Monday, November 17, 2008


First off let me start by saying when I first saw the trailer for this game and heard all the hype I was extremely excited to see how this matched up against one of the biggest fan favorites in years, Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. I myself was not one of those people upset that the game went back to World War II. For World War II was a great victory for the world and an entertaining war to play none the less. SO that did not bother me but what really bothered me was who was making the game. THe same company who tarnished Call Of Duty 3. People who can't make games for shit. So that was my biggest fear, that I would be paying 60 dollars to play a game that is ass. Yes, this left me bewildered to decide whether or not to buy it. Eventually I trusted that Treyarch would do its job and make a good game that is at least decent enough to entertain fans. I don't think anyone expected another COD4. Anyways so here is my review:

The graphics in this game are great, just as good as COD4's. Everything looks very realistic and I liked the detail they had for just about everything. The first level looked wonderful between the water shimmering in the night and the grass/trees/plants that looked so realistic you thought you were in a jungle. The game is beautifully made and looks great. The trailer didn't lie when it showed this graphic superiority. Sound really doesn't have anything to do with vision or graphics but I will include it simply because it is a sub category of detail and such. The gunshots sounded realistic enough but the grenades failed quite a bit. When the grenades explode it sounds like a rock falling on grass with a light thump. As far as sounds go COD4 takes that but graphics are about even.

The controls themselves are the same as COD4 and that is pleasing. Everything seems to be realistic and nearly the same as COD4, which is a good thing. They didn't try to do that much in order to separate their game from Infity Wards. All the gameplay is solid with very few problems. Something I would like to add is that the Veteran difficulty is damn near impossible to beat but you'll keep attempting to get that trophy. All in all the levels are fun and there is a variety of them. Nothing better than stabbing a kamikaze Jap running at you with his bayonet. The game is highly entertaining. Solid gameplay even though I often hear complaints that people get caught on random things but I think it's because they suck ass. Nothing really stands out to me as a big problem. The game is also reasonably challenging even at the lowest difficulty.

THe story for this game is actually pretty entertaining even though I'll admit you don't get as attached to your Russian/American characters as you did to Soap Mctavish in COD4. Even though I could care less about him either. You don't normally get attached to characters in COD games because a lot of the time you play as numerous soldiers from different countries. PLaying as the Russians was fun and actually you played from a different perspective. Instead of you being outnumbered and the narrator telling you that your hard-pressed and there is little chance of success, for the most part of the game you outnumber the Germans and are about to take over Berlin. So really throughout the Russan Campaign your winning in a matter of speaking. Now this doesn't make anything simpler but still you get what I'm saying. The Japanese storyline was authentic and really captured what it was like over there. Nothing better tham torching the Japanese with a flamethrower in their bunker. Storyline is pretty good and very cinematic.

Now this is the main reason a lot of people bought it, (at least serious gamers). The online play in my opinion is extremely solid. Although in my opinion the sniper rifles are kind of bad. They aren't very powerful and other than the Springfield they don't hit shit. I used stopping power to get them one hit kills with the Springfield. I like the levels and all the different weapons. Remember what I said about the grenades making little sound? Yea they also are pretty weak as well. I didn't see much of a point in putting vehicles if the only one is gonna be a tank which takes forever to destroy. The perks are fine and so is the attachments. I am very happy with the online play. Now it pains me to say this but I wouldn't be telling you everything if I didn't. It isn't really Treyarchs fault but on the Friday night after release there was a big glitch that made people lose ranks. On most consoles they lost no more than 3 (Like Me) but for PC users they went back to Rank 1. I doubt Treyarch can fix this but I wont play until it is fixed mainly because I don't like to do shit over and am Obsessive Compulsive about that. No matter it didn't happen to everyone and it probably wont happen again but it's still bullshit. Moving on to Co-op now. It's okay even though you on average get only 200 people playing at a time which is annoying when it's impossible to play in more than 3 rooms. Now something highly surprising and made fun of by many was the Nazi Zombies mode. Now I thought at first it was just a fun little many game but then when I started playing it online in 4 player co-op I discovered it's fun as hell. The online play is great other than that small glitch.

In the end this game is just as good as COD4 if not better and the people who hate on it are idiots. I was pleasantly surprised by how good the game is and that glitch is a shame not just for me but for the thousands of others it happened to. It's sad that I was having such a good time with this game and then that had to happen. Never the less this game is very solid.

GRADE: 9.5/10


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