Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Cool by Lupe Fiasco

1. Baba Says Cool For Thought
-What the fuck is this? Some retarded crack at being smart? Lupe comes on a little to strong with this crap and just sounds like a complainer instead of a politician/rapper. Lame shit

2. Free Chilly
-.........................Yea................What was all that about? Honestly who has an interlude after an intro? Good singing?

3. Go-Go-Gadget Flow
- Lupe wrote well to the beat but he kind of got annoying somewhere within the song. Decent track nothing great though but it's pretty damn long lol. Worth a listen I'd say.

4. The Coolest
-WHy does he have to keep repeating himself and then he wierdly sounds like a chinese person when he goes to ranting. He really sounds mentally retarded on this song. Real hip hop my ass. First he repeats, The Coolest Nigga What? like 20 times and then just says a bunch of dumb ass shit. The lyricism was ho hum and he obviously is chinese/jamaican.

5. Superstar
- Dope song. The dude who sings in it has a good voice and set it off. Really made the mood perfect. The lyricism was good besides the wierd vocab which I can't complain about. Great track good choice for a single. I could bump this on repeat for hours.

6.Paris, Tokyo
- Good lyricism but sort of a wierd song lol I guess it's a decent track but I wasn't feeling it it just seemed kind of cheesy in my opinion.

7. Hi-Definition
-Wasn't feeling Snoop or the singing on this song. Lupes verses were pretty good at least but it was just a blah track. The beat and singing overpowered and over shadowed Lupes verses and voice.

8. Gold Watch
-The instrumental once again overpowered Lupes voice and lyrics. I just wasn't feeling the beat the entire sound was overdone and got mad distracting.

9. Hip-Hop Saved My Life
- Real good storytelling and lyricism here. I was feeling what Lupe was writing on and it was something normal telling a story about an aspiring rapper. The beat was real smooth and nice, and I liked the chorus/sample. Good track.

10. Intruder Alert
- Good storytelling and rather good lyrics. Good meaningful track but i didn't like the chorus sorry. All together it was an average track.

11. Streets On Fire
- Took awhile to get to the verses and I guess I could've waited longer cuz what I got I didn't really like. Not very good verses = Not a very good song. The chorus sucked to. Just a boring song that couldn't keep my interest for a second.

12. Little Weapon
- First off Lupe knows nothing about guns. Second off I know this is a political song. It's a good song too. I was feeling what he was speaking on in this track for real. I won't say it's dope but it's a real good track.

13. Gotta Eat
-Is it a song about Rally's? No unfortunately. This is a blah song I just couldn't feel it really. Pretty shitty actually and then becomes cheesier than anythings. Fuck this song skip it.

14. Dumb It Down
-A real raw track that I didn't expect. It had a nice beat and sounded south-like lol. Just a blah track though I wasn't feeling it really.

15. Hello/Goodbye
-Fuckin dumb ass start to it. Just a bunch of noise. A few words and then more noise. Got real old real quick. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! It's enuf to wanna kill urself.

16. The Die
- Just a bunch of music as a beat. I guess it was decent and the lyricism was average. Just a below average track.

17. Put You On Game
-Ill beat and flow on this here track. Kind of a dark side of Lupe that I was feeling. Ill song all together hard to say anything bad really.

18. Fighters
- Saddening almost. Santos's singing was good and almost depressing. Just below average lyricism on the track from Lupe can't say I was feeling this song other than Santos being on it. No Homo!

19. Go Baby
-Has a nice old school sound on it but really nothing special. Pretty lame and cheesy. Wans;tfeelingit and Lupe had no lyrical presence.



Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Dark Knight (2008)

The Dark Knight was a real surprise. Most people had high expectations, and most likely it passed all of them, right from the first scene. Honestly everyone went to see it to see the Joker, and he was in the very first scene. Now the fact that Heath Ledger died has nothing to do with the popularity of the movie, it deserves every bit of praise it gets.

The acting was spot on, with no real weak points. The mob bosses were a little lacking (the fact that none of them really cared that the dude took all there money already) but that's minor. Dark Knight was probably Heath's best acting, and I'm not even really a fan of him. You didn't see any of the actors ever, you only saw who they were portraying. For the first time in a Batman movie, Joker was genuinely portrayed as insane and he is one of the few villains that are actually insane. Bale was great like always, so was Morgan and everyone else.

The plot was epic. It was dark, and incredibly well thought out. There was just so much going on at all times that you didn't have a chance to get bored and probably missed something. There were so many intricate subplots going on yet they all meshed together great. I was a little disappointed with the Harvey plot after he became Twoface as I feel he got fairly weak, but still good. The Joker was the center of all attention in every scene he was in, like the Riddler was in the older batman. The mass phone-sonar part in the end was incredibly ridiculous and in my opinion damage the realism in the rest of the movie, as it is fully impossible to ever actually do.

Surprisingly the movie was also quite funny considering how dark it was. There were many clever jokes and comments from the Joker. Many audience members were chuckling here and there, especially at the magic pencil part. Almost every scene with the Joker had something like this in it which made them highly entertaining.

One of the other things I didn't really like was the ending. Depending how the next movie continues it might be have been good, but as it is it was lacking.

Overall it is easily the best Batman movie. I knew it was going to be good but I didn't know it would be this good, and I didn't even like Batman Begins. There were many references to the older Batman's if you knew what to look for (Jack Nicholson's ending and when Joker gets caught at the end here for example). A couple hours after I saw it I wanted to see it again, and that doesn't happen much. If you only see one movie this year then make sure it's The Dark Knight.



Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Breakout by Miley Cyrus

1. Breakout
- Definitely a better song than any she released previously. Decent song nothing special really but her lyrics are more mature. You can still sense a lack of maturity but it's whatever. Fair track kids will love.

2. 7 Things
-lol not to be gay but I'm mad feeling this song to be honest. Trust me I hate this bitch with a passion but this song is actually good. It's catchy and it's actually good and well written. Yea probably not written by her but still a great track and her best I've heard so far.

3. Driveway
- Meh just a fair track nothing special or good really lol. It'll be beloved by her fans but I don't like it at all really. It has decent parts but most are stupid and poor lyrics with no substance.

4. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
-Yes it's a cover song for the original. This song has gotten mad hate but it's no worse than the original song. That's not saying much either but whatever. Yea she can't sing but the original song was just as dumb. Hell I like this version better cuz at least I expected it from a 14 year old.

5. Full Circle
-Not a bad track. Good lyrics and it shows more maturity from her. Yea she still can't sing but whatever I dont expect her to sing good. Fair track.

6. Fly On The Wall
-lol what a dumb ass song and the background singer was mad creepy lol. She sings bad, blah blah blah story of her life. She's saying how people all wish they could hear her conversations and be Flies on the wall. Well actually I don't care what u say woman. Stupid track but little kis who dont know how dumb it is will like it.

7. Bottom Of The Ocean
-OOOOOOOOOOOOOO yea real smooth beat here. It really makes u feel like ur on the bottom of the ocean. Just a real smooth soundand the lyrics were decently written. Still not good enuf to get a great review from me so it gets a average grade.

8. Wake Up America
-Oh she going political? *SHAKES HEAD* Bitch I wanna smack u now dont tell me bout no Global Warming and shit. Nobody gonna listen to u but ur dumbass fans. Fuck ur 10 year old ass slut. This song is lame and fuck what she sings about. I would've rather heard her diss someone.

9. These Four Walls
-Actually decent singing. :) :0 A well written song all in all this song has plenty of room for improvement but whatever it's good enuf for her if you catch my drift lol

10. Simple Song
-Someone shut this bitch up she can't sing. Who lets these hoes think they can sing? Oh wait its her gay ass father isn't it? Oh yea Disney Channel is from the devil. This should be renamed stupid song it's lame as hell like a filler or some stupid shit.

11. Goodbye
-Average track she's talking about her Ex-boyfriend again. Not bad songwriting it really showcased her emotion on the song. So I can't hate on that but still just a fair track.

12. See You Again [Rock Mafia Mix]
-lol at Rock Mafia thats just funny as hell. Pretty good song tho it has a real good sound to it I was feeling it after a few spins. Mellow mayne



My December by Kelly Clarkson

1. Never Again
-Great track probably her best since her early days. Hard to know whether she is supposively dead or just a heartbroken woman in this song but whatever. Well written song with good vocals.

2. One Minute
-Wasn't feeling this. Wasn't traditional Kelly which makes sense cuz this album isn't supposed to be traditional Kelly but still. This was very poppy and lame I just couldn't get into it.

3. Hole
-Wasn't really feeling this neither it was better than "One Minute" but just a blah track with bad production. Talking about the Hole in her life I think. It was just blah nothing really goo dabout it.

4. Sober
-Good track I was feeling the emotions on this just real raw and a beautiful song to say the least. Talking about how she's sober and shit. I think maybe in a hypothetical way but IDK. Good song maybe the best on here. I could listen to it repeatedly.

5. Don't Waste Your Time
- Decent track nothing great but it's fair at least. Good singing though of course. She's such a fabulous singer.

6. Judas
- Kind of a weak track I didn't like the beginning but it's still raw emotionally which always counts for something. A lot of women would like this track lol but it's just not my cup of tea.

7. Haunted
-This song rocks heavy actually. It's real emotional and the instrumentals are fire. I was feeling it mostly. The bass was nice and she sang along perfectly to it.

8. Be Still
- A real slow mellow track that was maybe to slow but whatever. She sings real good onit as she does on every single track. She's a ridiculously good singer. If she wrote all these songs then my hat if off but this track is fair at best.

9. Maybe
- I like the guitar at the beginning and the lyrics on this is cool. I like when women cuss or say hell lol which she does. Decent track though it's slow but that fits it. It's just missing something that most of these tracks are missing.

10. How I Feel
- Decent track it was actually rather nice to be honest. I was feeling it and the lyrics were good. It was catchy, well written and emotional. Just beautiful singing as well to top it off.

-Didn't like the chorus it got annoying but at first it was a cool rock song.

12. Can I Have A Kiss
-A real raw song I was feeling that but then it got kind of boring and I wasn;t feeling it so much. The lyrics got bland and just blah not much substance. Decent song tho but I'd say skip.

13. Irvine
- Her voice hear is classy and almost saddening. Good track that sounds real old school Nancy Sinatraish as far as tone. Pretty good and sad

14. Chivas
-Hidden track on the album that starts at 5:18 on Irvine. It's an alright track it has another old school sound. I can feel it fro the most part but I dont wanna listen to it more than once really,



Open Range

Plot (B)

-A rather good plot about a group of Free Grazers who roll up in the wrong town that's not to fond of them. Tempers flare and people get killed so the remaining free grazers get angry and start threatening the men in the town responsible for killing one of their own and injuring the other very badly. SO it traumatic kick ass fashion Kevin Costner who has a very bloody and disturbing past alongside Robert Duvall who is like the head hancho of the group go into this town to start trouble. They basically go to war with the Marshall and some powerful dude all the while Costner falls in love with Annette Benning. Decent plot.

Acting (B+)

-The acting was very good. This was easily Costner's best performance in my opinion and everyone acted very well. I was pleasantly surprised by the great acting in this film. You could feel the emotion the cowboys felt when they were faced with decisions and you could feel the comradery.

Scenery (B-)

-The scenery in this movie was beautiful. The green pastures and plains really set the tone for this cowboy movie. Absolutely beautiful once again. I wonder where it was shot at. I'll look it up later lol. All this made for an authentic Old Western experience.

Action (B)

-There isn't much "action" as far as gunfights until the end but boy oh boy is that gunfight good. 2 men with a little help take on like 20 men. People getting shot left and right in a vicious gun battle. It was great. But still there is small bits of action in a different sense of the word all throughout the film to keep u hooked. From a small beating in the middle of the night to drugging the marshall. Small things keep u paying attention until the end. Just a good film.



Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ready To Die by Notorious B.I.G.

1. Intro
-A lot of screaming and shit but it's aight. Just an intro

2. Things Done Changed
- Dope track. The chorus is fiyah! Just talking about how shit changed in this world and how gangsters ain't the same. How life has changed over the years and the struggles that come now. Dope track all in all.

3. Gimme The Loot
-Great track that has me rapping it forwards and backwards everytime I listen to it. "Nigga You Ain't Got To Exlain Shit/I been robbing motha fuckas since the slave ship, with the same clip and the same 4-5/ 2 point blank motha fucka sure to die/
Not sure if I got that last part correct but fuck it. Dope lyrical track, wordplay is fire. Just a great track.

4. Machine Gun Funk
- A decent track I don't like it as much as I use too but its pretty nice. A fair lyrical track all in all and the chorus is catchy. It's definitely a fan favorite u can tell.

5. Warning
-"Who the fuck is this paging me at 5:46 in the morning" I always say that IDK why. I actually ain't feeling this track really. I don't think it's as good as people say. It's just average.

6. Ready To Die
-A crazy lyrical track. Mad ill as far as lyricism goes but other than that IDK I just didn't like it that much. It was to one sided of a track. Not a bad track tho. It's still good.

7. One More Chance
-Boring track I didn't like it at all. Faith sounds good on it but just a boring track that slowed the pace down. Like a filler track.

8. Fuck Me [Interlude]
-looooooool I love this shit it's funny as hell what they be saying. I could beat off to this shit [no homo] Sexy....well Big isn't

9. The What
- Method Man's verse was nice but this track is blah with an average beat. Just a fair track.

10. Juicy
-One of the best hip hop tracks in history. Real hip hop right here. This is some real shit that sticks with you. My fav Biggie track that's just crazily ill. As soon as I heard this song I knew this album was greatness. You very rarely find tracks like this that make entire albums and define an MC. Great track

11. Everyday Struggle
-IDK what it is with Biggies obsession with death but whatever. It's a good lyrical track but other than that and the beat it aint that great of a song.

12. Me & My Bitch
- Boring track. Wasn't feeling it much at all. Nice story tho

13. Big Poppa
-Hella catchy chorus. GOod track for the most part wasn;t feeling some of it but it's a rather good track. "I like the way u call me Big Poppa"

14. Respect
- THe beat was dope but I didn't like the rasta bitch it got annoying as fuck. Decent track though.

15. Friend Of Mine
-Nice track that's reall all to say. Wasn't great but wasn't horrible just average.

16. Unbelievable
- Dope track. "Biggie Smalls Is The Illest" Rather true words right there. Hot ass track with good lyrics. Dope verses and a nice scratch beat. The chick in the background set it off to.

17. Suicidal Thoughts
-.........I don't know what to say.....The greatest song in the history of hip hop as far as the verses and there meaning. These verses are absolutely perfect in every way they hit u with raw emotion on each word. True shit has been spoken. <333333 This track. Once again obsessed with death and suicide

18. Who Shot Ya?
-Yea it's a diss track but it's really really boring and I think it's mad overrated. Overly long for really no reason it's just to stretched out. I ain't feeling this track at all.

19. Just Playing (Dreams)
- Blah it's not a very good track I ain't feeling it I think it's below average and is a bad ending to the album.



Monday, July 21, 2008

Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde by The Pharcyde

1. 4 Better Or 4 Worse [Interlude]


2. Oh Shit

-dope shit right here the lyricism is off the chain. The beat was fire as well. just a real doog track. lol at me thinking it was sounding like the fresh prince theme song at first. poetry in motion.

3. It's Jiggaboo Time [Skit]
- Decent skit kind of stupid lol but it's alright.

4. 4 Better Or 4 Worse
- Nice beat and a real nice far out sound. Almost alien sounding, just different. Dope lyricism on a dope track.

5. I'm That Type Of Nigga
- Decent track it's nothing special. Not very well produced but a catchy chorus saved this from being completely worthless. Well maybe that's to harsh it's still just average at best.

7. If I Were Preseident [Skit]
-Nice skit all in all I liked it.

8. Soul Flower [Remix]
-Not nearly as good as the original which is a masterpiece but this was alright. It was just overproduced and to loud and it seemed like they tried to hard with this one.

8. On The DL
-Dope beat on a classic song. Listen to this shit and know......real hip hop you hath witnessed. :)

9. Pack The Pipe [Interlude]
-loooool good interlude. I liked it

10. Officer
-The Drum and bass at he beginning was kick ass. The chorus is fire. This entire track is awesome. It's just fun and like a PG-13 rated version of Fuck Tha Police lol. "PLEASE DONT PULL ME OVER OFFICER"

11. Ya Mama
- Hahaha dope ass song. I mean teh beat is simple and I guess it's not great but it's funny. Mama jokes are fire. A dope comedy song. Something to smoke too.

12. Passing Me By
- This bass is fucking kicking on the stereo. Dope ass beat and song. Great track in all aspects.

13. Otha Fish
- a good lyrical track but I thot it lacked a lot. Many believe it's a classic I don't agree. Fair track tho.

14.Quintons On The Way [Skit]
- Good skit. rather nice

15. Pack The Pipe
-Mad dope track wit dope flows and ma good similes. The wordplay here is great. If u aint feeling this your dumb.

16. Return Of The B-Boy
-Blah track I'd skip it I wasn't feeling it.



Sunday, July 20, 2008

Beauty From Pain by Superchic[k]

1. Anthem
-A song for Tomboys basically telling you to never give up and be yourself. Do what you wanna do. A good song that rocks hard.

2. Pure
- A very boring track probably my least favorite on the album. I just don't like it. Sounds very new age like and it's mad boring. I don't even really know what this is fully about. I wanna say they was high when writing it.

3. Bowling Ball
-More woman empowerment saying how you don't need a man who mistreats you. Good song and it's very catchy.

4. Stories (Down To The Bottom)
-This track is also found on Diverse City by Toby Mac. The best song on the album that speaks on some real stuff. Just basically saying every one goes through bad times and we need each other to stay together in bad times. The rapping was cool as well.

5. Wishes
-The chick [Tricia] sings at the beginning in like a wierd voice. It's beautiful though ho wit was executed. Great song that rocks pretty hard. It's wonderfully written about Tricia and her ex boyfriend. A song perfect for any young teen that describes all relationships.

6. Beauty From Pain
-At first I wasn't a fan of this song. I thought it was really boring. But now it's like poetry and like a lullaby. Something so peaceful and sad to listen to. It's a work of art in every sense. Beautiful!!!!!

7. It's On
- Another anthem for the people. Just talking about standing up to the man and stuff like that. Giving it you rbest shot. All that good stuff.

8. Suddenly
-About someone who's life is going under and then she suddenly makes it through because of god.

9. Courage
-A sad song about people with eating disorders and other things like that. Pretty saddening but it's about sticking together through the dark times and that your not alone. There is help.

10. We Live
-A song about living life to the fullest and being with your loved ones and cherishing what you have because you could lose it at any moment. As told in the story. Good song



Where Do We Go From Here by Pillar

- Great track it speaks so much truth on it it's almost depressing. But it's absolutely a great song. Great way to get you hooked at the beginning.

2. Bring Me Down
-This song rocks extremely hard just saying no matter how much you hate on someone or try to bring them down you can't do it to them. Good lesson and it rocks like a motha fucka.

3. Holding On
-Another good track that sucks you in. Not as good as the first 2 tracks but a solid song none the less.

4. Let It Out
-The lead singer sounds great on this song. Just talking aboit letting out your anger and being you. A real chill track.

5. Simply
- A song about how god loves you through all no matter what. It starts off really slow but then it busts out into hard rock riffs.

6. Rewind
-Such a good heart spoken song. Talking about how he wishes he could rewind his life. Sort of a saddening song but you can tell when it was wrote it meant a lot. The slowness of it and heartfulness of it just made the song good.

7. Frontline
-What a great track I could listen to it over and over and not get tired of it. Just makes me wanna start a revolution. Just talking about getting on the frontlines for what you believe in.

8. Underneath It All
-Maybe the weakest track on here so far yet it's not to bad. It rocks hard and just says that the lead singer knows who he is and you can't change that no matter what. "I Know Who I Am UnderneatH It All!"

9. Dirty Little Secret
-A boring track that I wasn't feeling. It was to slow for my taste after hearing all the other shit.

10. Staring Back (Reflections)
-A blah track it was fast paced but lacked substance in my opinion. I'm sure there is substance it's just it wasn't a well written song. I just wasn't feeling it.

11. One Thing
-Pretty cool track it rocked hard as hell. It was real in your face. Not half bad.

12. Aftershock
-"BREAK ALL THESE CHAINS THAT KEEP ME BOUND, AND BREAK THROUGH THESE GATES THAT LOCK ME DOWNNNNN!" Real stuff right there. This song rocks real hard and is a perfect way to end the album.

LAST WORDS: This is Pillars best album and considering they haven't released any other good albums besides this. But this album is very good. The only other decent one that comes to mind is Fireproof.




"I know a few things about myself. I know that my name is Carl. My wife is
Kelly. I love her more than my own life. If she told me to kill you, I would.
I'm a captive, deep inside Hungary - no one knows I'm here. I can put a
bullet into a ten-inch target at 3,000 yards. They tell me that I'm the best
sniper in the world. Sometimes I sit in my dark hole for days without moving so
that they don't hurt me. I can kill a man with my bare hands.

If Kelly
told me to kill you, I would.

I only know a few things about myself. My
name is Carl. They call me Saint.

I think they want me to kill you."

Dekker hits you with a heart pounding, hard hitting page turner with this book. Almost like it's a movie and straight from the BourneIdentity. Carl Strople an assassin is in a special organization. That breeds the best assassins in the world. Unfortunately he doesn't know who he is, where he is or where he's from. The entire story is about him trying to figure all this out. Despite his organization being his greatest enemy trying to keep him contained there is dark secrets about Carl Strople aka Saint. Dekker has written a very smart book here that kicks off heart pounding action from the start.




Lovecraft hits you with a spine chilling 100 page story here. A very smart book that I wouldn't even suggest a read unless you have a college reading level at least. Sometimes it's hard to follow with the many terms he uses and big long words. It could easily confuse a normal casual reader. Don't be fooled by the 100 pages. The characters are extemely small. I for one was a little bored with this book cuz I'll admit it's an unorthodox story that bored me at parts but once I hit midway I became hooked to find out what really haunted the Mountains of Madness. I wont spoil anything but basically a group of early 1900 explorers go to Antarctica to explore and find out more about early civilizations. They find more than that. When they lose some of their own early on to mysterious reasons every one becomes paranoid in ways you couldn't believe. Even in fear they press on to look for the ancient civilizations. What they find looks to be "alien". As the explorers press on into the ancient city and the ancient building they find evil itself. Something terrifying was before them. Two of them escaped and while in the helicopter one of them sees something when he looks back. He sees something so terrifying he never talks about it. Lovecraft uses describing words and paints a perfect picture for the reader. The way he ends it is spine chilling with you never really knowing what was seen. Greatly written short story.

The Hunt For The Gingerbread Man by MF GRIMM

1. Intro
-Cool intro I liked it. Def worth a listen

2.The Hunt for the Gingerbread Man
- Dope storytelling here and lyricism is fire. MF Grimm was spitting heat with every word I was hooked.

3. Head In The Clouds
-This track is lyically great and what he's rapping on is dope as well. I was feeling every word that was spit. Haha this is real ass hip hop

4. Gingy
- Rather nice track it could be better but the beat is great. It had an eery sound to it. Feeling this shit once again proving while MF Grimm is one of the dudes still keeping it real as an MC

5. Half Baked
- Fair track I didn't like it at first I thought it wasn't very good but now I'm feeling this shit.

6.The Fox
-Great track it's fire. This entire album is a great concept album. Beautifully executed story on this track and the lyricism was raw as hell. Fuckin love this shit right here.

7. My House
- Dope beat and great storytelling lol At first I was like what the fuck is up with this shit? But this is a great track. "I was about to leave, I'm very glad to meet you/You Look So Sweet I could just eat you" dope shit right thurr.

8. Fame
-thats deep as hell when he says he's a mental kickboxer because he lost his legs. This track is ill as fuck. The describing he does here is perfect he paints a great picture for the listener. Just such an ill song.

9. Earth
-This beat is ill as hell. He wrote so well to it. Just a great track that makes you wanna go do something mischievous lol. For real though this song is staight raw real hip hop greatness.

10. Gangsta Pastries
-Chico spit heat on his verse. The lyrics on this was crazy as hell. Dope track

11. See No Evil
- Hot track the beat is so mysterious and the lyricism is okay. He's speaking on some real shit though for real. R.I.P. GRIMM'S STEP BROTHER

12. Outro
-Cool outro what an end.

13. Head In The Clouds [Remix]
-Better than the original. Just fuckin greatness and the sampling is beautiful. Great ass track if u aint feeling it then u retarded.

LAST WORDS: One of the best Underground Albums released of the year. This is a buy in my opinion. Fuck What ALl Others say this is real ass hip hop from a very talented mc. Good luck finding it but you should cop it. But if u to lazy and don't feel like it then at least listen to it. If you have a brain you'll appreciate what I'm saying.



Appetite For Destruction by Guns N' Roses

1. Welcome To The Jungle
-Well, well, well what to say. This is one of the most popular songs ever and probably GNR's most well known. This song rocks hard and the jungle is just another word for L.A. This song is an absolute anthem that rocks real fuckin hard. Slash's guitar solos alone make this song hardcore. I myself still find this song is overrated but it's still legendary.

2. It's So Easy
-Cusses a lot for a rock song lol. A lot of people think this is one of there best but I don't like this song at all. I think it's dumb and I know there is controversy behind it but fuck it. This song is boring and doesn't rock hard.

3. Nightrain
-Good song it rocks and Axel sounds real smooth on this track.

4. Out Ta Get Me
-Decent song it rocks real hard and it has that bad boyish/edgy sound that all the good bands had back in the day. This song is just saying people are judging them and preaching to them and basically that the world is out to get them.

5. Mr. Brownstone
-This song rocks like a motha fucka. The first 30 seconds rock out like nothing else. Just has a cool sound. Cool song but I really dind't like the vocals.

6. Paradise City
-Such a great track one of my GNR favorites probably number 3 on the list. Just a cool song that is really really catchy. "Take Me Down To The Paradise City where the grass is green and the girls are pretty" I sing that for days at a time.

7. My Michelle
-A real rockin song from the get go. Not really feeling the vocals but it just had that edgy sound again. Kick ass shit right here.

8. Think About You
- A jammin song that I nodded my head to. Fast paced and just all out fun to listen too.

9. Sweet Child O' Mine
-My favorite song and there best by them In my opinion. It's such a smooth song and Slash's guitar parts are beautiful. Just so smooth and great. The vocals are beautiful the instrumentals are as well. Perfect in every way.

10. You're Crazy
-This song rocks real heavy. I was diggin it. The guitar solos are fuckin kick ass. "YOU DON'T WANT MY LOVE"!!!!!!!!!!!!

11.Anything Goes
-Interesting sound starting off with a wierd instrumental and then Axel screaming. Then it goes inot this "For Whom The Bell Tolls" sound. The track is blah though. I skipped it.

12. Rocket Queen
-Real cool track. It rocks hard and heavy from the start. Good gripping lyrics.



LabCabInCalifornia by The Pharcyde

1. Bullshit
- I wasn't impressed with this track at all. Very boring and bad lyricism to be honest. Just wasn't feeling this track. Skip! it....

- A very blah track not sure what I can say about it. You can skip or listen but I'd skip it. Not all that great of a track.

3. Groupie Therapy
-I was diggin the Q-Tip sample and shit. This track was rather nice. I was feeling it for the most part. Had room for a lot of improvement and I'd probably get bored with it after awhile.

4. Runnin
-The Jay Dee beat is absolut fire. (R.I.P.) The beat was great and Pharcyde flowed well to it. Dope track and the chorus was well written. I definitely get bored with this track a lot but you best go get the instrumental for this song if u know whats good.

5. She Said
-Fat Lip spits fiyah! on this track. Pretty good lyricism but this track is kind of boring.

6. Splattitorium
- Really such a laid back song that you can fall asleep to. Another good J Dilla beat. Though the beat was simple it fit the track so well. Just talking about getting high.

7. Somethin' That Means Somethin'
-First verse is damn good on this track. This track is just fair though. Really nothing special on this track. Good lyricism and flow but it lacks the sound to keep you hooked. Still worth a listen tho (Another Dope Jay Dee beat]

8. All Live (Interlude
-Pretty cool interlude the drums from Dilla were nice.

9. Drop
-The beat from Dilla is absolute greatness. The scratching on this track is fiyah. Such a good song. I remember when a friend of mine first showed me this song and I became a fan of Pharcyde instantly. This song is the best on the album and one of the best of the 90's. Fuckin fire!!!!!

10. Hey You
- Cool song I was feeling the smooth vibe on the beat and on the lyrics. Good lyrics as well.

11. Y?
- More good production from Jay Dee and Bootie Brown. If you wanna make a case that Dilla is one of the greatest producers ever just show some of the beats off this album. But he only co produced this. I was feeling the lyricism on this and Pharcyde wrote so well to the beat.

12. It's All Good
- Decent track. On some real ass shit.

13. Moment In Time
-Can't say I really like this track but can't say I didn't like it. It was just a lot of talking really and then a little rap. The beat kind of annoyed me but for some they'd probably like it.

14. The Hustle
-A damn dope track. I can listen to it over and over it's straight fire. Great lyricism and just the pure sound of the song is perfect.

15. Little D [Interlude]
-Blah Blah Blah whatever. Listen or dont I wont judge lol

16. Devil Music
-It's a decent track that FatLip produced. Nothing special just average.

17. The E.N.D.
-Rather dope track it starts slow but in the middle it gets better. Nice track to bump. It's real chill.

18. Emerald Butterfly [Bonus Track]
-Real boring track I wasn't liking it at all. Skip this

19. Just Don't Matter [Bonus]
- Another not so good track. Better than Emerald Butterfly but I still ain't feeling it.



Saturday, July 19, 2008


1. Intro
-Blah Blah Blah skip............

2. Uncut Raw
-He goes lyrically crazy with his first verse. Mad dope song. The beat is very simple it's just one sound and that's it so that is one wrong thing but fuck that sometimes simplicity works. This song is crazy!!!!

3. Gimme Yours Ft. Nas
- Pretty nice verse from AZ to start it wasn't nothing special. Nice sampling as well. The chorus was nice to it was catchy.

4. Ho-Happy Jackie
- The middle of this song was crazy when he starts talking about "You can't stop it when she in a nigga pocket" Just talking about the money hungry hoes in this world. Word up AZ on this shit.

5. Rather Unique
-Nothing special here just a boring song with a boring beat. Lyrically there ain't much to this. Maybe the chorus is what saves it from being below average. Really this is worth a skip.

6. I Feel For You
- Erica Scott sounded beautiful on this song but really other than that this song isn't very good. AZ is less than average on this shit.

7. Sugar Hill
-Nice track it had a nice beat and great hook. Just real mellow and something to kick back and vibe to. It was a different side to AZ that shows his versatility to be able to slow shit down. His verses were okay.

8. Mo Money, Mo Murder, Mo Homicide Feat. Nas
-Great ass track. Both Nas and AZ's verses were absolute fire. Feeling this shit for real. They spit heat on this beat. 5/5 track

9. Doe Or Die
-Rather nice track it took me a few spins to like it enough but I finally am feeling it. AZ spit so well to the beat. Great flowing. AZ's style was so flawless on this it was scary.

10. We Can't Win Feat. Amar
-Haha IDK why but I found this song funny at first but it's a pretty nice song. Amar spit an okay verse. Not lyrically but more delivery wise. AZ's verse was decent.

11. Your World Don't Stop
- Good verses from AZ but other than that I can't say I liked this track to much. Just a fair song.

12. Sugar Hill [Remix]
-Liked the original better to be honest I wasn't feeling this.



100 Grand Jin by Jin

1. The Ambassador
- It was a blah track just talking about how he represents his entire race in his tracks. This you can probably skip this.

2. 100 Grand Jin
-Is it a freestyle? I think it is. It's real short but dope as hell

3. F.Y.I.
- A semi good track. It's just kind of cheesy and it was disappointing lyrically for me.

4. Long Winding Road
-Nice beat and good lyrics as far as the meaning and shit. Good lyricism as well. I was feeling this track for the most part but it still lacked something big.

5. Money Comes, Money Goes
- Good lyricism and all his verses were fire! Just so damn lyrical on this song and he's telling the truth which makes this track so much sweeter. Money does come and go

6. Mass Appeal
- Pretty nice track it wasn't nothing special though. I was feeling it for the most part.

7. Politics As Usual
-A blah track nothing special it's just aight IMO. Worth a listen though.

8. Fuck Jay-Z
- Word at this track. Jin spits serious shit. No it's not a diss at Jay unfortunately. Sort of sounds like Eminem on this but whatever. The verses are lyrical perfection and the meaning is great. I was feeling this shit.

9. Back Pack
-I'd skip this it's really not that good IMO

10. Music Is FOr Life
-This song is dope it's got a nice meaning and is lyrically great as u may come to expect by now.

11. Through Ha Days
-Dope ass beat and song in general.It's staight fire and I was feeling it the whole way through. Love this track on the real. <333

12. Let Me (Be Myself)
-Nice chorus and Jin is just proving how real he is but this track ain't nothing special. :(

13. Something About You
-Very boring song I wasn't feeling it at all. It's a skip in my book. There were ups and downs on this track though.

14. Food Fight
- Dope track it's got serious lyrical skill on it. It sucks you in with force to get you vibing.

15. Upside Down
-Decent track it had it's real good fiery oments but it's just average.



Illmatic by Nas

1. The Genesis
-Real grimy off the bat with this cool New York sound. Nothin else to really say.

2. N.Y. State Of Mind
-Dope beat, dope lyrics. Everything on this song is fire. Nas spits absolute heat on this track. The beat complimented him so well as well so it mad him flow better IMO. Just dope verses from Nas. "Rappers stay monkey flippin wit the funky shit that i be kickin"

3. Life's A Bitch
- Really catchy song. AZ shit on Nas with his verse but still a nice track. "Life's A Bitch and then you die. That's Why We Get High" True ass words from Nasty Nas and AZ.

4. The World Is Yours
- I didn't like this song at first. As a matter of fact for awhile I wasn't feeling this song. But lyrically this shit kicks. The chorus is catchy I'm sure as you can tell.

5. Halftime
- A good lyrical song and the beat was a little to simple for me. I just wasn't feeling this track all that much. Yea it's still a fair track but I think it gets mad overrated.

6. Memory Lane
- I liked the "OOOOOooooOOOOOooooOOOO's" in this track. ANother good lyrical track proving that this album is easily his most lyrical. It tells a pretty good story that I can remanisce with. I feel liek I'm watching a music vid with Nas when I listen to it.

7. One Love
-This song is mad boring. "One Love, One Love, One Love" That's really all there is to it. Boring as hell I skip it every time I bump.

8. One Time 4 Your Mind
- Pretty raw song that u can vibe/flow to. Lyrically it's fair. All together though it's nothing special.

9. Represent
- REPRESENT! REPRESENT! I was feeling that part. Good song lyrically and the beat was pretty nice to rhyme to.

10. It Ain't Hard To Tell
- I was diggin the beat and everything on this. I wasn't necessarily impressed with the lyricism to be honest. Still worth a listen easily.

LAST WORDS: At first couple of listens I would've given this album a C+. Honestly I think this is the most overrated album in history. Best Album Ever? Not even close. I don't see 1 Absolute GREAT TRACK on here just a bunch of fair-very good songs. Still a solid album though



A Fever You Can't Sweat Out by PANIC! AT THE DISCO

1. Introduction
-WTF? Fuck dis shit skip it. It's just a bunch of noise.

2. The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide Is Press Coverage
-I was diggin the real catchy sound of the song. It has you vibing to it. The chorus is perfect and the sound is flawless. Everything about the song is good. Like a nursery rhyme, just flowed so well.

3. London Beckoned Songs About Money Written by Machines
-Dope track, the chorus is once again perfectly catchy. "If u talk you better walk. You better back your shit up with more than good hoops while your under the gun" Another great flowing song that just sounds great to vibe to. Something simple and cheery.

4.Nails for Breakfast, Tacks for Snacks
-I wasn't really feeling this. It just depends on what mood I'm in. Sometimes I be feeling this track but for the most part I don't like this song. It's just got this mad wierd sound that I ain't liking.

5. Camisado
-I was diggin the keyboard at the beginning and then the sudden rocking out part. Another perfectly written track. The chorus is great and it's just a real mellow song.

6. Time To Dance
- The first couple of spins for this track I wasn't feeling but then I started to like it a lot. A wonderfully told story on the real. This story was some real shit about this girl under pressure as a teenager to look right. Good song

7. Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off
-Once again I really wasn't feeling this song at first but after about 10-20 listens I liked it a little more lol. Another catchy chorus. Still one of my least favorite songs on the album but I still respect it as a song now.

8. Intermission
-Stupid, skip!

9. But It's Better If You Do
-The chorus is so damn catchy here and the song is written so well. I still don't like the track so much but the first minute and a half gets you toes tappin. The lead singer actually sounds pretty good on this song.

10. I Write Sins Not Tragedies
-One of the most popular songs of the year and one of my favorite songs of the decade as far as rock. It's just a genius song that had the radios buzzing forever. Just a supremely catchy song that can stay in your head for days.

11.I Constantly Thank God for Esteban
- A cool song that gets political. Rhymes well, sounds well and speeds up in the middle beautifully that breaks into a real catchy chorus. Kind of got old after a while.

12. There's a Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven't Thought of It Yet

-Damn the title is mad long lol. But this is maybe my favorite song on the album. Tells a good story and is just so damn catchy like you couldn't imagine. Panic! is one of the most talented songwriting bands I've ever seen. This song has a cool meaning as well.

13.Build God, Then We'll Talk
-It took me awhile to warm up to this track but in the end I loved it. The story is perfectly told and it has a cool original meaning to it. In the end the sound of it with him repeating the same lyrics along side the violin sound was beautiful.



Under My Skin by Avril Lavigne

1. Take Me Away
- She sort of has a nice voice that gives this song a uniqueness to it but this song just was blah. I wasn't really feeling it. Some shit to slit your wrists to.

2. Together
-Boring song for the most part I just wasn't feeling it.

3. Don't Tell Me
-I liked this song a lot. It's about her not giving up her morals and sex for just anyone. ReallY i just like her cuz I'd tap that ass all night. For real I'd make the bitch squeal. But 4real I like the song cuz it's real emotional like all her songs. It's a good song. Definitely worth a listen

4. He Wasn't
- Wasn't feeling this much either it just is her complaining about how dudes are so bad. [She does this a lot :( ]It rocks pretty hard for a poppy/grunge singer.

5. How Does It Feel
- What a damn snorefest. It's just really slow and theres no real lyrics here that are worth a listen. So yea in my opinion this a skip in my book.

6. My Happy Ending
-Real good track. She sounds good on it and it's kind of powerful. It's sort of sad
:( She just talks about her boyfriend and how he broke her heart and it tore her up. GOod song actually. I listened to it like 10 times

7. Nobody's Home
-A really really raw and emotional song. Pretty good stoytelling even. Good track one of her more sad and emotional songs on here. You can feel the emotion coming through her voice.

8. Forgotten
- Her voice is ass sounding on this which she's not a good singer anyways but still. More complaining and shit. I swear she's a feminist. But the song rocks hard for an album like this. It's real in your face.

9. Who Knows
-A more light hearted song that's actually decent. She sounds good on it I mean she don't sound great but she's aight. Very catchy and just fun to listen to.

10. Fall To Pieces
- One of her singles but it's rather boring in my opinion. The chorus is catchy but everything else is just blah.

11. Freak Out
-This is her hardest rocking song on the album. The guitar is banging real garage band like. The lyrics though don't keep my interest enough for me to recommend this track. The chorus is sort of cool as far as sound and catchiness but I just couldn't get into this song. :(

12. Slipped Away
- Kind of boring but it's real emotional and I'd say it was written rather well



Grand Theft Auto IV

Gameplay 7.5/10:
The gameplay on here is a little disappointing maybe the only weakness in this armour. Sure people think this game is overrated and then some think it's great. I definitely see why certain people wouldn't like this game. First off fuck the driving controls. Shit is fucking ridiculous even though I've finally gotten the hang of it for the most part but it's just so hard to get the hang of. Then the gameplay controls in general are weak as hell. Like trying to square up and fight with someone is like pulling teeth. The shooting isn't much better. Still there's decent gameplay here despite those weaknesses. The numerous things available to do in the city are ridiculous. Sometimes it's easy to get sidetracked.

Graphics 9/10:
The graphics in here could definitely be better but they're definitely good. When u run over someone and the blood stays on your car and the bullet holes stay in your car. That shit is fuckin awesome. The pure realism in this game is what is so great. Everything is realistic in the environment.

Characters 9.5/10:
The characters within this game truly brings Liberty City to life. Each and every character brings a special something to make you feel alive. Lmao at the radio stations and TV. Pure genius is shown here. I would've liked to see more prostitutes and maybe pimps but it's just such a realistic city with it's Rich areas and poor areas. Every single character brings something to this game to make it all seem real. All interactive and the fact that you have local thugs and sassy women makes it better. Genius shit throughout.

Replay Value 9/10:
It's GTA why wouldn't you play again at least to just kill things? Theres hours of enjoyment just outside of playing missions. I could watch TV for hours on there and surf the internet and fuck prostitutes. Of course with games like these you can play repeatedly but I understand certain reasons you wouldn't want to play. The game does sometimes get repetitive.

GRADE: 9/10

The Main Ingredient by PETE ROCK & CL SMOOTH

1.In The House

-Just a blah track nothing special really. Cl had a nice flow and lyrically it was pretty good.

2. Carmel City

- Real funky ass beat for real I was feeling it. The lyrics, the sound the everything was perfectly put together.

3. I Get Physical

-A great track from the start this was making you bob your head to it. Fucking ill lyrically and the chorus was real nice a whole new take on "I GET PHYSICAL"

4. Sun Won't Come Out

- Sort of a boring track in my opinion it lacked a lot of power and lyricism. Just not a good track really. Had no good sound in it and lyrically it was weak.

5. I Got A Love
-Beautifully good old school scratching sound to it. The lyrics were average but the chorus was sort of catchy in a wierd old school boring gospel way.

6. Escape
-The beat was simple yet nice and lyrically this track was pretty nice. It was just a little boring but the first 6 bars were hot as hell. The first verse was a good lyrical verse in general.

7. The Main Ingredient
- The lyrics were nice real old school New York style ya digg? The beat was almost to simple for me but all together this track was pretty nice. But I can't say it's great or nothing.

8. Worldwide
-Nice sound on the beat it was well written. Mad old school DJing from Pete Rock. I can dig this shit. The song was just a little bit boring for my taste.

9.All The Places
-I didn't really like this track. Thought it was an average song at best. Just real boring in my opinion.

10. Tell Me
-Lyrically it's so damn nice on the beat. The beat could've been better but that whole first verse was just soooooo nice. Perfectly executed flows and verses. Thumbs up on this track.

11. Take You There
- Didn't really get into this other than the chorus. I just wasn't feeling it but as I said the chorus sounded good/cool on the song and lyrically it was good of course. Just lacked what it needs to be a great track.

12. Searching
-Dope ass beat and drumming. Hot track I was feeling it all the way through. The lyricism and flow was perfect on the beat. Just nodded my head all the way through and then there was a real smooth hook in the chorus.

13. Check It Out
- "Check It Out, Check It Out, CH-Ch-Ch-Check It Out" I liked that mixing and shit at the start. Good flow and lyricism from Smooth as usual.

14. In The Flesh
- Cool sound but it was nothing special. The scratching was average and so was everything else. The beat however I liked more and more as I listened.

15. It's On You
- It's a good track lyrically and Cl Smooth was super smooth on the track. lol but 4real he had a nice flow but the song semi-bored me on it so I had a hard time getting into it.

16. Get On The Mic
- Nice sound even though the repeating of Get On get's boring but the lyricism is fuckin crazy. This track is str8 fiyah!!!! SImple as that.




1. Rich
- This song has a cool sound on it. I didn't like the screaming but it has this real nice grunge/punk sound to the song. The instrumentals on it were nice but they lyrics were pretty retarded.

2.Date With The Night
- The song sounds just like the song before it. I hate shit like that as u may be able to tell from my other reviews. More pointless lyrics that really mean nothing but whatever. I'd skip it but you can do whatever with this it really depends on your listening style.

3. Man
- I love her voice she sounds so cool and perfect on each track. She's really unique. Nice sounding track and I like what she singing about.

4. Tick
- A normal song actually. They sound really college bandish [which I think they are] The guitar parts were nice they had a nice funky sound.

5. Black Tongue
- Just a blah track really. It was more in your face than the other tracks but really not all that good of a track.

6. Pin
- I swear she's on drugs or some shit the way she writes the songs and sings them. She just sounds like she on crack. But it's alright by me. Another really short track even though there is a lot of those on here. This track isn't to good.

7. Cold Light
-2:16 run time so another mad short track but she sounds good on it as usual. Just she sort of gets flooded out by the guitar on it. This is worth a listen but it's not a good track in my opinion.

8. No No No
-RHCP sounding song in my opinion but she sounds nice on it again. Got this real old school feel.

9. Maps
- Easily the best track on here it's just made so much better than the other tracks it's a beautiful work of art as a song and it stays stuck in your head. A wonderful song even though I really don't know what it's about lol

10. Y Control
- Nice fast paced guitar shredding here. Slow and steady in the middle. She sounds real nice on it. The thing I like about Karen O. is her ability to translate here emotion into each and every track. [Maps is a beautiful example]

11. Modern Romance
-Just a meh track it's slow and shit but it sounds good and not as badly produced.

12. Poor Song [Hidden Tack]
-lol you wont know it's a hidden track you'll just think it's apart of Modern Romance but it is a hidden track. A decent song



Friday, July 18, 2008

Lord of War by Yukmouth

Lyricism B:
Good lyricism on this album as far as each track goes. Yes I am aware that these are recycled and already have been released but fuck it Ima treat this review as if the tracks are new. Good shit on each and every hard hitting track ya digg? It's not just the lyricism but the intensity that Yuk comes at u with on each track. So perfectly done.
Production B-:
The production was average. No real "GREAT" beats on here at all but good/decent/average beats on about every track. A lot of simple beats here and the skits are nice of course. (Lord of War Samples) The Lord of War shit really works since the mixtape is called "LORD OF WAR"
Track Selection B+:
Good selection. Yuk was being real when he said he was the Lord of War. I myself didn't really think about all his disses until I heard this. I went into it thinking it would be a blah tape but I was surpised by all the good tracks he put on here.
Disses A-:
Every diss on here hits hard as hell!!!!! Sure it's missing a few other great ones but Yuk murders every nigga he disses so of course they went on this tape. Beautifully done disses from a true Lord of War!!!

Yukmouth Presents: WestCoast Gangsta Volume 15

Track Selection B:
For the most part the tracks are nice. Stupid Doo Doo Dumb is a great track. Anybody See The Popo Is classic. Good track selection on both discs. Real nice shit that embodies the WestCoast/Bay Area. Certain tracks tho I don't like being on here. Yuk picked a few not so good/boring tracks so that dampened the mood ya digg?

Unreleased/Exclusives C:
I didn't like his unreleased disses and tracks. I thought they were all poorly done and just rushed. No wonder they were unreleased lol. Not very good compared to his great fuckin Game disses and his decent Daz disses. So I can't give these as high of a grade as I'd like to. :(



Batman Begins

Plot (B): Real cool plot I liked the way that didn't go traditional with it. Like showing his training and what not as well as changing up some normal shit. The way they portrayed Gotham was great. Portrayed so much better than all the other Batman movies before it. Unfortunately I didn't like the way they changed who killed his parents and other small details. All just minor things though compared to a rather good plot. Having Scarecrow as one of the super villains was real cool. New Bat Mobile gets a thumbs down though.
Acting (B): The acting was good of course as I expected. Katie Holmes is a cute girl and not half bad of an actress. Bale was of course great as he is in every movie he's in. I'm a big fan of his. Good acting.

I Pledge Allegiance To The Grind II by Killer Mike

Lyricism C+:
The lyricsim on this album was average hence the grade. Nothing on here is lyrically special but a few aren't lyrically good. I actually was surprised by Mikes lyrical presence on here tho. He did have quite a few surprisingly good tracks. I didn't expect much from this album lyrically so I got surpised in a pleasant way.

Production C-:
Nothing on here as far as beats was very good. The production was blah and sloppy. A few cool sounds though. Track 6 had a nice Chopped and Screwed beat. A few real loud and in your face beats but most of it sounded the same. Just average, sloppy, rushed beats.

Of course Killer Mike had dope anthems all over the place. Dude has a cult following and he spoke for the people on every track. All up in your face you digg?



Friday After Next

Plot (C-): The plot was well kind of wierd. A santa claus thief robs Craig and Day-Day. They get jobs as Top Flight Security and they search for this thief who robbed them on Christmas Eve. I mean I don't expect much plot from a movie like this really so I let a lot slide. Hell it could've gotten a better grade for plot but still I see some areas where it can improve.

Acting (B-): lol I don't expect great acting from Cube or any of the other actors/actresses so that's why it gets a B-. The acting wasn't really that bad at all. Nothing great but it was fair. Plus it had some hella fine bitches in it. Damn whoever the prostitute was.........mmmmm shawty is a 10!!!

Comedy (B): Maybe not as funny as the other movies in the series but still mad funny. When Day-Day goes mad with power as a security guard it's so damn funny. The pimp is real funny to. But when Damon starts being all homo I couldn't stop laughing. The movie gets right into the laughs and that's what you expect. So many funny parts.

LAST WORDS: Great comedy? No. Good light hearted comedy like the others? Yes. Don't come into this looking for much more than fun.



Untitled by Nas

1. Queens Get The Money
-Decent introduction u could say nothing great kind of boring but it's just blah.

2. You Can't Stop Us Now
-Big fan of this sampling here good shit as far as beat and all that. The track is average.

3. Breathe
-Okay song just talking about the everyday struggles from racism to cops. Mad complaining though.

4. Make The World Go Round
- Pretty nice lyricism here but the track is boring and sounds just like the rest of the tracks before it. A cool idea though with this song I like the message and the chorus.

5. Hero Feat. Keri Hilson
-Very commercial song not traditional Nas but I don't care bout that. Just a decent track but to tell the truth at first I hated it a lot but it grew on me after the first couple of listens. Still nothing special but can be catchy. Keri Hilson <333>GRADE: D+



Thursday, July 17, 2008

Reks - Grey Hairs

1) Grey Hairs
Nice track, good production by Blaze P. The chorus was a little annoying, when he started repeating “its all grey hairs,” but the verses are on point, with Reks making it clear what his ideas and views are, with lines like: “Cause we don’t let the radios make us different/Getting grey hairs from all of that anger building/I’d be lying if I say I ain’t aging, sensing/A bit of change in my ageless wisdom/What are we to do now, for our ageless victims/Who just wish music would return for its senses.” The delivery and lyrics make it clear that Reks really cares for the music, and knows its got problems

2) The One
Nice beat by Statik Selektah (dude’s the future of production, for real). Reks spits dope on this one, goes in and disses people and mentions random problems with everyday life and the world. “What have we learned from the rappers who got killed?/All of this commotion in rap, most of its not real” is good. I didn’t like how after each “verse” or section of the song (there’s no chorus) he sorta repeated the end line, but I did like the repetition on the “I am not…”s; example: “I am not a rapist, still I believe you can get touched” and “I am not a racist, but I do not believe any quality nigga spit, honky follow me.” Dope spitting on this one, for real.

3) Say Goodnight
Some people dislike this Premo beat, some people do like it; I’m in the latter category (though I wasn’t a fan of the song clips on the chorus). Either way, Reks goes IN on this track. Dope flow, and dope lyricism. This is the first single, and I hope it gets some sort of shine (though it probably won’t). Not gonna go in big detail on this one, but its quite dope.

4) How Can It Be
Statik Selektah with a nice track, the pitch of the sample’s a little bit annoying, but it’s still a dope instrumental. Lyrically, once again, he’s spitting real well: “Revelation: enemy, associate/Whoever get the premonition to fuck with me is over with.” Nice flow as well. The scratching on the chorus is good as well, as one sample declares Reks “An MC’s MC.”

5) Stages
Interesting beat from Large Professor. Nas sample on the chorus and another sample saying “it’s the stages, the phases, that we go through.” Another pretty dope track, I didn’t like the instrumental as much as most of the other ones, and the chorus isn’t that special, but lyrically its good. His flow’s really good on this one. It’s a good track lyrically, though not as good as some other oens.

6) All In One (5 Mics) feat. Lil’ Fame
Reks (and Lil’ Fame) imitate and pay homage to Biggie, Pac, Big L and Big Pun. The track is well done, and the imitations are pretty good, they get the flow and delivery down. I liked Fame on this one a lot, held his own with Reks. The production’s hard hitting as well. Overall, a really dope track.

7) Next 2 Me
Nice beat by DC the Midi Alien. The song is once again quite good lyrically: “Spitting so effortless/Every breath is as if/I’m the game of tetris/Hold every block down/Name any block round/I connect with it…” His flow is really good. Didn’t like the chorus though, Reks tries singing or something, , and it doesn’t really sound that good when he stretches some shit to make it rhyme, like the line “all these rappers ain’t shit next to me.” Still, the verses are fucking sick.

8) Money On The Ave feat. Skyzoo
Simple beat by Soul Theory, but I like it. The song title is misleading, as this is actually not glorifying money or coke dealing; it really has the point of view of a kid rapping, watching neighbors and local thugs sell drugs, filled with the frustration. The chorus includes lines like “The money makers on the ave/And they be getting dough/While I was tryin’ to rap/Nigga they were selling blow.” The verses have a really clever point of view of a struggling rapper being drawn to the more successful drug dealers, showing (much better than any coke rappers can, mind you) why people can be drawn to that culture: you can’t make money easily rapping. As Reks spits (from someone else’s point of view), “Diddy ain’t gon’ pop into your hood/And change your life, make the shit all good/Like shit ain’t fucked up on the streets/So to eat we keep/ them goods in the projects/Its all economics/You disagree, God bless, wish you the best/But you from Lawtown, Mass, who gon’ listen to Reks?” Still, they make it clear that they enjoy the choice that they made, to stay involved with rap.

9) Black Cream (The Negro Epidemic) feat. Big Shug
Don’t really like the best, and Shug’s singing on the chorus wasn’t anything special, and the message has been not a lot, particularly recently (Nas, Untitled, in stores now). Still, the verses are nice, with lyrics that are quite true, such as: “Everybody ain’t Kanye West, Lord/I try to tell the kids get a dream you can afford/But kids wanna stunt, smoke blunts and impress broads/Sip on syrup cause they idol got his cup/What this does/Is make it harder to give a fuck, the impulse/To ball got Cosby pissed off/That buck that bought the bottle could’ve struck the lotto/To invest in scratch tickets is a fucked up motto.” More dope spitting by Reks.

10) Love Sweet Misery
Wasn’t liking the sample at all, it was sorta ignoring to me, and the beat is sorta soporific to me. Still, once again, Reks spits real dope on this one. But the production’s lacking IMO, a rare miss from Statik, just didn’t like the beat. Nice flow and lyricism though.

11) Rise
The beat is nothing special, and the chorus is a bit dumb (“we all rise from the bottom to the top…” oh, really?). Not as good as some other songs. Not bad, by any means, but it wasn’t anything special.

12) Telescopes feat. Jon Hope & Lucky Dice
Liked the placid, serene feel on this beat, and also liked the chorus a lot. Both Jon Hope and Reks are dope rappers from MA, and both spit real well on this one. Lucky Dice’s verse isn’t as good (random lines like, “hey, hey, hey, you’re a super-superstar” sorta take away from it), but the song is still overall good. Nice cultural references to talking about life events and change/hope. Nice blend, nice production, nice lyrics, nice track.

13) Day 2
Production is ok, but the breathing/sighing in the background is annoying. Still, nice chorus/verses as he talks about mistakes in his life and how he wants to start over, all in regards to his love life. I didn’t like how he let the sample go on for a bit before the third verse, but the storytelling is there, and the lyrics are nice, as he talks about how he was “a dog from day one” in his relationship.

14) Premonition feat. Consequence & Termanology
This feels a bit more like a Consequence tracks, with him talking at the beginning and on the first chorus. Still, it’s a nice track about their lives. Both guest rappers did well, Termanology particularly, and I like how they mentioned their names in the verses. Reks also has a dope verse, I like how he doesn’t hide the fact that he’s flawed in his verses, helps the listener connect a bit more. Nice job by Statik on the beat.

15) My Life feat. Paula Campbell
Like the production and I like how the singing and rapping blend well. He talks about a few different events, has a real nice flow on this one as well. Some dope lyrics in here: “I feel the spirit in my lyrics of the ghosts’ path/Try to awake ‘em when I scribble on my notepad.” Nice, laid back beat, and Reks does it justice with some introspective lyrics.

16) Cry Baby
Nice storytelling on this song about a teenage pregnancy, which is then revealed to be about Reks’ life and mother. The first verse is about his mom, second is about him as a young kid, third about him as a teen. Got a lot of emotion in this, with him regretting showing disrespect to his now dead mom. Nice lyrics, and a nice chorus with Reks asking: “It made dear mama weak, what will it do to me?” Introspective, personal, and good lyricism? Dope.

17) Long While
Once again, thinking about the past. These about the homies who he hasn’t seen in a long while. Nice lyricism and a good beat. Good mix of reminiscing and missing, and the lyricism is still on point. Nice flow and delivery, it compliments the instrumental well. Not much else to say, just another good song

18) Big Dreamers (Lawtown Remix) feat. Termanology & Krumbsnatcha
Nice track, remixing a cut from Statik Selektah’s album. The chorus is pretty good, but the verses are much better. Again, not much to say on this one, just some real nice lyrics over a good beat.

19) Isiah
A little religious, but a nice beat, chorus, and lyrics. Some nice lines on this one, “I am forgiven, so I must forgive/Driven to do more than just scribble sentences with relentlessness/Paying rent, making sense, till my day is spent/If its meant to be rap, Lord, finally say its meant” is a nice way to finish it. Dope track.

20) Hidden Track (Pray For Me (Suicide Note))
DOPE track, first track I really heard from Reks that made me a huge fan. Nice Jay-Z sample, dope production, and dope outlook over the state of hip-hop. I could drop quotes, but to be honest, the whole song is just consistently fire lyrically. So just listen yourself.

Grade: A

Eraserhead (1977)

Where to start, Eraserhead is an example of a movie that will always be classic, time cannot take that away from it like it does for some movies. Lynch is truly a master at what he does, and it's perfect.

The story centers around Henry Spencer (Jack Nance). Henry's life is turned around when he finds out his girlfriend Mary X (Charlotte Stewart) reveals that she had his "baby" (it's hard to call it this, you'll know why when you see it). Mary moves in with Henry in his small apartment with the baby, but the baby cries constantly. Nothing will calm it and it finally upsets Mary so much that she goes back to her parents house leaving Henry with the baby. Henry meets and has a short affair with Beautiful Girl Across the Hall (Judith Roberts) and encounters the Lady in the Radiator (Laurel Near).

The setting is perfect. It shows a bleak, dark and deserted industrialized city where there is no plants, except a dead one in Henry's room. Everything looks so depressing and devoid of life and it fits perfectly.

Acting is amazing. Jack Nance is genius as the quiet, odd Henry. Mary X's parents are both equally odd and ecentric which are good contrasts to Henry. All the characters are well played and there are no weak points.

On the surface the plot appears paper thin, Henry has a baby, becomes a single parent, and ultimately can't take it. The movie however is much deeper than this. There are many interpretations of what this movie is about and that's what makes it great, there are many different ideas of what it is and isn't. Some people think it's a religious movie about sins, others think it's just a pregnancy warning. Henry is haunted by terrifying dreams and visions as he spirals down into depression, and his inability to cope with this new world.

See this movie. It will stick with you for a long time not matter what you think it's about at the end. It's a true masterpiece of a movie and should not be missed.



It's about Henry's desire to end his own life. At the start the Man in the Planet (God) tries to show Henry that life is worth living by removing his "sin" (the worm thing). Lady in the Radiator represents Death, deformed but something appealing to it. At the end Henry finally embraces Death and it's finally over. The Eraser scene is representing his need to erase the memories from his head. There are lots of other little clues like this, but you need to be watching.

*****END OF SPOILERS *****


P2 (2007)

Angela (Rachel Nichols) is at work late on Christmas Eve, and when she's finally ready to leave it's just her and the doorman, Karl (Philip Akin). Angela proceeds to the parking lot to find that her car won't start. She finds Thomas (Wes Bentley), a security guard, who tries to help with the car. It doesn't work, so she heads back up stairs after an odd conversation with Thomas. She finds the door is locked, and Karl is nowhere to be found. And so starts her terror.

First impression is "wow, I bet this movie cost a ton of money to make with all the no name actors and the grand two locations".

The acting is actually alright. Karl plays the typical old, nice doorman and Thomas is a good creepy obsessed stalker. Angela on the other hand is horrible. She does the typical trapped woman, she has many idiotic ideas and could have ended it all within 10 minutes of being captured.

The thin. Thomas has been stalking Angela for months so he captures her, she escapes, he hunts her, etc. Been done a million times before and there was NOTHING standout here.

Overall it's an overused, average movie. There's really no reason to watch it, unless there's nothing else to see. It's not exactly bad, it's just so extremely average it's like you have already seen the movie. It's incredibly predictable too, you know who's going to die, you know who's going to get out, you know what's going to happen, you know not to waste your time on this.



Sunday, July 13, 2008

DKE's Top Ten Favorite Joe Budden Tracks

What with Joe Budden releasing a series of VERY dope songs recently (entitled “Who,” about the state of hip-hop), and since our blog was in dire need of a new post, I figured I’d give a quick countdown of my personal favorite tracks by the man they call Mouse. He’s one of my favorite rapper, and this is not necessarily his BEST songs, but they’re my favorites…you can definitely make a case for a few other tracks, of course. And I haven’t even heard all of his songs (obviously), so yeah, there’s way more, lol.

First a few honorable mentions that just miss the cut:
My Life (MM3 Bonus Track) – I’m normally against songs with such an absolute name – how can you put your entire life in a song? – but this one is good. A bonus track from Mood Muzik 3, this song has a nice sample, nice beat, good chorus, and some real good lyrics.
Unforgiven – This track, from The Growth has a well done Metallica sample, allowing Budden to get introspective on the beat, saying shit like “Lets talk about the struggle, lets talk about the pain/Some people say they love you, but that don’t mean a thang…That’s my depression talking…maybe it’s really real/Maybe them doctors was right, and maybe I’m really ill.” Flow's a bit off, but lyrically its great
Calm Down – A real introspective track from his self-titled solo debut, “Calm Down” has Budden talking about not only his former drug addiction, but his relationship with his mom and how it survived in regard to the drug habit.
She Wanna Know featuring Lil’ Mo – Yeah, yeah, I know I’m probably one of the few people who likes this. But I like the chorus, its really catchy, and the lyrics aren’t half bad:
”C'mon don't tell me that we already endin’/And fuck I need to cheat on you for? I'm already winnin’.” Of course the main thing that makes this song so great is the horns on the beat, real nice sounding. Haha, I’m gonna catch shit for this, but whatever.

10) Crazy
Though just a verse…well, what does Joe Budden on the Gnarls Barkley “Crazy” beat imply to you (if you’re a Budden fan)? Nice flow on the song, and nice lyrics and punchlines in regard to his life in general. I particularly liked the line, “I’m like Josh Howard, I need time out, but it’ll cost the game” (in regard to a playoff game from a few years ago where Josh Howard called timeout when the Mavericks didn’t want to call one…they ended up losing). Real nice track.

9) Sing For The Moment

Eminem’s “Sing For The Moment” track gets a visit from Mouse, and he once again has some nice thought-provoking lyrics. He talks about problems in the Hood, but unlike most people glorifying it, he spits: They say you soft when you move out the Hood/And so my goal is to make all of my loved ones punks/ My pop my mother, my son, his mother, my girl, my brother/My entire squad will be soft from far.” Also directly talks to his fans, showing both appreciation and inspiration.

8) Three Sides To A Story

DOPE Budden storytelling. This is many people’s favorite song by him, and though its not mine, I realize how dope it is. Nice beat, albeit a little sad, giving a three-way story from the perspective of an ex-convict who goes back to jail due to society’s reluctance to give him another chance. Then it shifts to the kid’s sister, who is molested and pregnant by his step-father. The step-father and brother have a shoot-out, and the girl gets hit by a stray and dies. It’s a sad story, but the narration is downright amazing, and he does an astounding job lyrically.

7) So Long Goodbye

A lot of people wouldn’t mention this in Budden’s best tracks, but I really like this one. A nice sample, and a really sweet sounding song. Budden spits about the problems that are in the game, and about how sometimes he thinks about quitting, before explaining why he doesn’t. Nice lines in here, like “Some people sell out, fuck everything they jot/
From their heart for that number one spot on the charts.”

6) Ten Minutes

This may be a little low on my list, and I may catch shit because of some of the tracks that I put ahead of it. Yes, the beat is nice sounding and Budden’s lyrics on it are real nice, but at ten minutes long, it gets a little boring and repetitive, in my humble opinion, at the end (lol). Still, the lyrics are nice in many spots. You can feel the honesty in the song, in lines such as: Some days I'm not invincible and I feel the pressure/Like if everyone's depending on me, and I just stop...Then what the fuck happens?” Not necessarily worse than the other ones, I just like them a bit more.

5) Walk With Me

Joe literally takes the listeners through a tour of his life. The lyrics are on point, and you can tell that he’s really not feeling his life, and that it’s honest. The beat is nice, and the chorus, though a bit long, is also dope. Nice lines like, “I’ll take you to meet my girl I got to see if you notice/If she love me or if the bitch got an ulterior motive.” He also isn’t afraid to get personal: “Where was the hate back when I wasn't on my feet/An alcoholic, school dropout, just a bum on the street/Where was the hate during my adolescence/Back when that psychiatrist was trying hard to get me on ammonic depressives.” Budden’s never afraid to get personal, and this track becomes dope because of this reason. For the record, this one is pretty much a tie (in my opinion) with the one I put it four, either one could be higher than the other.

4) Ransom Disses (Heart of the City/Ransom Note)

The reason these two are together is because they’re two disses at another rapper, Ransom, so they’re strongly related. These may not be this high normally, but they really show Budden’s punchlines and differ from the usual depressing topics he covers, so they earn a spot in the top four. I don’t like the talking he does (goes on and on lol) at the start of the songs, especially “Ransom Note.” The lyrics are on point though, he hit him with some nice lines. From “Heart Of The City”: “It's no wonder he aint gettin no bookings for shows/Cause your fans is like mine dog, looking for growth” & “Fuck how your glock pop off, how your flock not soft/You gettin no where fast being a Lox knock off,” plus nice one-liners like “Your tapes bang like hardwoods – they not classics.” “Ransom Note” also has some nice lines: “The fans can easily solve my shit/Cop his tape, maybe he'll hop off my dick” and “And this is when I know I heard it all/His stupid ass proud to live on the third floor/He like "Im in the hood all day, I gets it poppin'/you wack motherfucker, you ain’t got another option,” plus another one-liner: “Your career felt about short as a good weekend.” And trust me, that’s just the start, this has waaayyy more dope lines…I can pretty much quote the entire two songs, lol.

3) Dear Diary/Dear Diary (Remix)

Before I get into this one, it was also interchangeable with number two, “Broken Wings.” This one, like “Broken Wings” is really nice lyrically and is just him going on and on about his problems and life. Both versions, the original and remix, are produced by WMS the Sultan, and both are very dope. Love the instrumentals for each version, and like the tone that they sent. Some great lines in here, man, he really gets personal and just raw. I really, really liked some lines in the middle: “They tried to warn me, fought with my girl every night about you/Shit only hurts 'cause she was right about you/She run around wanting to shoot you the fair one/I keep telling her "chill, I don't care none"/I got another side I never showed to you/The side where everybody is disposable/See, relationships are never a threat/'Cause I'll erase the history and act like we never met/Become done giving a fuck and done calling/I got your e-mail, I was done way before then.” Another line I liked was about his baby mama problems: “Is she wrong using him so I can come back/Or am I wrong for wishing I could have my cum back?” And, like I said, both versions are real dope…WMS killed this shit.

2) Broken Wings (Freestyle)

Nice sampling of the ‘80s single, with the same title, by the band Mr. Mister (also sampled on the Pac track, “Until The End Of Time”). The beat’s the same, and he uses the chorus as well. Every line, literally, on this track is quotable. For real, very, very well written. Crazy flow, and some real dopeness in this shit. “You don't feel what the pencil scripts?/Then eight times outta ten you ain't been through shit,” “Was once tight, grew apart for dollars/Was on the same panel, now we Star and Barbara/Two different “Views” two different lifestyles/I think 'long the way one of us got confused,” “It's so sweet/Thought I was fucked up with no shoes 'til I met me a nigga with no feet,” and “Some wanna threaten me, ruin my health/Let me teach you a little something 'bout depression/Ain't shit you could do to me I ain't already thought about doing to myself.” He also has a dope few lines where he compares himself to Alex Rodriguez in regards to his label situation, ending cleverly with “Should get traded, but he don't wanna move/'Cause this the only city he got somethin' to prove/And that's why I'm seen with heaters/'Cause you can't be the man when you on the same team as Jeter.” Just a track that is dope beyond belief.

1) Whatever It Takes

As dope as every other track on this list is, before I even started writing it, I knew beyond a doubt that this was number one. The lyrics are Joe Budden’s “Find A Way,” but on this beat, it gets much, much doper. Nice sample, and ohhhh man, the lyrics are DOPE! Once again, almost every line is quotable…which, considering its very lengthy time, is quite impressive (“Broken Wings” isn’t as long). Maybe its just because I can connect with the lyrics so much, but its also definitely the lyricism and flow that impresses me on this song. “See I'm depressed lately, but nobody understands/That I'm depressed lately, I'm sorta feelin' repressed lately./But y'all been hearin' an' seein' me less lately/Like, has anyone noticed the regress lately?/Look deep nigga, don't I seem stressed lately?/Seemed disturbed, lotta' regrets lately?” and “They say he whines too much, he's too bitter/They call it, complainin', I call it, explainin'/How normal niggas could get caught-up in the game and/Lose they mind, and y'all call it entertainment” and “Now, if it goes to the wire, got the soul of a fighter/Bruised-up and sloppy, or damaged like Ali/Up-late talkin' to the fans on the website/That's the only thing that send yo' man off to bed right?!” Then it enters the last stretch, so to speak, with some really, really dope lines: “Fuck the world, fuck my moms and my girl!/Well, maybe not mom, jus' lemme' remain calm./This too won't last, this too shall pass/At least that's what I say y'all, that's what I pray for,” finally leading to the great ending, where he speaks from his depression’s point of view: “Been with you since 10, but you startin' to confuse me/'Cause it's been so long, and you still try'na lose me/Like, how could you show me such cruelty?/When everybody turns their back on you, Joe it's you and me/Joe, you don't want me to see you right?/Then why you always come get me, how we re-unite?/Tell me! I know you feel for me deep in your heart;/Doctors, meetings, pills couldn't keep us apart./But, now you got a deal an' you wanna get rid of me/We're roommates, I'm in your head, Joe you live with me." Overall, a really, really amazing track, one of my favorites ever.

I know I missed some, and I also know I overwrote, but fuck it, I was bored, and we haven’t had a post in a while. That’s my list, what’s yours?