Monday, October 27, 2008

Saints Row 2

First off the combat plays basically like the first Saints Row game. Some people complained that the camera was too close to the player but I really didn't find that a big deal. With a game like this I don't really know where to start cause there is so much to talk about. Basically I found the controls fine and no big problems with aiming or fighting I actually found all of that easier than in GTA IV. I will be comparing both GTA and Saints Row 2 a lot throughout this review for obvious reasons. Something fun is that you can customize your gangs looks, graffiti tag and cars to drive. I do however have certain problems with this game. I hate when games fix things that aren't broken. Here I am playing and I play Snatch (Taking Ho's From Pimps) and the story for it just doesn't do it for me. For some reason to me a lot of the side missions seemed condensed and not as well written as they were in Saints ROw. I feel Saints Row was a funnier game and more out there. AI is actually not bad in this game either. The side missions needed work along with other things but that brought down my gameplay fun value. Saints Row just seemed to be a more hardcore/gangsta game than the new one. YEs this game is gangsta and has plenty of cussing and killing and it's satisfactory but it just doesn't seem as fucked up and thugged out as the first. Never the less there is tons to do in this game and it keeps you satisfied. Also the character customization is fun as hell but another small thing is I feel that there isn't as much clothes and such to buy. I could sit here and pick things out all day but I won't. I'll just say that this game has its flaws of course.

So when I first saw the trailer for this game I thought the graphics were unbelievable. Now after playing the graphics are only average for a next-gen game. I'm not someone who really cares to much about graphics as long as the game is good. But the graphics aren't nohing special but not horrible.

I loved this storyline just like I loved the first one. Out there? Maybe so but still well written. Getting to know each and every character and what they bring to the table is fun. Every gang is interesting to play against and brings something different from the first installment. Storyline is funny and it's just cool to see your gang go from something to nothing. Basically you start off in an abandoned church [Not The One From The Original For That Side Of Town Has Been Remodeled Thanks TO The Ultor Corp.] and you watch your gang rise up and see that hideout become a pimp ass place complete with thugs and strippers. You also can buy numerous different places and customize them. The customization in this game is great. I wont spoil anything or talk about characters and such. All I'll say is the storyline is engaging and fun just like the first with very worthy opponents. Game Is Over the top at times but Stilwater is an over the top town. (BTW THE SOUNDTRACK HAS SOME DOPE SONGS, ESPECIALLY THE 80's CHANNEL)

I hardly played the mutliplayer but I'm not impressed. None of these gangster games have good online play in my opinion. Takes far to long to get into a game.

Replay Value:
The game has plenty to do and easily 30+ hours of gameplay at least. But is it worth playing again? Shit isn't it always worth killing people over and over? I wont say this a must replay game but I can easily see someone getting bored and restarting with a newly made character. Like most games like this though you'll proably beat it and come back here and there to fuck up innocent people.

I wont lie I like this game and feel sad that I beat it. Just like in GTA IV I grew attached to the characters ad now kind of miss them in a non nerdy way. lol But you catch what I'm saying and those are the best stories and games when you feel a connection with fellow characters. I'm having a hard time deciding if this installment is better than the first both were decent/good but both have there strong points and weak ones. So I'll say they're about even and this was a solid sequel. Now as much as I liked this I must say that this is in no way a GTA IV. Why? I can't really put my finger on it. But you play the two and you just know GTA IV is a superior game in every aspect. It's a shame but GTA is more polished and I'm not one of those haters that thinks Saints ROw isn't as good because it copied off GTA. Well it was only a matter of time anyways. Keep up the good working and I can't wait for the 3rd one!!!

GRADE: 8.5/10


Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Cat With Hands (2001)

A dark, short film (two and a half minutes) where a man is telling a younger one a story about a cat who desperately wanted to be human.

Firstly this is by far the creepiest thing I have ever seen. The dark, foreboding setting gives the short a very creepy atmosphere. The cat itself gave me nightmares for a week, it's intense. The facial movements, the hands, everything about it is just perfectly creepy.

The short easily could have been longer but it is perfect for what it is. The limited acting shown was great, the story was spot on, and the special effects were great. The title makes you think it's going to be a mediocre, uncreative experience but what we get is a short like no other.

There's really not much else that can be said. It's short, it's great, it's creepy, and it's available for viewing on youtube. Watch this!



Wednesday, October 1, 2008

REC (2007)

A news reported is doing a documentary on a day in the lives of firemen. The department receives a 911 call from an apartment building about an old lady in some sort of distress, once they arrive is when hell breaks lose. The women attacks a police officer and when they return to the hall they discover that the military has sealed off the building, with no explanation, trapping them inside.

REC is a pretty typical zombie movie made a little more unique with the POV style filming as seen in Cloverfield, Blair Witch, etc. Standard jump out tactics are used as well as fairly dumb characters. One interesting thing to note though is that none of the actors were aware of what was going to happen so the reactions we see are the real ones. Near the top when something falls (not going to go into detail) no one knew that one coming so we see there true fright. This was an interesting idea and paid off well as we get to see something we don't normally get in horror movies, genuine fear.

However this definetly isn't enough to save the movie from itself. It starts off extremely boring and trudges along at a snails pace. It does this to build the massacre and the creepy feeling till the end but it doesn't do it well. None of it is foreboding or even remotely creepy, it's just boring. I don't care that the firemen are eating, watching movies, etc. waiting for a call. The real movie doesn't actually start till about half way through the movie (which is 70 minutes in total). By then it's like who cares? I know I didn't.

Now people are calling this the scariest movie of all time. Why? No idea. There's a few scenes where something jumps out but that's it. The POV angle does nothing to increase the tension level. Most of the shots of the zombies are them being passive, or breaking out of a room but none of them are remotely scary.

There's a couple inconsistencies that remind you that this is only a movie. A special forces biosafety member enters wearing the full biosuit, makes sense. However after he checks on the two "dead" and handcuffs them to the bed he returns to the main hall and removes his helmet. He says the virus is spread through saliva, so this makes sense right? Why have it one? Exactly. He clearly knew how it was spread before entering the building so the suit in the first place is useless, it's only there to scare the people trapped in the building basically.

The plot is thin and cheesy as well. Exorcism, a virus that turns people into zombies passed through saliva (bites), etc. I'm fairly certain there wasn't one innovative idea in the entire film, it just took bits and pieces from other ones and pieced them together.

Overall it's a pretty poor movie. It moves way to slow, the acting is average, the plot is lame, and it's just not a very good movie. An American remake is coming out soon titled Quarantine and following the trend of shitty remakes I'm sure it's going to be even worse.