Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Where to start with this movie. So I was really excited when I rented this movie this morning. I had been wanting to see it since its release cause I thought it looked hilarious and heard good things. Well I got a mixed reaction after watching it. I honestly wasn't sure if it was funny or just the stupidest fucking movie of the year. Well that might be to harsh.

Basically the movie is about actors making a movie about the Vietnam war. I wont spoil anyhing but every actor has his own problems and things he has to overcome. All the different back stories are pretty funny. Especially Robert Downey Jr.'s parts. So they start off shooting the climatic scene of their movie which is basically a rescue mission in a helicopter. The diva-like actors start fighting and the scene doesn't finish. First off I'll say this movie has a lot more cussing than I expected. The F word flies like nothing else but that's fine with me. I wouldn't suggest letting your child see it though. Another thing is this movie does some random ass things with random ass characters saying random shit. Often this movie is so stupid it's funny. Anyways back to the story; So the man who wrote the book for this movie says if they want the actors to get over themselves they need to put them in the jungle or in "the shit" as they say to learn. Basically the plan was to put them out there and stage explosions and random attacks to make it all realistic. Of course it didn't work out that way.

Blah Blah Blah the movie went on. Made jokes, made you laugh, made you wonder why the hell he just said that and at some times makes you wonder where the hell you are and what this movie is about. It's sort of like being fucked up on acid and watching Teletubbies or some shit. Point is the movie is on crack. Pure fucking 100% crack. I'm not dogging I'm only stating facts. Now just because the movie is random and at some times provacative doesn't mean it's not good or funny. The movie is funny and at times makes you laugh your ass off either because it's so dumb, random or it's just a funny scene.

I wont say anything else about the plot but the movie to me was sort of a disappointment. All the same though it's a funny movie and I enjoyed it just not as much as I'd like to. Would I buy it? Probably not unless it as cheap or I was rich. But will it be a good movie to catch on HBO down the road when you're feeling down? Hell yes.



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