Tuesday, November 18, 2008

20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best of Chuck Berry

1. Maybellene
- Hell yea this is what I'm talking about. Just simpler times and simpler songs. I listen to all types of music so older stuff doesn't bother me. Hell I actually like the whole carefree sounds of The Temptations, Jimi Hendrix and Chuck Berry. Just such a good song that's real simple and fast for you to sing along with. Sometimes simple is the best way to do it.

2. Roll Over Beethoven
- Another simple fast-paced track just doing what you can with your talent. In the terms of back then you could say Chuck Berry's style/swagger was the equivalent of present days Jay-Z. Dude had a style all his own that many borrowed from him. (Or Tried To) Anyways this song has great guitar play in it. Just a catchy song that you'll probably be singing for a few hours.

3. Brown Eyed Handsome Man
- Now for one I myself am a brown eyed handsome man so I identified with this song. Honestly this song is kind of borin but it is actually a well written track and story. This is easily worth a listen but I can see people getting bored with it unless your really old and grew up on Chuck.

4. School Day
- Good music right here. Another melodic sound and lyrical presence. Really no great meaning or point here yet you find yourself identifying with it simply because you went to school at some point. Pretty good, pretty good.

5. Rock And Roll Music
- This song embodies Chuck Berry as a singer/songwriter and rock music at the time. SOme may say Chuck is the King Of Rock 'N' Roll and I will definitely say he helped shape it. Very short song though but entertaining all the way.

6. Sweet Little Sixteen
- Yea the BEach Boys ripped Berry off while he was in jail and they made Surfin USA but whatever because in my opinion theirs is better. This is still good though but I am a secretly a fan of the Beach Boys for some odd reason (No Homo) Yes, I love rap and listening to cussing and death threats repeatedly is fun but nothing compares to good old simple old school American Music. Anyways this is a good song and as I said earlier everyone wanted to borrow from Berry. Another very short song though.

7. Johnny B. Goode
- Hmmmmm you know who also ripped this song off? Yea, the Beach Boys. Know something else? They made a damn good version as well. Doesn't matter though lol this song is good in every way. Good sound and very good lyrics.

8. Carol
- Now not to be a downer but a lot of Chucks song sound exactly alike like this and Johnny B. Goode. But thank god the sound is always gonna be good that way. This song is average and I could probably see myself skippig it. Still not bad at all. Berry is a dope guiatrist.

9. You Never Can Tell
- I like this song a lot because it's in Pulp Fiction. But really this is just a fun song and it's well written to boot. Wait a second...did i really just say "to boot". Hmmmmm I needa get that looked at. But anyways this is a wonderful song and a well told story.

10. No Particular Place To Go
- Here we go baby, one of the best songs ever recorded just because of its sound. This is just something you can kick back and listen to in the car. It's fun and light hearted and extremely catchy. GREATNESS!



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