. Featuring Carmen Sandiego and Brandon)
Well the chorus is better then the original one, not like that's hard to do. Carmen is dope on this track, and I don't like female MC's. It's worth it just for her part.

15.) Already Platinum (Slim Thug Feat. Pharell)
Annoying DJ shout outs...again. I don't know why they wouldn't have used the normal version from his album. It's screwed and chopped so it sounds better than the regular version, but the beat is annoying and I hate Pharell he's garbage. Listen the Slim then skip it.

16.) Freestyle (E.S.G. and DJ Screw)
This ones a dope track. Verse part goes hard and then it switches to smooth and mellow. A nice track.

17.) Wood Wheel (Slim Thug and Sir Daily)
Chorus is annoying as hell. Both verses trash, beat is alright but fruityloopish.

18.) Freestyle (Slim Thug)
Short and average. Nothing special about it, just Slim doing what he always does rapping about nothing.

19.) Freestyle (Slim Thug)
The beats probably one of the better ones on here, just remember what type of artist this beat is for so it's not going to be like Dilla standard. Tracks alright but once again no stand out lyrics, flows alright, nothing else.

20.) Freestyle (Slim Thug)
Nicer verse by Slim with a sped of flow instead of his usual slow drawl. He matches the beat good and rides it perfectly.

21.) Freestyle (Slim Thug)
He finally starts riding his beats better, with better verses. His flow is better then usual too.

22.) Freestyle (Slim Thug)
Love the beat, it's a really mellow beat that you just have to like. A massively screwed track (eg. really slow) with a few chops. Slim matches the beat good although it's hard to pay attention to him because you're drawn to the beat.

23.) Freestyle (P.I.M.P. Beat) (Slim Thug and Killa Kyleon)
Kyleon completely outshines Slim, his flow is much stronger, he makes you listen to him. Good track, good beat, nice.

24.) City on Lock Down (Slim Thug and E.S.G.)
A track from before all the B.S. with both of them on it. The beat is good, but often it's louder then Slim and covers him. Slim and E.S.G. compliment each other good though, and it's a nice track.


Most of Slims songs have Killa Kyleon on them, he's like the Yayo (with more skills) to Slims 50. Only a few tracks are actual diss song (and some of those aren't even dissing the right person) but they're worth checking.

There's only about 7ish song that are worth checking, the rest of duds. The actual diss tracks are good but the filler could go and this could have been made into a dope EP instead of a dud full mixtape.



Problem Starters by DNERO & Savage

01. Clap Montana - Fly Guy
02. D'nero & Savage Featuring BeatTrix - Around The Globe
03. D'nero Featuring Trouble - Put Them Hands Up
04. D'nero & Savage - Never Scared
05. D'nero & Savage - Up On Top
06. D'nero - Jae Millz Verse
07. D'nero Featuring Brasco - Trapped
08. D'nero & Savage - Make Um Lean
09. G.O.D. - How We Get Down

Lyricism C-:

The lyricism on this mixtape is average at best. Just a decent lyrical tape. Boring lyrics that are very bland and not worth much to a listener. The songs really have no variety . Fly Guy, Put Them Hands Up and Never Scared are the best tracks easily.

Production C-:
The production isn't very good. None of the beats have much variety and they all sound the same the very style of it is like everything else. Wackness
Last Words: I could waste time on explaining more but really I don't care to. This mixtape isn't veyr good. A few decent tracks but nothing to write home about.

Donny Goines - The Non Fiction EP

1) Call To Arms (Produced by P.C.P. Muzik)

Nice lyricism, but a lot of the lines which he clearly is trying to pretend are amazing aren’t that clever (“You spit fire? I must be a dragon with flames” and “The flow’s like fine wine, better music each year”). There's a nice swagger to his lyrics but the verses are really average. The “chorus” is just a sample saying “oh yeah,” and is pretty pointless. Still, it was a decent track, and an OK intro to the EP.

2) Do You Know (Produced by Tone Def)

Donny tells a few stories. Its pretty good, nice storytelling. Him talking on the chorus (which is a sample) is pretty corny, and I wasn’t really liking it (the chorus) that much. I feel like the lead-up to the chorus –- “Now do you like the things life is showing you” – is his attempt of being insightful or making this song seem really heartfelt, but it doesn’t really have any personality to it. Still, a decent track.

3) The Ghetto Life (Produced by The Graduates)

For a track about the ghetto, a concept that has seriously been done over a million times now, this track is pretty good. Wasn’t feeling the chorus, the beat was OK though. Though the idea is unoriginal and the lyrics are really generic, some of them are OK – “This is reality, other places we’d rather be/Cause bullets keep flying rapidly, picking us off gradually”

4) Held It Down (Produced by Quincy Tones)

An OK REALLY CLICHE track, talking about his journey in the game. I sorta liked the chorus, it felt like he didn’t want to do it, but it was good. Again, the lyrics are really generic. All about hustling hard, and sacrificing, etc. I liked the instrumental though. Overall a very average, decent track.

5) Weather The Storm (Produced by Tecknowledgy)

Decent sampling, nice beat. Another track about overcoming adversity and all that. It’s a bit clever though, he brings in weather to the whole thing to create a decent analogy. Its pretty good, one of the few tracks on the EP that I may play again.

6) Present Future (Produced by Metro Beats)

Nice beat, wasn’t feeling the chorus (its got a real, “Oh look, I can spell my name!” feel). Decent lyricism, but all the lines are really forgettable. He says something about making us remember him…sorry, but you’ve got a long way to go. I guess this track’s OK though…decent flow.

7) Play Out In The Rain (Produced by Remot)

Another sample... pretty good beat. An OK track, standard lyrics for the most part, though about nothing special. He tries being nostalgic…it doesn’t seem legit, but it doesn’t sound too forced, just like a nice job of bullshitting. Still, it’s decent, albeit a bit short.

8) The Light (Produced by Danger Beats)

What’s up with this guy trying so hard to be an inspiration or something? The intro to this track is mmmmmmmmmmadddddddddd corny, this whole song is almost laughable. “Everyday I was smoking weed and Newports (yes I was)” isn’t that bad, he’s delivering it like it’s a miracle that he’s alive. The chorus is also cheesy as fuck. I’m all for putting someone’s pain or feeling in their rhymes, but he doesn’t have one good reason that he is in such pain, and all of the rhymes are really generic and cliché. I really doubt any of that so called “agony” and “pain” is as big as he makes it seem. Real wack ending.

Overall, this EP is a disaster. Apparently, Donny Goines had a contest to let readers of produce the album, taking the best 8. The problem is, he can’t even do these 8 amateur producers any justice on their beats, with random generic lyrics. I’ve heard other shit from him, and I thought this would be good, but I was very disappointed. No songs are great, in fact they are decent at best. I doubt I'll listen to any tracks by him again.

Grade: D+


Season Of Da Siccness by Brotha Lynch Hung

1. Cusche Break
-Its a short intro.

2. Sicc Made
-Dope ass horrorcore track. Pretty nice beat just talking about eating nasy ass shit. Such a dope ass track.

3. Dead Man
- Nice track both lyrically and horrorcorish. Again talking about killing but the lyricism is def there its not just pointless violence.

4. Rest In Piss
- Haha mad crazy lyricism on this one. The chorus is even kind of catchy but it does have me saying REST IN PIYASSSSS!!!! or however he says it

5.Get Da Baby
-lol funny shit

6. Return of Da Baby Killa
- lmao rofl Lynch shot a damn baby dats gangster. Good starting bar and this track was fast paced and just all around good shit. I love dis track

7. Locc 2 Da Brain
-Just an okay track. The bitch ripped this track but other than that

8. Q-Ball
- He talks to Q-Ball

9. Liquor Sicc
-Okay track. Good lyricism and storytelling. It was just okay. About him avenging his cousin who got killed. R.I.P. Real shit right here

10. 40 Break
-lol is all Ima say

11. Datz Real Gangsta
-Decent track. Good lyricism and nice chorus but it was lacking something greatly.

12. Deep Down
-Good lyrically but also lacking substance. I mean it doesnt lack meaning cuz he's talking about growing up and gangbanging and rapping.

13. Dead Man Walking
-A seriously dope track. Hot shit right here ya digg?

14. 781 RedRum
-Nice little skit

15. Season of Da Siccness
-Dope lyrically and just an all together nice track. A smooth beat that compliments his style. The lyrics are good all around from each artist.

16. Welcome 2 Your Own Death
- It's real slow which is alright and the chorus is pretty good easy to remember and can be catchy. "Nigga Welcome 2 Your Own Death" Pretty nice track everyone spit pretty well.

17. Real Loccs
- Nice beat its real nice. The lyricism is just decent

18. Inhale With Da Devil
-Good track good way 2 end it.



Renegades by Rage Against The Machine

1. Microphone Fiend
-Dope remake of a classic song. They made it their own in every way. Zack did great on it. Real good song. [4/5]

2. Pistol Grip Pump
-Best track on the album. 100 times better than the original track. It was so well made like it was there track. Just so kick ass they got me singing it for days. [5/5]

3. Kick Out The Jams
- Can't say I was feeling this track all that much. Just average. Kind of boring and seems like it wasn't made well. [2.5/5]

4. Renegades of Funk
-A nice track has a real funky sound to it with the electric guitar. Just a well made track all together. [3.5/5]

5. Dreams
-Very boring track and I dont like when Rage does that shit. Real slow but still it was aight. Had this melodic sound to it. [2.5/5]

6. I'm Housin
-Straight dope track. Just so well remade and some real ass gangsta shit. It was a piece of art even better than the original. [5/5]

7. In My Eyes
- This song rocks real hard. One of the most rockin songs on here. It kicked ass real loud and in your face. There was stll something missing from it tho. [3/5]

8. How I Could Just Kill A Man
- The bass in the chorus on this is bumping. This song is adrenaline fueled and just kick ass. Some true gangster shit and extremely catchy. This song is made better by there hard rock riffs and loud bursting guitars. [4/5]

9. The Ghost of Tom Joad
-An interesting remake. Kind of boring so I didn't like it to much. It was just real slow moving. [3/5]

10. Down On The Street
-This put me to sleep which was wierd cuz it's not slow. It just has nothing new to it just very average. Reminds me of every rock track I've heard before just sounds average. [2/5]

11. Street Fighting Man
-Interesting sound at the beginning. The whole song has a real nice sound to it. The song is ok. Zack brought a little something something to the song but not enough to make this song great or even better than fair. [2.5/5]

12. Maggies Farm
-A cool sound and Zack brought a real nice sound and a refreshingness to it. [3.5/5]