Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Creepin On Ah Come Up by Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

1. Intro
- Nice mysterious intro. SOme straight g ass shit. Just really sets the tone for the whole EP.

2. Mr. Ouija
- Yea I don't really agree with the whole Ouija board concept but the harmonizing and flow of the sound on this track is top notch. But it's not even rap really it's just singing so I can't say much more except......good singing?

3. Thuggish Ruggish Bone
- Many believe this is one of the realest/gangsta tracks ever. I'll have to agree this track embodies street music and the thug life in a way even Pac or Biggie could never do. Dope beat, dope hook/chorus just a dope track all in all. This song is off the hook with great flow and just a street banger. This is the type of song a hustler wakes up to and gets on his grind looking for a brighter tomorrow. Good ass shit.

4. No Surrender
- I liked the synthesized voice at the beginning and how it broke off into the rapping. Bizzie spit such an ill verse on this track. This is a good song but nothing more. This is a good cool down from Thuggish Ruggish. Good track that you can listen to repeatedly and not really get sick of.

5. Down Foe My Thang
- Dope beat and flow straight off the jump. One thing I will say that's for sure is Bone Thugs may have the best flow as a group out of any rap group ever. Their melodic style is ridiculous and scary good as its own style. This track is only average it isn't bad but isn't great.

6. Creepin On Ah Come Up
- Another great melodic song. Again just an average track but not a bad one. WOrth a listen easily but doesn't deserve great praise. Can't really hate on it but I can't say nothing exceptionally great either.

7. Foe Tha Love Of $
- Flesh's verse was real nice and flowed great. Well actually everyone who spit, spit real nice. Good song with another melodic sound. Eazy kinda came in and ruined the Bone Thugs style. Still he did fine and this track is nice.

8. Moe Cheese (Instrumental)
- Real nice instrumental for anybody to write to. Good sound to it that ends this EP nicely.

Well I myself am not a big Bone Thugs fan and I think they may be one of the most overrated rap groups in history. TO tell you the truth they are sort of sellouts starting with E 1999 Eternal and Tha Crossroads. That shit was lame but whatever. This is a very solid EP and BTNH is a talented group and legends in their own right. Real ass dudes that anyone can identify with whether you from the ghetto or the burbs.



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