Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Requiem For a Dream (2000)

Requiem For a Dream is an epic movie. It focuses on the lives of four different people, Harry Goldfarb (Leto), his mother Sara (Burstyn), his girlfriend Marion Silver (Jennifer Connelly), and his friend Tyrone C. Love (Wayans). The movie progresses in three parts, Summer, Fall, and Winter. The focus is on addiction to various things and the spiral downwards that each of the addicts face.

The film starts with Harry taking his moms TV and then meeting his friend Tyrone who helps him bring it to a market to sell. They use the money they get from it to buy heroine, and later Sara goes and buys it back and we are told this is a cycle that happens every time Harry needs drugs. Sara gets a phone call about how appearing on television and she gets very excited, but discovers she can't fit in her favorite dress. After a short attempt at a diet she goes on diet pills and slips into psychosis. Harry's girlfriend, Marion, is addicted to cocaine.

As the seasons progress the film shows out the characters descent from delusional dreamy bliss to harsh reality (in Winter).

The acting in perfect, every plays there roles very well and become more addict like. You start to sympathize with the characters even though you know there situations are their fault, Sara's to a lesser degree.

The film techniques are great, Aronofsky uses many montages of short clips to show them getting high, selling the drugs, etc as well as split screen use. This works very well and better then expected.

The musical score is simply mind blowing. The songs composed for the film are simply amazing, most notably Lux Aeterna which you will hear many times in the film. The title might not sound familiar but you've heard it, it's been used in many other things including the Saw franchise, Assassin's Creed, I Am Legend, Da Vinci Code, and more. It's a haunting melody that always makes you feel something massive and epic is taking place no matter what it is put to.

Overall it's a great movie. It has a good theme and deals with it great. You need to see this movie, now.



The Recession by Young Jeezy

1. The Recession (INTRO)
- The production on this is nice but lyrically speaking it's wack. Still a decent intro though.

2. Welcome Back
-Another nice well produced beat and the flow is nice on this track. Could definitely be better lyrics that actually mean more and connect with the listener but still a fun track to listen to in your car.

3. By The Way
-The beat is aight but the lyrics are overdone and lame. Saying By The Way after every line ets mad old after the first 20 times. Sort of a catchy track though. can see certain mainstream fans liking it but not anyone with a brain.

4. Crazy World
- It's a decent track talking about well this Crazy World. Really nothing special just a simple song with a simple chorus. Not much to it but it's an aight track.

5. What They Want
-Best track so far. A nice simple yet elegant beat and the flow is dope. Lyrically speaking the track is just decent at best but Jeezy ain't known for his lyricism more for his production and club bangers. Good track.

6. Amazin
- Just another blah track that didn't stand out at all. The beat sounded like one of the ones already made in my opinion which I guess its understandable. Pretty simple/lame track worth a skip.

7. Hustlaz Ambition
- A pretty boring track the beat is decent but lyrically this song isn't enough for me to recommend this track. Pretty weak.

8. Who Dat
- Sort of catchy but pretty stupid song. A few nice lines here and there but it is lyrically bad and the best part is when he says Who Dat lol Just cuz its the most meaningful words on the song.

- Good track here he speaks some real shit here. The lyricism is pretty good as well. This track was in no way Great or very good but it was aight. Passable u feel me? Could be improved drastically but it was only average but one of only 2 on the album so far.

10. Circulate
- Not a bad track at all. The lyricism is solid and the flow is aight. One thing I'm starting to hate about Jeezy is his scratchy voice. It's ridiculous actually how he sounds but he can't help it lol.

11. Word Play
- Meh this track sounds like 6 of the tracks before it. The wordplay is decent but everything else is pretty gay. Listening to 18 tracks of Jeezy is pointless and makes u go retarded I noticed.

12. Vacation
- An okay track with pretty good lyricism and flow. Definitely worth an intent listen well as intently as u can listen to Not bad at all though but not great either.

- A real smooth track with solid verses from everyone. [A. Hamilton & Lil Boosie] Only an average track still.....Just lacks the great lyricismand production to be great.

14. Takin' It There
- A pretty wack/boring song. I'm sure someone likes it but it ain't my thing. So This is a skip.

15. Don't Do It
- There is some good singing but still another wack track which seems to be the way life goes for Jeezy. I mean this song has really nothing good to it at all.

16. Put On
-Jeezy stay repping his city. This is a dope track, good lyrically and the beat suits the song well. Just a real nice track from Jeezy. This album needed this to keep me from falling asleep to be honest.

17. Get Allot
- Nice beat and not a bad track but not a good one. Meh its just blah but worth at least one listen in my opinion. It could be far worse seeing the other tracks on this album.

18. My President Is Black
- Finally its the final track. This was a testament to my endurance for real. Not a bad track it was a good ending to this album that was a huge disappoiontment.



Tuesday, August 26, 2008


1. The Kennel
- Just a little intro. Listen if you want I dont find intros/skits to be worth it usually.

2. One More Road To Cross
-lol good hook X. This is a pretty good lyrical song from X I was feeling the vibe of this. Just a nice all around track. Far from being very good but a nice first track in my opinion of course.

3. The Professional
- Just talking about asassinating someone. This is some real shit from DMX though. Anyone could kill you at any time that's what's so true about this track. It's ill. Could be a better track but I can dig it the way it is.

4. Fame
- A pretty good lyrical track. When X says "WHAT!" repeatedly it gets annoying so thats a negative but he says that all the time. This track is just average at best.

5. Alot To Learn
- A short skit about being loyal and shit. Wise Words.

6. Here We Go Again
- The first verse is pretty good lyrically. A rather good track I was feeling it a lot. It definitely has room for improvement as most of X's tracks do the beat is simple but a passable song though.

7. Party Up
- Y'all Gon Make Me Act A Fool! [Up In Here! Up In Here!] Dope club banger right here just something everyone can dig and vibe to. I loved this track from the moment I heard it. Just real catchy and fun to listen to. A str8 banger.

8. Make A Move
- A decent track talking about making moves in his life. I like this song a little bit I mean I can listen to it sometimes but then sometimes I'll choose not to bump it. But I'd definitely bump this a few times.

9. What These Bitches Want
- A good song. I actually was feeling what X was rapping about how bitches alwasys asking for shit from you and trying to get everything from you when you doing your best and shit or don't want nothing to do with them. Good song.

10. What's My Name
- I could do without the stressing of the syllabbles but it is a nice track I like it. "BITCHES WHAT'S MY NAME!" It's fast paced and in your face.

11. More 2 A Song
-Blah track wasn't really feeling it. Overly simple and just a decent track nothing special at first.

12. Don't You Ever
- Good track the lyricism is real raw and uncut. Just some hardcore shit and even the chorus was pretty nice. Just say how you feel X say it like it is you g ass nigga lol

13. D-X-L (Hard White)
- A pretty nice beat and all the verses were solid. Not one really stood out as great but still good shit on this track.

14. Shakedown [Skit]
-Just a simple little skit

15. Comin' For Ya
- Dope shit on this track. DMX spit heat on this. DOpe lyricism and good wordplay. I was feeling the beat and every second of this I listened real intently. DMX had nice flow with the bumpin beat.

16. Prayer III
-Just a prayer from DMX. How touching.

17. Angel
-This song is average I liked the singing actually but but everything else was blah and only passable. I thought this track was promising from the start but I got bored with it.

18. Good Girls, Bad Guys
-I'm one of those people who think an outro/ending song should be heartfelt or some real shit. This wasn't really wasn't what I was looking for. It's a decent song but still not good enough for me to say its great or nothing. Just decent at best.



Sunday, August 24, 2008

Doctors Advocate by The Game

1. Lookin' At You
- For a long time I didn't like this song very much but now I like it. The beat and lyricism is nice. The beat alone is should make you like this track. It's bumping. SOmething to kick in your car or some shit.

2. Da Shit
- I ain't feeling this song. The intro to it was pretty stupid and the beat was rather simplistic. Games lyricism was raw and not to bad actually on this track but everything else was pretty lame.

3. It's Ok (ONE BLOOD)
- This was my track of the year when it came out. Just a fucking dope track with a dope beat. Maybe not lyrically spectacular but still a dope club banger ya feel me? Hot ass track it was song of the year in my opinion.

4. Compton
- A song repping the CPT where Game is from. Meh really only a decent track I didn't like the whole Gangsta Boogie thing I found it cheesy and as for the lyrics and beat they were average. Will.I.Am can produce better shit than this beat.

5. Remedy
- The beat is nice but I could do without the Dre mentions which are present in half the songs on this album. :[ The song is another very average track that I wasn't feeling to much. It just seemed like a filler but I liked the keys on here it sounded like a nice car bumping song. Kind of made me think of rims spinning lol

6. Let's Ride (STRIP CLUB)
- lol so many people made comments about how Game sounded like Dre on this track and looked like him in the video. Well what the fuck do u expect? It's Game who is Dre's biggest dickrider [No OFfense] It don't bother me though this song is banging. The chorus is nice, Scott Storch is a beat master and this beat is fiyah! Games lyricism is nicely written and flows perfectly with the song.

7. Too Much
-Another dope ass beat from Storch. Such a great beat honestly and this track is fire in every way. A perfect beat, nice catchy lyrics makes for a great club banger. The beat reminds me of wind chimes it's peaceful but bumping at the same time. The chorus is mad catchy as hell.

8. Wouldn't Get Far
- The sample is from Creative Source and it's perfect for this song. The chorus is nice and this track itself is some true dopeness. Just Game spitting on them video vixens who fuck to make it places. I don't even like Kanye but his verse was nice as well. Good track.

9. Scream On 'Em
- Another dope club banger. It's real in your face and Swizz Beatz was nice on this with the beat. The screaming and yelling really gave the track it's own style and sound. Swizz Beatz verse wasn't half bad either. Nice song.

10. One Night
- It's wierd that this album ended up having Games best tracks on it and the tracks of the year [Mainstream]. But this is a nice slow song that just speaks on some real shit talking about his fake friends and his life and where it's at. Just an utterly dope lyrical track from Game.

11. Doctors Advocate
-The beginning with Busta is kinda cheesy but it's not to bad it sets up Games song. Another thing I like about Game is his ability to show emotion in his tracks like he did in Start From Scratch. The chorus and the verses are moving in this song. Just a masterpiece of a track. Of course it's about Dre but whatever still a dope track can't complain. Bustas verse was even alright and wasn't overly gay.

12. Ol' English
- I saw this track as a huge filler track and I wasn't impressed with it. Skip this in my opinion.

13. California Vacation
- The beat is pretty nice an this track is good. Snoops verse was heat and even Xzibits was rather nice. Just repping hard for the Westcoast you feel? This is a dope collabo.

14. Bang
- The chorus was nice on here it was mad catchy. I liked this track and lol at the squeaky voiced dude in the background. I was feeling this shit. Another banger maybe not lyrically but with the beat and decent lyrics this song is irresistable. BANG ya digg!

15. Around The World
- Jamie Foxx ruined this shit but whatever. Wasn't feelin this track it was to long for a song like this. Just couldn't get into this no matter how hard I tried.

16. Why You Hate The Game?
-The singing is good but other than that I couldn't really get into this. I was hoping for another nice track to end this album but I wasn't into this. I'm sure I'll get people who want to stone me for that but fuck them. It's my opinion and I don't like this song that much.

LAST WORDS: WHen I first listened to this album I thought it was mad overrated and about a C. Now after about 20 listens I've discovered that it has 4 GREAT tracks and a few good ones. So this album was better than I thought but it's still overrated and was overhyped.




1. Streets Of New York
- Good track and a good story. Kool G spit perfectly to the nice beat. This is just simply a dope ass song in general. Maybe a perfect track? Not saying it's the best ever

2. Wanted: Dead Or Alive
- This is a good song. I liked it I think it was the first Kool G track I ever heard. At first I wasn't feeling it but now I can dig this shit. Definitely listen to this crack.

3. Money In The Bank
-This song is only average I wasn't really feeling this. I mean it wasn't really bad and I would definitely tell you to bump it at least once. But in my opinion it's only average at best.

4. Bad To The Bone
- The beat is real funky like most the beats on this album. Kool G did his signature rapid fire delivery on this track. Pretty good lyricism almost like a freestyle it seemed. Good track.

5. Talk Like Sex
-This track may have the best one liners in history. They're all over the board. This song is beloved by hardcore Kool G fans and it has enough comedy for anyone to enjoy. A lot of people say this is the best Rap/Sex song ever. IDK if I agree with that but it's a real nice song none the less.

6. Play It Again, Polo
-The beat on this is mad funky. You can dance to this shit. Real old school 80's sound to it. But really other than Kool G's ope delivery there isn't much more to this track. By All means you should check this but it's not a great track.

7. Erase Racism
- The opening verse on this track was ill as fuck just the way it flowed and rhymed. Dope track really is all I can say. True, real ass shit being spit here. If you ain't feeling this than you retarded. Simple as that

8. Kool Is Back
-The speed of this track was just ill as hell. So fast paced and delivered perfectly from Kool. But really other than that the beat was simple but it fit into the song. Good track but not great.

9. Play It Kool
- Not a bad track. The lyricism and wordplay is nice. I can't say nothing hat bad about this track other than the beat is real simple and almost non existent. I'm still feeling the lyricism on here though.

10. Death Wish
- Dope/Raw track. The lyricism is great on here and the flow is iller. This is something to vibe too. Just a real real nice/dope track is all I can really say. KOOL G!!!!

11. Jive Talk
- Kool G really dont cuss much have you noticed? Well not as much as artists like Eminem, Tupac, Wu Tang Clan and such. But he lets it go on this track. At first I didn't think I would like this but I was proven wrong because the lyricism and raw flow is so ill.

12. The Polo Club
-Good scratching at the beginning real raw New York style. This is all Polo on this one with him showing off his DJ skillz. I'd probably never listen to it again not becuase it's bad or dumb or nothing just because I want to listen to the next track.

13. Rikers Island
- First verse is straight well actually all the verses are straight. They're just talking about Rikers. Uhhhh Big surprise since it's the name of the song but it's a good track with a cool beat. A good ending to a good album.




1. Rat Joe (SKIT)
- Just Fat Joe snitchin or as 50 says he's snitching. IDK who am I 2 judge.

2. Hollow Thru Him
-The beat is nice and 50 actually spit heat. Yayo was ass and Banks was average. lol why even have Yayo on a verse? Good song though not really a good diss but a nice track.

3. Rider Pt. 2
- lol I had no idea this track was on this tape. This track is extremely homo as I've said in my review of T.O.S. Well at least the music video is gay. The track is lame and has nothing to do with Fat Joe. If you lik ehomo shit listen to this if not skip it.

4. Red Light Green Light
- Decent song can't say it's great or nothing but it's alright. Lloyd had a decent verse and 50 spit for the main duration of the song. It's just an average track but a well written song.

5. I'm On It Like That
- A Straight up gangsta ass diss at Fat Joe talking about killing him and beating his. I actually was feeling this beat, these lyrics and everything on this track. Fucking hood ass shit. Banks and Yayo were ass though.

6. Hip Hop Cop [Skit]
-A 9 second long skit ust a shout out. Skip!

7. Fully Loaded
- A smoother track than normal. The voice in the back was kind of wierd but it also worked nicely. Banks verse was nice. Just a blah track though can't say much great about it.

8. Rat Joe (SKIT 2)

9. Confrontation
- 50 stay talking about how he loves beef. [NO HOMO] 4real he's just saying he loves beef with mc's and shit and dissing people. lol Yayo was fucking horrible on this and Banks was ok.

10. Sunroof Open
- This track is pretty bad. I just wasn't feeling it at all. 50's 2nd verse was okay but everything on this track was played out and lame. This is a pass if you don't like lame ass shit.

- This song was like an X rated R&B track. I wont even waste time explaining how gay this was. FUCK THIS TRACK! SKIP IT!

12. Chase Da Cat
- Slim Shady was on the intro. The beat is nice and fun. Other than that though this track was pretty weak in my opinion. Unless your a beat junkie this is a skip unless your high as well.

13. Lifetime Achievement
- A nice song and Yayo's verse was actually........good? Congrats Yayo I liked your verse. But this was a pretty good song. Could've been better and definitely wasn't great but it was passable.

14. Outro
- Haha at the gunshot to shut people up. Just more self praising for G-Unit!



Saturday, August 23, 2008

L.A.X. by The Game

1. Intro
-Maybe one of the gayest things I ever heard. DMX is a douchebag [or sounds like one] and this intro is just pretty lame.

2. LAX Files
- Shorty's vocals are rather nice on this track so I was feeling this from the start. This is some nice shit right here. Not really lyrically is it good but I was just feeling what he was speaking and it was just a good sounding gangsta track. I liked how he brought up people thinking they gangsta just cuz they scene Boyz N The Hood and Menace. Nice track.

3. State Of Emergency Feat. Ice Cube
- Pretty nice lyricism on this but the song is just average really. Can't say I'm 100% feeling it but I ain't hating it. Cube didn't have a verse he just spoke and said the chorus. Blah track.

4. Bulletproof Diaries Feat. Raekwon
- This track really wasn't as good as I expected. The lyricism was sort of awkward and not as serious as I expected. Raekwons verse was nice but I wasn't impressed with this track I mean why the fuck was he talking about Kobe and Lebron? What does that have to do with Bulletproof Diaries? Another blah track.

5. My Life Featuring Lil Wayne
- Well in my opinion any track with Lil Wayne loses any chance of being great. But actually the first shit from Weezys mouth was some g ass shit. I was feeling what he was saying and I think he brought a lot to the track. Still only a decent track though. Game had many verses but none stood out to me as great!

6. Money
- Second Cool & Dre track in a row. It's wierd how many Cool & Dre beats he had on here. Average song at best nothing about it was great it was just meh. Wasn't really feeling it and I thought it was boring.

7. Cali Sunshine Feat. Bilal
- Game was shouting out dudes and I liked his Suge line. He spoke on just about everyone big these days. Bilal's vocals sounded good though and it was a nice beat produced by Nottz. Not a bad track.

8. Ya HEard Feat. Ludacris
- Another bumpin Nottz beat. Not bad lyrics here I was feeling Games wordplay but the best line by far was from Luda. "The California Sun is Scorchin/I'm Emptying Bullets like my gun was having abortions/" Shit was fiyah but other than that fuck Ludas verse.

9. Hard Liquour [Interlude]
-This has Nas in it but this is definitely a skip you can easily do without this interlude.

10. House Of Pain
- First mention of Dr. Dre in this whole album is right here. I'm proud of Game for that he got over Dre. I would've liked some Dre beats tho just saying. Another blah track tho it wasn't very good lyrically or anything. Average!

11. Gentleman's Affair Feat. Ne-Yo
-WTF!!! A Ne-Yo feature on a Game track? Y'all are lucky I even listened to this cuz I hate Ne-Yo. A song about fuckin basically and Games thug appeal. Not a very good track in my opinion. Just wasn't feeling it.

12. Let Us Live Feat. Chrissette Michelle
-A Scott Storch beat that I wasn't really impressed with. It was just a blah beat and the song itself was average honestly.

13. Touchdown Feat. Raheem Devaughn
- The bass in this beat is fuckin knockin on the real. But this track lacked substance mainly just talking about fuckin which is understandably lacking substance but I'm not a fan of sexual songs so I didn't like this track plus it was kind of gay as far as vocals.

14. Angel Featuring Common
- Commons verse was blah I didn't think it was too good or nothing I mean it was just average considering it's coming from Common who can spit way better. Just a below average track cuz Games verses were worse than Commons.

15. Never Can Say Goodbye Featuring Latoya Williams
- Nice intro remembering B.I.G. This track was co-produced by Game and I actually liked the beat quite a bit it had my head noddin with it. Good meaningful track all in all I can't say nothing real bad. I was feeling it.

16. Dope Boys Featuring Travis Barker
-Travis Barker on the drums. At first I wasn't feeling this track but Barkers drumming actually was nice for the beat/song. Still not that great of a track mainly about Game being a drug dealer and shit. Although I believe its also about how dope They are in general lol. Average!

17. Games Pain Feat. Keyshia Cole
- I really hated this track from the moment I first heard it. I thought it was some pussy R&B shit. Good emotion from Games voice though and I respect the meaning. [Paying Homage Too The Legends] Keyshia sings good on this track but I wasn't feeling this at all. Many people were so it's really up to you.

18. Letter To The King Feat. Nas
- A smoother and slower song than many of the L.A.X. tracks. Nas spit a solid verse and Game was alright. This track was just ok. Nothing really bad stood out and it was about MLK. R.I.P.

19. Outro
- Another prayer by DMX lol. Fucking gay as hell again.




Plot (B-):
The plot for this film is semi out of the ordinary for a movie like this. I mean it's your typical Los Angeles street film kind of like Harsh Times or Training Day. Training Day is 100 times better than this though so don't compare them. But the same style of movie you see. The cops are crooked as fuck in this movie and I won't spoil nothing but this movie is a lot more in depth than you would expect. The plot maybe tries to hard to be like CSI and throw twists and turns at u but still a nice plot.

Acting (B-):
Maybe one of Keanu Reeves best performances solely because he didn't look like a douche and Paul Walker everything. It had an all star cast with Forrest Whitaker and the House guy, Jay Mohr and numerous others. The acting wasn't bad at all but it wasn't great. It exceeded my expectations though so that's a plus. The acting was just acceptable but like I said Keanu was passable and the cast was well put together.

Action (B)
-There's a lot of action from the start. Not just shooting and gunfights but mental CSI type action. A lot of killing throughout the film and new discoveries and twists leave you wondering whats gonna happen next. MAybe not edge of your seat but definitely something that keeps your eyes glued.



Tuesday, August 19, 2008


1. Intromental
- Real smooth intro I liked it.

2. Pencil FT.Masta Killa & RZA
- A lot of people acted like this track was the greatest song in years. Its a good track but nothing special. Dope? Yes. Classic? No. Just a good track really with a few nice lines and a decent beat.

3. Alphabets
-Real old school and nice beat thrown in on this track. Good track overall with decent lyricism but really its not great either it's still missing something. Good track though definitely worth a listen.

4. Groundbreaking Ft. Justice Kareem
- Another good track with nice lyricism. I was feeling it all in all a solid song to bump and vibe too.

5. 7 Pounds
-Nice chorus and nice lyricism. Interestingly produced by Black Milk and not a bad beat at all. Good track I thought it could've been better but it was nice all the same.

6. 0% Finance
- I liked the guitar on this track and the lyricism was dope. Nice track and the beat set it off well and complimented GZA's voice and flow. Nice track.

7. Short Race
- Decent story but it was just a decent track all in all I didn't love it but i didn't dislike it. I would probably skip it unless I was in the mood but it's up to you cuz I could easily see someone liking it.

8. Interlude
-.........Ok lol

9. Paper Plates
- Ohhhhhhhh Shit its a diss at 50. Pathetic? All in the mind of the listener. Just a decent track I didn't really like it don't get me wrong I'm fine with him dissing 50 but this diss was like a baby diss not even a track that would phase 50 probably. So yea it's whatever. [Produced By RZA :)]

10. Columbian Ties
-The story is aight but its been told before in a variated way. Just a blah track wasn't completely feeling it. Just average.

11. Firehouse Feat. Roc Marciano
- Roc spit nicely on this but all in all this track is just very blah I wasn't really feeling it. Everything was just average to me.

12. Path Of Destruction
- Meh whatever its not a very good track in my opinion I just wasn't feeling it. The beat was over simplistic as were the lyrics. Just couldn't get into it.

13. Cinema Feat. Justice Kareem
- Yea I was digging this right off the beginning. A perfect beat that just got you vibing to it relentlessly like a heartbeat it was on point. I liked he lyrics even though they were simple. A pretty good track with some definite flaws.

14. Interlude

15. Life Is A Movie Feat. RZA & Irfane Khan-Acito
- Produced by RZA it was a real grimy song and I didn't like the beat or the lyrics. Like I said it sounded like a grimy underground track which is sometimes good but this song was ass.

16. Elastic Audio [BONUS]
-It's edited? At leats the version I had was so fuck this but it's not a bad track really if you get past the editing. It's a nice live performance.




DISCLAIMER: Unfortunately I Was Not Able To Find Track Names For Most Of The Tracks So I ApoloGize For This!!!

1. Intro
- Nothing at all here so it's a skip but it'll be over before u can skip.

2. Track 02
-Dope ass beat and just dope track all together. Listen this raw ass gangsta shit intently this is the talent available in the Midwest. Real nice raw and uncut song.

3. Welcome 2Da Lou
- Another good ass track repping St. Louis hardcore. The lyricism isn't really good but its more the delivery and sound of the song that makes it good.

4. Get Your Weight Up
- Nice chorus and a pretty good song here. Talking about people who hate who have no business hating. Dope track

5. Scary Gary
- An okay gangsta rap song. Its decent but kind of boring actually.

6.Cock And Pop It

- Dope gangsta ass song just talking about popping off motha fuckas and shit. MIDWEST STAND UP! Lyrically it's aight nothin special really once again it's just the song itselfthat is good.

7. BarnFire

- Wasn't really feeling this. The chorus is kinda catchy but it sounded like a wack BTNH song. Just a decent track at best.

8. Track 08

- A song about taking rap back to da streets and shit. Another rather good track with good lyricism.

9. Track 09

-Nice beat sounds like a Southern style song but they just saying Fuck where ur from that dont mean u wont die by they gun ya digg? Kind of got annoying when they say Mayne every five seconds. Nice track.

10. Track 10

- A slowed down track that was a nice change of pace. It was real nice and something to vibe too. TOld a nice story and I dug the emotion and such on this track. GOod lyrics good overall sound to it. I can dig it.

11. Track 11
-Not a bad track but not a good one it was just average so yea you can skip it or not it really depends on your taste.

12. Track 12
- I didn't really like this that much but it had good parts in it and at least one good verse. Could've been a better track but whatever I can;t change that.

13. Track 13
- The beat was blah and the track itself wasn't that great I just wasn;t feeling it.

14. Track 14
-Dope track I was feeling it.

15. Track 15
- Nice song overall although it wasn't nothing special.

16. Track 16

17. Track 17
- Not bad I liked it although it has flaws.

18. Track 18
- Meh

19. Track 19
- Blah

20. Outro
- Good outro



Wednesday, August 13, 2008

To The Extreme by Vanilla Ice

1. Ice, Ice, Baby
- Dope ass track wit a dope sample. It's mad catchy and just a good track with nice lyricism actually. I remember listening to this with my grandma in her car. This is my jam. Fuckin dance music!!!!

2. Yo Vanilla!
- YO VANILLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Only 4 seconds here lol

3. Stop That Train
- Nice scratching here on this track but the lyrics are pretty lame and simple. Not much to this song it's boring and I have a hard time listening all the way through.

4. Hooked
- Nice track the lyricism ain't bad at all and he's just talking about men who are whipped by women and shit. I like what he's spitting on this some true shit.

5. Ice Is Workin It
- Not a bad rock beat at least it sounded like it. Something to dance to definitely and it didn't lack lyricism but it still was kind of cheesy and lame which is to be expected from Ice. Just a decent song not bad though.

6. Life Is A Fantasy
- lol at this song. The bitch in it is mad annoying she just keeps talking in that wierd voice. The song really lame and cheesy its definitely a skip.

7. Play That Funky Music
- Nice track not as good as the original song named that but still funny and something to vibe to. Vanilla's lyricism wasn't half bad on this song either. I was feelin this track for the most part. Not bad not bad at all.

8. Dancin
- It's okay song just like the title says it something to dance to lol. Really nothing els special other than the vibe on it that anyone can enjoy and bump in your car. Nice track.

9. Go III
-I wasn't feeling this really its not that great. Skip

10. It's A Party
-Many people say this is Vanillas best track and this song is pretty nice. The beat is fire and the lyricism is nice.

11. Juice To Get Loose Boy
-WTF?! Only 7 seconds long its wierd that he has these wierd ass interludes that are so short.

12. Ice Cold
- Dope lyrics here I was feeling all his lyrics on this track. This song is nice besides the blah beat but other than that its a dope ass track!

13. Rosta Man
-Was this a joke? Maybe one of the worst songs in history. I mean he wasn't even rapping it was utterly horrible and should never be listened to. I wanna kill myself now afer listening.

14. I Love You
-As gay as Life Is A Fantasy. Almost the same fuckin track. Its ass just liek Life Is A Fantasy as well.

15. Havin A Roni
-Fuck this piece of shit. Thank god this is over.



Sunday, August 10, 2008

Battlefield: Bad Company

Storyline 7/10:

The storyline is realy just average. I don't expect much from a war game and they tried at least to make a compelling storyline. Reallu there was nothing great about it tho. Other than the hilariious characters in my opinion the storyline was bland. Never really explaining the war and such.

Gameplay 7/10:
It isn't horrible but it isn't great. The aiming is pretty lame and it gets flustering. The gameplay has tons of flaws and I feel the sloppy/clunky controls are one of them. Aiming=Bad first of all and the character just seems hard to control so I'm getting shot at and its hard to do shit cuz of the controls getting me angry. It's not really a control thing its more of the way the dudes move. The game is reasonably challenging and it's still a fun game.

Graphics 8/10:
All anyone does is compliment this games graphics like its untouchable. It can't fuck wit COD4 so quit saying it graphically can.Yea it's cool that shit blows up and trees break but it ain't that great nor does it look completely different than other games. The game is a solid graphic showing but nothing special.

Sounds 8.5/10:
Game critics act like the sounds in this game are unbelievable. Maybe I'm just not impressed but whatever. Yea the game sounds good on surround sound. The loud sound of artillery fire and the sound of bullets slamming into walls and the ground. Definitely very realistic and maybe a notch above other games. This game makes you feel like your in a warzone. Still it wasn't all that great.

Online 8.5/10
The online play is fun but has many flaws. Up to 24 players of serious warfare. What the fuck is up wit no clan play? No matter the online play is fun but I don't believe its as good as COD4's. Theres only 2 game modes to play and shit gets repetitive fast.

GRADE: 8/10


Friday, August 8, 2008

Atmosphere - Sad Clown Bad Spring #12

1) Less One
Great storytelling on this one, about a cop who’s personal life keeps influencing his professional work: “Officer got a little bit lost in the zone/It all took him back to childhood, home sweet home.” Really liking Slug’s flow on this one, can’t really explain why, though, just something about his breath control and the spots he pauses at. Got a bunch of nice lines in there, particularly ending the verses: the line above, and “Ain’t no telling what them boots might do/If she leaves him for someone that looks like you.” The beat’s pretty good too.

2) Good Daddy
More good storytelling. This track talks about a father-son relationship, before ending surprisingly with the lines: “That’s how good daddy takes care of him/Then that good daddy goes downstairs to package heroin.” Great finisher (Note: I’m probably reading more into the track than Slug intended lol), as it shows that even the best of people – in this case, a “good daddy” – can do bad things or have other problems in their life. Nice beat too, good instrumentation.

3) Carry Me Home
Nice sample and instrumental on this track. Once again, the track is good, Slug narrates (I’m sure a lot of people, especially Atmosphere fans can relate) about how his life is fucked up and he knows it (first verse is third person, second is self-narrated) Great lyrics, great flow. A lot of quotable lines…in particular I liked the part where he spits, “Not a victim, fuck the sympathy/Figure it out and kill the bitch in me/Pour a little liquor out and call it a victory/They said the sky was limit free.” Great song overall

4) Happy Mess
I like the instrumental, and the chorus, albeit repetitive (“This, that, and this”) is catchy and pretty good. The verses are great, with Slug making a love song that doesn’t ignore that life is painful and has a great mix of realism. For example, in the third verse he raps, “You see me at lowest moments/You give me sight when I have broken focus/With a smile that opens up like a rosebud/Even when it all seems so fucking hopeless.”

5) Not Another Day
Wow, a great ending to an EP that’s been dominated by storytelling, with Slug narrating three different stories in between a greatly chosen sample that wails “Oh, not another day.” The stories are, of course, of various hardships in life, be it a single mother, a bullied kid, or a homeless man. Great lyrics overall, can’t even pick any specific lines. All three stories are well done, and it’s a nice instrumental. Overall, a great end to the EP.

Grade: A


Sunday, August 3, 2008

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots

Graphics 10/10:

This game is a visual masterpiece in every aspect. In my opinion the greatest graphic showing in history really showing next gen gamers what the definition of "next generation". This is a notch higher than my previous greatest graphics/physics champion, "Assassins Creed" Sorry Creed but u don't even compare to this game. The graphics in this game are so damn good they make u feel like your watching a movie. The facial expressions and the sheer physics are great. Well lets just shorten this up. BEAUTIFUL, STUNNING, BREATHTAKING and basically the most perfect visual showing in history. Yea I said it.

Gameplay 9/10:
The new over the shoulder camera was definitely a good idea. The octo camo suit is of course bad ass. A few rough spots here and there but they can't really be pin pointed so they aren't big problems. The stealth gameplay is still present here but you can still run and gun if you so choose. Liquid Easy is way to easy though. One shot kills? Yea at least play on normal but if you don't want to then the game is still reasonably challenging. Boss battles are pretty cool as well and not overly challenging so that you get frustrated but still enough to work at. As I said a few minor minor teeny flaws in this game not big enough to make this game bad.

Storyline 10/10:
Not only is this a great storyline this is the greatest storyline ever written. I admit at times it's hard to soak all this up because theres so much shit going on and especially if you haven't played this series. But isn't that what u want an in depth storyline that makes you feel immersed into your character. WIth background stories on each and every character making you feel connected to them in each and every way. The story is so well written its unbelievable. SO much though and such had to of gone into it. Such a damn good storyline like this that is so heart wrenching with every twist in it has to get a Perfect score.

Cutscenes 9.5/10:
First off yes the rumors are true that the cutscenes are horribly long. We're talking like hour long cutscenes. But guess what? Fuck all that the cutscenes are kick ass and graphically great. Of course it'll take a long time to explain a story like this but the cutscenes are so beautiful and so damn good and well told time doesn't matter. Plus you can skip a few if you so wish it's on you but to get the full effect you best watch them all. Fuck a life this is MGS4 bitch.

Replay Value 8.5/10
Why not step it up another difficulty level just for the hell of it? It's such a great game you'd be crazy not to play again if nothing else just to kill shit and mess around. Yea there isn't great incentive but it's a great game that's fun and everyone loves shooting stuff up.

GRADE: 10/10

-If you don't give this game at least a 9/A-/5 out of 5 or whatever then your a fool and should die. I didn't review MGO [Metal ear Online] but it takes forever to download and shit. Still rather fun once you get into it but the downloading part sucks. If youbought this game for online tho your retarded. THIS GAME IS GAME OF THE YEAR AND IS AN ABSOLUTE MASTERPIECE!