Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I figured I would watch Hellboy 2 since I liked the first one alright and since I already had it at my house I figured what the hell. I popped it in and from the very beginning I wanted to die. The child version of Hellboy looks like an uglier version of the boy in Jumanji who turned into a monkey. Shit freaked me the fuck out. It just looked dumb as hell.

So this second installment had more cheesy jokes and was just cheesy overall. I mean the first one was cheesy but this one just was over the top cheesy. I tried to not pay attention to that but to many lame jokes came at me from all sides. I mean I expect some level of lameness from a superhero movie but come on! Anyways this movie did have some cool action scenes and the main bad guy was a bad mother fucker. Every scene with him in it kicked ass. Dude just straight worked dudes left and right.

Yes, there were some cool scenes but really the movie overall was a lame excuse for a superhero/action movie. I won't say the movie was horrible or unusually bad but it wasn't great. I mainly just sucked it up and pulled myself through most of it.

As for the moral of the story. Well basically it's about love being strong and how people are judged by how different they are. All that good stuff.



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