Monday, November 17, 2008


So I caught this movie on HBO with my uncle. He told me it was a good movie so I sat and most of it (I Started Watching like 15 minutes in) So I thought it was good and went and bought it. Then I watched the enitre thing. I was impressed with this movie, far better than I thought it would ever be. It's one of those movies that is very good but it's not one of your favorite movies and such.

A very well written movie with some funny parts. Basically you follow a young aspiring rock journalist during the early 70's. The movie is about music setting us free, the glory days of Rock and Roll and being yourself. The tension between bands and journalists were high since journalists tended to ruin careers. This movie really embodies rock 'n' roll and the 70's together. The soundtrack complimented the movie greatly. An example is when the main character is on the tour bus with the band he is writing on, "Stillwater" and after fighting the song Tiny Dancer by Elton John comes on. Yea Elton John is gay but that song really complimented the scene (

The plot is really just about the band Stillwater rising to the top and about the main character writing about them. Of course Stillwater has a lot of drama going on as most bands and basically just everything goes wrong. The main character struggles to write the truth but remain friends with the band. He also struggles with his love for a Band-Aid (Basically A Groupie) which is played by Kate Hudson. So all tese struggles with everything and in the end everything basically works out.

Almost Famous is a very good story that will speak to you in some way and it actually for me gave me a new found reason to listen to Rock 'N' Roll again. The point here is that this is a good movie and should be seen by everyone at least once.



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