Saturday, November 8, 2008

Statik Selektah - Stick 2 The Script

1) Stick 2 The Script (Intro)

Haha, Statik stars spitting. Doesn’t suck, either (wonder who ghost wrote it?). Anyway, just a short lil intro

2) To The Top (Stick 2 The Script) (Feat. Cassidy, Saigon, Termanology)
Nice track. Term had gotten annoying to me, but he was nice on this. All had nice verses. Liked Saigon breaking down his raps in comparison with legends. Overall, just a nice vibe and good lyrics.

3) For The City (Feat. MOP & Jadakiss)
Nice gutter shit, but I thought that a) the chorus didn’t really fit with the vibe, and b) the lyrics (especially MOP, not really Jada) were unoriginal. It’s decent, but probably on the weaker side of the album.

4) Get Out The Way (feat. Bun B & Cory Mo)
Yeaaahh, UGK track. Thought’d be more about Pimp’s passing, but it still works. Nice vibe, but I felt the beat was worse than some others, a bit annoying. A decent track overall.

5) All 2gether Now (Feat. Freeway, Peedi Crakk, Young Chris)
Didn’t Peedi diss Hov a ton? Sup with Freeway being on a track with him? Haha. Didn’t really like the sample, but once again, it’s not bad. One of my least favorites on the album though.

6) Interlude (feat. Q-Tip)
No rapping or anything, not really anything important.

7) Church (feat. Termanology)
I like the track. Term’s redeeming himself in my eyes. Nice track, nice beat.

8) Talkin’ Bout You (Ladies) (Feat. Skyzoo, Joell Ortiz, Talib Kweli)
Nice track. Good choice of samples IMO. And hell, you can’t really go wrong with this line-up. Gets the album back on track IMO. Very good track. Each verse is, IMO, dope.

9) On The Marquee (feat. Little Brother, Joe Scudda, Chandon)
Soulful vibe, real calm/placid/laidback. Great track. Everyone holds their own, and I really like the chorus. Just a really chill track.

10) Mr. Popularity (Feat. Consqequence)
First single. Overrated, IMO, but good nonetheless. Nice beat, gutter shit. I’m definitely a Cons fan, but I feel like he’s more suited on calmer/more soulful tracks. Not saying it’s bad at all though, I definitely fuck with it, but would’ve liked to see another rapper on it as well.

11) Interlude (feat. Madd Rapper)
Annoying talking. Skip.

12) This Is It (Showoff Remix) (Feat. D-Dot, Redman, Black Rob)
Dope beat, and nice line-up. All rappers hold their own on some smooth production. Fucking nice!

13) So Good (Live From The Bar) (Feat. Naledge, Reks, CL Smooth)
Psshh, took long enough for a Reks track! Needless to say, he spits nice, but so does everyone else. CL Smooth on a track with Reks! How dope is that? Nice instrumentation on this one. Very dope!

14) Streets of MA (Feat. Masspike Miles, Termanology, Supastah Snuk,
Reks, Slaine, Easy Money, Frankie Wainwright, and Smoke)

*Faints*. FINALLY a dope MA anthem! Like pretty much everyone it. Not surprisingly, one of my favorites was Reks, though I thought Easy Money and Frankie Wainwright were dope too. Nice, simple chorus, good vibe, just a dope posse cut for the MA, yeaaahhh

15) Sounds of the Street (Interlude) (Featuring JFK)
Didn’t know who JFK was…but I like what I hear. Quick verse, introducing a new rapper. Short and sweet. Point made: new rapper, best prepare yourself

16) Destined To Shine (feat. Torae, Sha Stimuli, Jon Hope)
Yeaahhh, Jon Hope! Dope rapper. Nice vibe again, talking about how they made it…nice track, good verses all around, good beat.

17) Cali Nights (feat. Glasses Malone, Mistah FAB, Novel)
Yeah, I wanna move to Cali (though I rep MA to the fullest, wtf?). Good track, nice vibe, good verses. I fuck with it. Had me nodding my head and all.

18) Take It All Back (feat. Reks, Ea$y Money, Royce Da 5’9”, Paula Campbell)
Dope fucking song. Reks goes in and talks to his mom, Ea$y spits some nice reminisceful bars, and Royce pretty much kills it: “Life ain't sweet, the Lord ain't said it was fair/Advice ain't cheap, I'm sure that I'm payin' for prayer/For granted I take it, some time my honor diseased/I'm only on my knees when I'm in need.” Paula Cambell’s chorus is nice too, and I like the vibe of the instrumental. Dope ending.

Grade: B


P.S. We back niggaaaaazzzzzzzz

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