Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Honestly I didn't really care that much to see this but I had seen all he Star Wars movies and figured I might as well watch this. Now they have a series of these on Cartoon Network that I would watch right before Family Guy, The Boondocks and other Adult Swim shows. So I catch them on and if I'm bored I watch. Honestly the TV show isn't horribly bad. I mean it's not really my thing but it's okay to watch. So I got a small taste of what the movie was like by watching the shows.

Now this movie has some cool animation and special effects but still I'm not to big on an animated Star Wars movie. Since it's a childrens movie I had to come to grips with the fact it's not as dark as the originals. But honestly everything is left open-ended basically. See this movie takes place before the 3rd movie so Anakin is still his whiny self and not killing younglings yet. Anyways, this movie has decent action scenes and introduces some cool characters such as a Clone Trooper Captain Named Rex. Actually first off I want to say is this movie is a lot cheesier than the originals. Yea I know that may be hard to believe but this movie is cheesy in a different way.

I don't get how Anakin has an apprentice when he himself is barely a full Jedi Knight. They wouldn't even let him on the council in the 3rd movie so they're gonna give him an apprentice? Remember how I said shit was left open? Yea, like why is his apprentice not in the 3rd one? It never says she dies in the movie nor does it even hint in to it. In my opinion it was a horrible idea to give him an apprentice. It just fucks the story up. Then there is some sith assassin who doesn't get killed but she's not mentioned in the 3rd one either. I understand it's a childrens movie so they wont have people getting killed like crazy but come on give me some closure. What is the point of bringing in a new character without giving me solid details as to what happened. As a matter of fact I'm seaching for answers right now. I just don't like movies where dudes ain't getting chopped in half.


So yea I searched and the series isn't over yet the first season still has 12 episodes planned. So I don't know what happens to everyone. Also the storyline kind of seemed to small to base an entire movie on even though it meant a lot for the cause it just seemed like a badly written story.

Basically this movie is cheesy and very mellow dramatic and I got bored. But it is a good childrens movie and has some cool effects and characters to keep most Star Wars fans satisfied. After seeing this I think they should just leave Star Wars alone now and let it die, but live in the hearts of the fans.




I figured I would watch Hellboy 2 since I liked the first one alright and since I already had it at my house I figured what the hell. I popped it in and from the very beginning I wanted to die. The child version of Hellboy looks like an uglier version of the boy in Jumanji who turned into a monkey. Shit freaked me the fuck out. It just looked dumb as hell.

So this second installment had more cheesy jokes and was just cheesy overall. I mean the first one was cheesy but this one just was over the top cheesy. I tried to not pay attention to that but to many lame jokes came at me from all sides. I mean I expect some level of lameness from a superhero movie but come on! Anyways this movie did have some cool action scenes and the main bad guy was a bad mother fucker. Every scene with him in it kicked ass. Dude just straight worked dudes left and right.

Yes, there were some cool scenes but really the movie overall was a lame excuse for a superhero/action movie. I won't say the movie was horrible or unusually bad but it wasn't great. I mainly just sucked it up and pulled myself through most of it.

As for the moral of the story. Well basically it's about love being strong and how people are judged by how different they are. All that good stuff.



Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Where to start with this movie. So I was really excited when I rented this movie this morning. I had been wanting to see it since its release cause I thought it looked hilarious and heard good things. Well I got a mixed reaction after watching it. I honestly wasn't sure if it was funny or just the stupidest fucking movie of the year. Well that might be to harsh.

Basically the movie is about actors making a movie about the Vietnam war. I wont spoil anyhing but every actor has his own problems and things he has to overcome. All the different back stories are pretty funny. Especially Robert Downey Jr.'s parts. So they start off shooting the climatic scene of their movie which is basically a rescue mission in a helicopter. The diva-like actors start fighting and the scene doesn't finish. First off I'll say this movie has a lot more cussing than I expected. The F word flies like nothing else but that's fine with me. I wouldn't suggest letting your child see it though. Another thing is this movie does some random ass things with random ass characters saying random shit. Often this movie is so stupid it's funny. Anyways back to the story; So the man who wrote the book for this movie says if they want the actors to get over themselves they need to put them in the jungle or in "the shit" as they say to learn. Basically the plan was to put them out there and stage explosions and random attacks to make it all realistic. Of course it didn't work out that way.

Blah Blah Blah the movie went on. Made jokes, made you laugh, made you wonder why the hell he just said that and at some times makes you wonder where the hell you are and what this movie is about. It's sort of like being fucked up on acid and watching Teletubbies or some shit. Point is the movie is on crack. Pure fucking 100% crack. I'm not dogging I'm only stating facts. Now just because the movie is random and at some times provacative doesn't mean it's not good or funny. The movie is funny and at times makes you laugh your ass off either because it's so dumb, random or it's just a funny scene.

I wont say anything else about the plot but the movie to me was sort of a disappointment. All the same though it's a funny movie and I enjoyed it just not as much as I'd like to. Would I buy it? Probably not unless it as cheap or I was rich. But will it be a good movie to catch on HBO down the road when you're feeling down? Hell yes.



20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best of Chuck Berry

1. Maybellene
- Hell yea this is what I'm talking about. Just simpler times and simpler songs. I listen to all types of music so older stuff doesn't bother me. Hell I actually like the whole carefree sounds of The Temptations, Jimi Hendrix and Chuck Berry. Just such a good song that's real simple and fast for you to sing along with. Sometimes simple is the best way to do it.

2. Roll Over Beethoven
- Another simple fast-paced track just doing what you can with your talent. In the terms of back then you could say Chuck Berry's style/swagger was the equivalent of present days Jay-Z. Dude had a style all his own that many borrowed from him. (Or Tried To) Anyways this song has great guitar play in it. Just a catchy song that you'll probably be singing for a few hours.

3. Brown Eyed Handsome Man
- Now for one I myself am a brown eyed handsome man so I identified with this song. Honestly this song is kind of borin but it is actually a well written track and story. This is easily worth a listen but I can see people getting bored with it unless your really old and grew up on Chuck.

4. School Day
- Good music right here. Another melodic sound and lyrical presence. Really no great meaning or point here yet you find yourself identifying with it simply because you went to school at some point. Pretty good, pretty good.

5. Rock And Roll Music
- This song embodies Chuck Berry as a singer/songwriter and rock music at the time. SOme may say Chuck is the King Of Rock 'N' Roll and I will definitely say he helped shape it. Very short song though but entertaining all the way.

6. Sweet Little Sixteen
- Yea the BEach Boys ripped Berry off while he was in jail and they made Surfin USA but whatever because in my opinion theirs is better. This is still good though but I am a secretly a fan of the Beach Boys for some odd reason (No Homo) Yes, I love rap and listening to cussing and death threats repeatedly is fun but nothing compares to good old simple old school American Music. Anyways this is a good song and as I said earlier everyone wanted to borrow from Berry. Another very short song though.

7. Johnny B. Goode
- Hmmmmm you know who also ripped this song off? Yea, the Beach Boys. Know something else? They made a damn good version as well. Doesn't matter though lol this song is good in every way. Good sound and very good lyrics.

8. Carol
- Now not to be a downer but a lot of Chucks song sound exactly alike like this and Johnny B. Goode. But thank god the sound is always gonna be good that way. This song is average and I could probably see myself skippig it. Still not bad at all. Berry is a dope guiatrist.

9. You Never Can Tell
- I like this song a lot because it's in Pulp Fiction. But really this is just a fun song and it's well written to boot. Wait a second...did i really just say "to boot". Hmmmmm I needa get that looked at. But anyways this is a wonderful song and a well told story.

10. No Particular Place To Go
- Here we go baby, one of the best songs ever recorded just because of its sound. This is just something you can kick back and listen to in the car. It's fun and light hearted and extremely catchy. GREATNESS!



Creepin On Ah Come Up by Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

1. Intro
- Nice mysterious intro. SOme straight g ass shit. Just really sets the tone for the whole EP.

2. Mr. Ouija
- Yea I don't really agree with the whole Ouija board concept but the harmonizing and flow of the sound on this track is top notch. But it's not even rap really it's just singing so I can't say much more except......good singing?

3. Thuggish Ruggish Bone
- Many believe this is one of the realest/gangsta tracks ever. I'll have to agree this track embodies street music and the thug life in a way even Pac or Biggie could never do. Dope beat, dope hook/chorus just a dope track all in all. This song is off the hook with great flow and just a street banger. This is the type of song a hustler wakes up to and gets on his grind looking for a brighter tomorrow. Good ass shit.

4. No Surrender
- I liked the synthesized voice at the beginning and how it broke off into the rapping. Bizzie spit such an ill verse on this track. This is a good song but nothing more. This is a good cool down from Thuggish Ruggish. Good track that you can listen to repeatedly and not really get sick of.

5. Down Foe My Thang
- Dope beat and flow straight off the jump. One thing I will say that's for sure is Bone Thugs may have the best flow as a group out of any rap group ever. Their melodic style is ridiculous and scary good as its own style. This track is only average it isn't bad but isn't great.

6. Creepin On Ah Come Up
- Another great melodic song. Again just an average track but not a bad one. WOrth a listen easily but doesn't deserve great praise. Can't really hate on it but I can't say nothing exceptionally great either.

7. Foe Tha Love Of $
- Flesh's verse was real nice and flowed great. Well actually everyone who spit, spit real nice. Good song with another melodic sound. Eazy kinda came in and ruined the Bone Thugs style. Still he did fine and this track is nice.

8. Moe Cheese (Instrumental)
- Real nice instrumental for anybody to write to. Good sound to it that ends this EP nicely.

Well I myself am not a big Bone Thugs fan and I think they may be one of the most overrated rap groups in history. TO tell you the truth they are sort of sellouts starting with E 1999 Eternal and Tha Crossroads. That shit was lame but whatever. This is a very solid EP and BTNH is a talented group and legends in their own right. Real ass dudes that anyone can identify with whether you from the ghetto or the burbs.



Monday, November 17, 2008


So I caught this movie on HBO with my uncle. He told me it was a good movie so I sat and most of it (I Started Watching like 15 minutes in) So I thought it was good and went and bought it. Then I watched the enitre thing. I was impressed with this movie, far better than I thought it would ever be. It's one of those movies that is very good but it's not one of your favorite movies and such.

A very well written movie with some funny parts. Basically you follow a young aspiring rock journalist during the early 70's. The movie is about music setting us free, the glory days of Rock and Roll and being yourself. The tension between bands and journalists were high since journalists tended to ruin careers. This movie really embodies rock 'n' roll and the 70's together. The soundtrack complimented the movie greatly. An example is when the main character is on the tour bus with the band he is writing on, "Stillwater" and after fighting the song Tiny Dancer by Elton John comes on. Yea Elton John is gay but that song really complimented the scene (

The plot is really just about the band Stillwater rising to the top and about the main character writing about them. Of course Stillwater has a lot of drama going on as most bands and basically just everything goes wrong. The main character struggles to write the truth but remain friends with the band. He also struggles with his love for a Band-Aid (Basically A Groupie) which is played by Kate Hudson. So all tese struggles with everything and in the end everything basically works out.

Almost Famous is a very good story that will speak to you in some way and it actually for me gave me a new found reason to listen to Rock 'N' Roll again. The point here is that this is a good movie and should be seen by everyone at least once.




First off let me start by saying when I first saw the trailer for this game and heard all the hype I was extremely excited to see how this matched up against one of the biggest fan favorites in years, Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. I myself was not one of those people upset that the game went back to World War II. For World War II was a great victory for the world and an entertaining war to play none the less. SO that did not bother me but what really bothered me was who was making the game. THe same company who tarnished Call Of Duty 3. People who can't make games for shit. So that was my biggest fear, that I would be paying 60 dollars to play a game that is ass. Yes, this left me bewildered to decide whether or not to buy it. Eventually I trusted that Treyarch would do its job and make a good game that is at least decent enough to entertain fans. I don't think anyone expected another COD4. Anyways so here is my review:

The graphics in this game are great, just as good as COD4's. Everything looks very realistic and I liked the detail they had for just about everything. The first level looked wonderful between the water shimmering in the night and the grass/trees/plants that looked so realistic you thought you were in a jungle. The game is beautifully made and looks great. The trailer didn't lie when it showed this graphic superiority. Sound really doesn't have anything to do with vision or graphics but I will include it simply because it is a sub category of detail and such. The gunshots sounded realistic enough but the grenades failed quite a bit. When the grenades explode it sounds like a rock falling on grass with a light thump. As far as sounds go COD4 takes that but graphics are about even.

The controls themselves are the same as COD4 and that is pleasing. Everything seems to be realistic and nearly the same as COD4, which is a good thing. They didn't try to do that much in order to separate their game from Infity Wards. All the gameplay is solid with very few problems. Something I would like to add is that the Veteran difficulty is damn near impossible to beat but you'll keep attempting to get that trophy. All in all the levels are fun and there is a variety of them. Nothing better than stabbing a kamikaze Jap running at you with his bayonet. The game is highly entertaining. Solid gameplay even though I often hear complaints that people get caught on random things but I think it's because they suck ass. Nothing really stands out to me as a big problem. The game is also reasonably challenging even at the lowest difficulty.

THe story for this game is actually pretty entertaining even though I'll admit you don't get as attached to your Russian/American characters as you did to Soap Mctavish in COD4. Even though I could care less about him either. You don't normally get attached to characters in COD games because a lot of the time you play as numerous soldiers from different countries. PLaying as the Russians was fun and actually you played from a different perspective. Instead of you being outnumbered and the narrator telling you that your hard-pressed and there is little chance of success, for the most part of the game you outnumber the Germans and are about to take over Berlin. So really throughout the Russan Campaign your winning in a matter of speaking. Now this doesn't make anything simpler but still you get what I'm saying. The Japanese storyline was authentic and really captured what it was like over there. Nothing better tham torching the Japanese with a flamethrower in their bunker. Storyline is pretty good and very cinematic.

Now this is the main reason a lot of people bought it, (at least serious gamers). The online play in my opinion is extremely solid. Although in my opinion the sniper rifles are kind of bad. They aren't very powerful and other than the Springfield they don't hit shit. I used stopping power to get them one hit kills with the Springfield. I like the levels and all the different weapons. Remember what I said about the grenades making little sound? Yea they also are pretty weak as well. I didn't see much of a point in putting vehicles if the only one is gonna be a tank which takes forever to destroy. The perks are fine and so is the attachments. I am very happy with the online play. Now it pains me to say this but I wouldn't be telling you everything if I didn't. It isn't really Treyarchs fault but on the Friday night after release there was a big glitch that made people lose ranks. On most consoles they lost no more than 3 (Like Me) but for PC users they went back to Rank 1. I doubt Treyarch can fix this but I wont play until it is fixed mainly because I don't like to do shit over and am Obsessive Compulsive about that. No matter it didn't happen to everyone and it probably wont happen again but it's still bullshit. Moving on to Co-op now. It's okay even though you on average get only 200 people playing at a time which is annoying when it's impossible to play in more than 3 rooms. Now something highly surprising and made fun of by many was the Nazi Zombies mode. Now I thought at first it was just a fun little many game but then when I started playing it online in 4 player co-op I discovered it's fun as hell. The online play is great other than that small glitch.

In the end this game is just as good as COD4 if not better and the people who hate on it are idiots. I was pleasantly surprised by how good the game is and that glitch is a shame not just for me but for the thousands of others it happened to. It's sad that I was having such a good time with this game and then that had to happen. Never the less this game is very solid.

GRADE: 9.5/10


Monday, November 10, 2008

Eazy-Duz-It by Eazy-E

1. (Prelude) Still Talkin'
-Sort of a wierd flow but I myself find Eazy-E to both have an unorthodox flow and voice which sets him apart from other rappers. I like rappers who I can just identify as soon as they speak. This track really isn't that special though it's comedic with a few good lines. A good intro none the less that sets the tone for this albums light hearted gangster feel.

2. Nobody Move
- Could song right here not really because it's mad lyrical more because it's just a fun track to listen to with funny ass shit like this;
I said: "Lay down, and unbutton your bra!"
There was the biggest titties that a nigga ever saw
I said: "Damn", then the air got thinner
Only thought in my mind, was goin' up in her
The suspense was makin' me sick
She took her panties down and the bitch had a dick!"

Theres more than that though. See in my opinion the thing I like about all of N.W.A.'s former members is that none of them were great lyricists and at times I found their rhymes to be cheesy but thats the thing they had a whole nother style that was a serious gangster attitude yet in some way comedic. But that's just me you may not feel the same way. Anyways nice track.

3. Ruthless Villain
-Very nice old school sound to this track. Just a fun boppin beat and good lyricism to match it as far as the flow with the beat. Good track but not great I mean it's worth a listen but nothing special at all.

4. 2 Hard Mutha's
-I love Eazy's song intros and this song just reminds me of when rap was in simpler times in a way. Good drum playing Eazy ;) The beat is fire got a real nice sound to it that sort of makes you listen to the track. The lyricism ain't bad either and I like MC Ren being on all of these tracks. Ren is a talented MC that never truly got the respect he deserved. Nice track.

5. Boyz-n-the-hood (Remix)
- Just a nice smooth flow throughout this song. The beat is spectacular (no homo) but for real the song is really good and how could it not be with a beat like that. It's just something to cruise around in and chill.

6. Eazy-Duz-It
-lol at the beginning. True gangsta ass shit here. Not overly done but just well written track. Simple line here yet great, "Yo I'm Eazy-E I got bitches galore, you may have bitches but I have much much more" Ill, is really all that can be said about this track. The great flow and dope lyrics just make you weep that Eazy was still alive.......maybe I'm over exaggerating but you get my point. R.I.P. Eazy

7. We Want Eazy
-Sort of cheesy but a lot of gangsta rap was in some way cheesy especially when you have Eazy's style. To be honest I lost interest in this track while listening to it. I wasn't impressed with this song but it's not really bad just bored me a lot and couldn't get into it.

8. Eazy-er Said Than Done
- Shit one of the first tracks I ever heard from Eazy and I just loved the swag, style and seemingly effortless skill he displayed in his lyrics. His rhymes spoke for him in a flamboyant way. This track is just dope with no real weak lines and just a fun song to vibe to especially with homies. Just telling people he can't be fucked with and shit. Without a doubt one of his best songs maybe only second to his masterpiece Real Muthaphukkin G's. Love this track.

9. Radio
- Not really impressed with this song it just wasn't that good. Wasn't very interesting and didn't keep my attention. Just a very blah, sub-par song.

10. No More Questions
- Fun beat and song to listen to. It's average though nothing really special. Eazy shows some good lyricism here but it still lacks something that most of he other tracks had. Just didn't have the light-hearted gangster style to it. Kind of lame but the beat saved it. A few good lines helped as well.

11. I'mma Break It Down
- Average song really not very good I got bored with it real quick and it sounded like many of the previous songs. Very blah blah blah.

12. Eazy-Chapter 8 Verse 10
- Really not much of a track am I correct?



SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation

The graphics for this game aren't spectacular but they are not bad just right where a next gen game should be but nothing about the graphics stand out to me. Maybe a few graphical glitches here and there but the guns and player models are great, especially the guns which look supremely real. Good graphics!

As far as core gameplay with buttons, aiming, control ability the game is solid but when you go into a more technical aspect like the online servers is where the large flaw in Socom is found. Before I get into that I'll say the game is surprisingly easy to pick up and play and get the hang of [At Least For Me] It's a very strategic game which is also fun and Socom takes advantage of many things. The realism is very welcome and you really feel your in a firefight. Other than a few slight problems with things that are probably my lack of skill instead of an actual game problem the core hands on gameplay is fine. Now back to the tech aspect of the game. Now I am a big fan of the In-depth clan options. Meaning You can start a clan online and invite members and promote them and so on. Just like Resistance with a few added things. I like that a lot and look for games to follow in suit. But as seems to be the trend with PS3 servers, Socoms servers fuck up a lot. It's a problem that needs to be fixed if the PS3 wants to compete with the 360 for online supremacy. Also this isn't exactly a tech problem but it's so hard to play anything besides Suppression (Team Deathmatch) or elimination. It gets annoying because there is many game modes I haven't even gotten to play because no one is willing.

This category is on its own because there seems to be a lot of talking about the sounds in this game. I'll just say this real quick the sounds in this game are cool and realistic but nothing to rave about. Yes each weapon rightfully has its realistic sound and the sounds differ depending the area in which your shooting (i.e. Inside a Building Sounds More Suppressed Whereas Outside It Can Be Hurd Much Louder.) THe sounds are very good and unlike many other games it requires you to listen for enemy gunfire to find out where enemies are. Which is surprising how easy it is to find out where gun shots are from on a game.

GRADE: 7.5/10


Saturday, November 8, 2008

D.Z. - Fuck This Mixtape Shit

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1) Dope Boy Fresh
Solid intro. Flow goes well with the beat, had me nodding my head. Doesn't overstay it's welcome either, though, perfect length. Some lines were a bit unoriginal ("Stay on my green like an ATM machine"), but overall a nice intro to the mixtape.

2) B Ur Hustler
Yeaahhh JAMN 945 reference haha. Decent track, nothing exceptional but in no means is it BAD. Screwed up part over the chorus was sorta wack IMO. Verses were solid, but the song was a bit forgettable. Flow solid as usual though

3) What They Playin?
I feel like the flow/voice doesn't really suit the instrumental. Seems a lil gruff. And, to be honest, I had trouble understanding some of the lyrics, though what I heard was good. It was short, which was good IMO, cause I wasn't feeling the instrumental that much.

4) Thanks For Nothing
Singing was off on the chorus, sorta took away from the vibe. Verses were great though, went real well with the beat. Very solid track, except for the chorus. Liked the introspectiveness too, nice job getting personal and examining himself.

5) Not Around
Beat's sorta weird, didn't really like it, got annoying. Verses were fine though, lyricism was good. A decent track, but sort of forgettable, to be honest.

6) Born In This City
Real dope. Nice sample, great beat, and DZ didn't disappoint. A little short, which was disappointing, but a real dope track. One of the highlight of the albums.

7) It's Okay in a Way
Favorite song on the album. Talking about a bitchass friend who stabbed him in the back (), good beat and DZ flows on it perfectly. Solid, catchy chorus, and the sing-songy feel fits well when he uses it. Excellent song!

8) The Addiction
Nice song, didn't like the sample, but the verse was nice. Good concept too, a nice track overall. Not much else to say, haha. Just a good song

9) Shut Your Mouth (feat. TheSauce & Cadaver)
Nice track, for some reason I was expecting it to be wack haha. Other MC's hold their own. Beat's nothing special, but it doesn't matter cause the lyrics are good. Didn't like the chorus that much, but still, a good track overall. I will say, though, that if the chorus was any longer I'd have just gone to the next song haha

10) Music (Its) feat. Slick and KrazE
Another good track. All 3 MC's came correct, though the concept's been played to death (by everyone in the world ). A solid song overall. Not much else to say haha.

11) Lollipop Remix
Pure genius. Great use of the autotune. Not much else to say, just hear it. lmao

12)Midnight Train
Yeaaaaa. Nice use of the Journey song. Not sure about what was said on that autotune during the chorus...but 'sall good, sounded nice. Solid verses as well. Not amazing, but not bad at all...

13) Over My...
Wasn't really feeling it. Instrumental was solid, nice chorus, but I didn't find the flow or voice that good on it. The sample on the chorus was the highlight of the song to me. IDK, the vibe was off to me. I'd like that instrumental though haha

14) Love Ain't
DZ's voice was a bit too deep at the beginning for my liking. But it's a dope instrumental (<3 class="inlineimg" title="lol" alt="" src="" border="0"> ("what's it matter to y'all"). Nice track though, really felt the verses. LOL @ "find me in your girl's mouth more than Listerine")

16) Heaven Knows - Outro
Great outro! Wow, very dope. Nice instrumental, nice verse, straight up goodness.

Grade: B


Statik Selektah - Stick 2 The Script

1) Stick 2 The Script (Intro)

Haha, Statik stars spitting. Doesn’t suck, either (wonder who ghost wrote it?). Anyway, just a short lil intro

2) To The Top (Stick 2 The Script) (Feat. Cassidy, Saigon, Termanology)
Nice track. Term had gotten annoying to me, but he was nice on this. All had nice verses. Liked Saigon breaking down his raps in comparison with legends. Overall, just a nice vibe and good lyrics.

3) For The City (Feat. MOP & Jadakiss)
Nice gutter shit, but I thought that a) the chorus didn’t really fit with the vibe, and b) the lyrics (especially MOP, not really Jada) were unoriginal. It’s decent, but probably on the weaker side of the album.

4) Get Out The Way (feat. Bun B & Cory Mo)
Yeaaahh, UGK track. Thought’d be more about Pimp’s passing, but it still works. Nice vibe, but I felt the beat was worse than some others, a bit annoying. A decent track overall.

5) All 2gether Now (Feat. Freeway, Peedi Crakk, Young Chris)
Didn’t Peedi diss Hov a ton? Sup with Freeway being on a track with him? Haha. Didn’t really like the sample, but once again, it’s not bad. One of my least favorites on the album though.

6) Interlude (feat. Q-Tip)
No rapping or anything, not really anything important.

7) Church (feat. Termanology)
I like the track. Term’s redeeming himself in my eyes. Nice track, nice beat.

8) Talkin’ Bout You (Ladies) (Feat. Skyzoo, Joell Ortiz, Talib Kweli)
Nice track. Good choice of samples IMO. And hell, you can’t really go wrong with this line-up. Gets the album back on track IMO. Very good track. Each verse is, IMO, dope.

9) On The Marquee (feat. Little Brother, Joe Scudda, Chandon)
Soulful vibe, real calm/placid/laidback. Great track. Everyone holds their own, and I really like the chorus. Just a really chill track.

10) Mr. Popularity (Feat. Consqequence)
First single. Overrated, IMO, but good nonetheless. Nice beat, gutter shit. I’m definitely a Cons fan, but I feel like he’s more suited on calmer/more soulful tracks. Not saying it’s bad at all though, I definitely fuck with it, but would’ve liked to see another rapper on it as well.

11) Interlude (feat. Madd Rapper)
Annoying talking. Skip.

12) This Is It (Showoff Remix) (Feat. D-Dot, Redman, Black Rob)
Dope beat, and nice line-up. All rappers hold their own on some smooth production. Fucking nice!

13) So Good (Live From The Bar) (Feat. Naledge, Reks, CL Smooth)
Psshh, took long enough for a Reks track! Needless to say, he spits nice, but so does everyone else. CL Smooth on a track with Reks! How dope is that? Nice instrumentation on this one. Very dope!

14) Streets of MA (Feat. Masspike Miles, Termanology, Supastah Snuk,
Reks, Slaine, Easy Money, Frankie Wainwright, and Smoke)

*Faints*. FINALLY a dope MA anthem! Like pretty much everyone it. Not surprisingly, one of my favorites was Reks, though I thought Easy Money and Frankie Wainwright were dope too. Nice, simple chorus, good vibe, just a dope posse cut for the MA, yeaaahhh

15) Sounds of the Street (Interlude) (Featuring JFK)
Didn’t know who JFK was…but I like what I hear. Quick verse, introducing a new rapper. Short and sweet. Point made: new rapper, best prepare yourself

16) Destined To Shine (feat. Torae, Sha Stimuli, Jon Hope)
Yeaahhh, Jon Hope! Dope rapper. Nice vibe again, talking about how they made it…nice track, good verses all around, good beat.

17) Cali Nights (feat. Glasses Malone, Mistah FAB, Novel)
Yeah, I wanna move to Cali (though I rep MA to the fullest, wtf?). Good track, nice vibe, good verses. I fuck with it. Had me nodding my head and all.

18) Take It All Back (feat. Reks, Ea$y Money, Royce Da 5’9”, Paula Campbell)
Dope fucking song. Reks goes in and talks to his mom, Ea$y spits some nice reminisceful bars, and Royce pretty much kills it: “Life ain't sweet, the Lord ain't said it was fair/Advice ain't cheap, I'm sure that I'm payin' for prayer/For granted I take it, some time my honor diseased/I'm only on my knees when I'm in need.” Paula Cambell’s chorus is nice too, and I like the vibe of the instrumental. Dope ending.

Grade: B


P.S. We back niggaaaaazzzzzzzz