Monday, November 10, 2008

Eazy-Duz-It by Eazy-E

1. (Prelude) Still Talkin'
-Sort of a wierd flow but I myself find Eazy-E to both have an unorthodox flow and voice which sets him apart from other rappers. I like rappers who I can just identify as soon as they speak. This track really isn't that special though it's comedic with a few good lines. A good intro none the less that sets the tone for this albums light hearted gangster feel.

2. Nobody Move
- Could song right here not really because it's mad lyrical more because it's just a fun track to listen to with funny ass shit like this;
I said: "Lay down, and unbutton your bra!"
There was the biggest titties that a nigga ever saw
I said: "Damn", then the air got thinner
Only thought in my mind, was goin' up in her
The suspense was makin' me sick
She took her panties down and the bitch had a dick!"

Theres more than that though. See in my opinion the thing I like about all of N.W.A.'s former members is that none of them were great lyricists and at times I found their rhymes to be cheesy but thats the thing they had a whole nother style that was a serious gangster attitude yet in some way comedic. But that's just me you may not feel the same way. Anyways nice track.

3. Ruthless Villain
-Very nice old school sound to this track. Just a fun boppin beat and good lyricism to match it as far as the flow with the beat. Good track but not great I mean it's worth a listen but nothing special at all.

4. 2 Hard Mutha's
-I love Eazy's song intros and this song just reminds me of when rap was in simpler times in a way. Good drum playing Eazy ;) The beat is fire got a real nice sound to it that sort of makes you listen to the track. The lyricism ain't bad either and I like MC Ren being on all of these tracks. Ren is a talented MC that never truly got the respect he deserved. Nice track.

5. Boyz-n-the-hood (Remix)
- Just a nice smooth flow throughout this song. The beat is spectacular (no homo) but for real the song is really good and how could it not be with a beat like that. It's just something to cruise around in and chill.

6. Eazy-Duz-It
-lol at the beginning. True gangsta ass shit here. Not overly done but just well written track. Simple line here yet great, "Yo I'm Eazy-E I got bitches galore, you may have bitches but I have much much more" Ill, is really all that can be said about this track. The great flow and dope lyrics just make you weep that Eazy was still alive.......maybe I'm over exaggerating but you get my point. R.I.P. Eazy

7. We Want Eazy
-Sort of cheesy but a lot of gangsta rap was in some way cheesy especially when you have Eazy's style. To be honest I lost interest in this track while listening to it. I wasn't impressed with this song but it's not really bad just bored me a lot and couldn't get into it.

8. Eazy-er Said Than Done
- Shit one of the first tracks I ever heard from Eazy and I just loved the swag, style and seemingly effortless skill he displayed in his lyrics. His rhymes spoke for him in a flamboyant way. This track is just dope with no real weak lines and just a fun song to vibe to especially with homies. Just telling people he can't be fucked with and shit. Without a doubt one of his best songs maybe only second to his masterpiece Real Muthaphukkin G's. Love this track.

9. Radio
- Not really impressed with this song it just wasn't that good. Wasn't very interesting and didn't keep my attention. Just a very blah, sub-par song.

10. No More Questions
- Fun beat and song to listen to. It's average though nothing really special. Eazy shows some good lyricism here but it still lacks something that most of he other tracks had. Just didn't have the light-hearted gangster style to it. Kind of lame but the beat saved it. A few good lines helped as well.

11. I'mma Break It Down
- Average song really not very good I got bored with it real quick and it sounded like many of the previous songs. Very blah blah blah.

12. Eazy-Chapter 8 Verse 10
- Really not much of a track am I correct?



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